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  • I've had a couple small items come up missing and I know who's doing it. It's someone that I've cooled a relationship with. I feel that I have a spirit in my house. I feel it's male. It walks around as I can hear it. Last night it just walked up to me and kinda passed thru me is the best I can explain. I don't fear it. I think it may be alerting me to something. I've heard it, at times, stomp around. Taking anything no matter how inexpensive is wierd to me--any psychic impression--thanks.

  • You think this spirit is someone you once had a relationship with?

  • That could be possible--the one I cooled a relationship w/. Two people passed in my house before I bought it--I guess this is possible as well. I just feel it's a spirit that hangs out here that lets me know something is going on. I don't hear from it a lot. Before, it would make noises in the kitchen area.

  • If you talk to this spirit, give her some attention, you might get your things back. They're not gone, just moved around.

  • I know who took them as he admitted it after I asked him several times. This spirit usually comes when something is going on that I need to be aware of. Just wanted to know if someone can chanel it as I don't like to chanel something in my home.

  • As a medium myself I can tell you that thinking you can pass this on to someone else to solve is fruitless. You are already acknowledging this spirits presence--you gave it notice the moment you recognized it was present. You say you feel no fear yet you are afraid of getting too close. Keep your INTENTION clear. It is YOUR home. A medium cannot be wishy washy about spirit visits. Also, realise that if you do medium readings for others that you invite spirits in and sometimes they linger. I personaly limit my time on here to avoid that . In fact I know when others start invading my comfort zone it's time to take a break. OWN your space--be very clear to spirits that you do not allow any visits that in any way make you think about them too much--as that is a form of preocupation. If indeed your spirit is a crossed over loved one who is warning you then there is no fear and normally they make themselves known. You are right about getting spirit warnings--but if that were true you should have no fear of feeling closer to them as they are in a state of pure love--you would feel that. Its an unmistakable safe feeling. Spirits pass by at all times and the more your crown is open to others the more visits you will get. I do not wish you to feel I am lecturing you--as this boundry keeping is challanging for all of us who are mediums. I will often be aware of one passing through my home usually if watching tv and if it persists i may say out loud well hello but mostly I ignore them. Loved ones are different---their presence feels like them--as they did on earth--you just know and they usually do some little thing personal to them and you--maybe a scent or something personal of theirs will apear. Be very picky who you channel for---do not just invite everyone in. That would be my advice. Use this situation to practice boundries and protection. Speak to your protecting spirits about this---they are your guardians. Every medium depends on them to keep them safe because not all spirits are good energies. i have had earth bound spirits bother me--it is real and they have never gone to the light because they had closed hearts and refused to live in any kind of love--God IS love so at death they do not go to love---they exhist off of the energy of others--particularliy gifted folks like healers and mediums. They are attracted to clutter, depression low energy situations--they can be recognozed by how you feel and how your enviroment changes---negative energies will manifest in negative ways--your home will start getting chaotic---clutter will start---tiredness, depression, quarrells and as they steal your energy they will use it to actually touch you---move things break things and just generally create discord. I get the impression it is not you avoiding this visiter but it is the spirit commanding YOU to leave it alone--it wishes to own your space. Be strong--it's your space. If it's already passed through you--it's gone too far! Be firm and tell it it may NOT do that!! BLESSINGS!

  • Blmoon, I sense it's a protective energy. I feel it's protective of the house because at one point it prob lived here. Yes, it prob has boundary problems. I don't feel phased by it but don't want to confront it either. It's been a symbiotic relationship but will take your advice to heart. Thanks.



  • Poetic555, I'm looking at the 2 figures on the bottom of the wings (two--dual.) Reminds me of Jesus in meditation. There's also two lights. Embracing the stillness of the night and finding beauty inner and outer. I remember all the beautiful moths that would come out at night in MN and hang-out around the window. Pink and yellow. Also, there's a mother and father cardinal that built a nest right by the window next to my bed. They can see me and I can see them. I'm amazed that they did this. There's also a young mockingbird that's my friend and always comes to see me when I'm outside. It makes me cry to think that the cardinals trust me enough to guard their baby, BTW cardinal babies are big!

  • I'M so happy you did not take it the wrong way! Thank you. I was feeling protective of you, specially as a fellow medium. Do you have any favourite mediums you look up to? The one common rule of thumb you might want to take to heart is they never invite to channel for everyone. By doing that you give permission to all spirits to enter. Instead a good medium does not do that but only gets spirits that her guiding spirits let in. A medium does not go to everyone in a room and connect for each---she but onlly allows spirit chosen to come to her and not everyone gets that. I just want you to be safe. BLESSINGS!!


  • You may be attracting more than one spirit since I sense the presence of a female in your home as well - and she doesn't like the male. They have been 'fighting' over possession of the home.

  • Hi Captain, Well, they may be really upset when I start remodeling--lol. I live in a really cool place and I don't blame a spirit for being attached to it. I think it's prob my wierd bf that is drawing the reaction from the spirit realm. It's like they're "putting their foot down." Captain I think the spirit that you may be picking-up on is my mom's. She was here for a while and you could say that she "fights" to claim her territory. Long story, she's really a protective person. She's also on the paranoid side as well.

  • Blmoon, I like LongIsland Medium because how she perceives spirit (in symbols) is very much like I do. The reason why I'm channeling is to develop this. I don't think I could do a group reading although you never know. Something that seems to take precedence with me is someone who is close to passing which I encounter a lot at work. It seems like their spirit actually leaves the body before passing. A lot of these people are suffering and have a DNR order. If I'm trying to channel, and someone is dying close to me than the dying one takes over. It will stay with me until it passes. I was thinking this morning about the use of sage that cleanses. I've never done this. I haven't encountered a bad, evil spirit yet. Most of the channeling I've done speak and point to ascension. I relate to psalm 103.

  • Wow Dalia, I know you know to always protect yourself, I have many portals opening in my room and am getting a lot of vistion from higher dimensional beings, Ascended Masters etc, very exciting for me. I am Divinely Protected all the time by a few weeks ago sitting in the living room and a huge ET or something showed up in the mirrors in my living room, I mean it looked like that gorilla being from Star Trek about 7 feet tall, I didn't panic, it didn't even look at me like it was passing thru! Nothing surprises me anymore. I have grown so much in such a short time, amazing, doing a lot of healing, being tested a lot, this is such an exciting, crazy time to be alive. I've seen the Divine Mother, Jesus and a woman comes thur they appear mostly on my wall, one looks like Saint Germaine, not sure, all beautiful and fun. Funny you mention Jesus, I think of him constantly "How would he respond." to drama and foolishness, remember how he wrote in the sand before answering.. Funny you mention a cardinal, just yesterday I was telling a co-worker that not long ago a Red Cardinal showed up at work, a sign, I have never seen one and as long as I've looked at the butterfly pic, never really noticed those lights or the two spots, quite often in lala land, trying to stay in the Now!

    I really miss and Love you guys, Masters! Peace, Love and Light!

  • Poetic555, Words pass away, but He does not. I think the writing in the sand was symbolic of fading away--being blown about by the wind. His words do not get blown away (He doesn't either!) I believe He did this when they were going to stone the woman for adultery. The accusers words were like sand in the wind.

    Love you and appreciate everything--Jesus, Mary still appear, we have to wait and watch. Thanks for the message.

  • 🙂


    THANK YOU FOR THE STAIN GLASS BUTTERFLY!! I am in process of building my dream outside sanctuary and every night I sit on the swing under the moon of course and plan---I was planning an area that I wish to make a giant butterfly on the ground--patio style withe mosaic tiles but couldn't decide the exact design as mostly I was thinking of true detail but I really really love that stainglass look of your butterfly!! And I'm thinking it would be perfect incorporating all colors of the chakras. It's perfect! ---Well balanced and colorfull.


    I love Theresa too!! She cracks me up---I love her self-confidence. Sage is excellent!! I use it in my house after too much drama--you know--there's one in every family. AND I do have one of those icky earth bounds that on occasion gets enough energy to cross town to my house and he trys to feed---sometimes he is sneaky and it takes me a day or too to feel his presence not because I am not in tune but because I do not acknowledge bad. This hermit lives where I once worked and misses me but cannot travel far without energy---they are often called vampire spirits. They feed off of arguments, selfish behavouirs, anger----because those things make humans weak and thats their goal to make a human easy prey---so the defense is always your own state of being. Also, the use of bells and chimes will keep out negative energies. Every religion uses bells---it is that universaly true. Ringing bells is part of rituals because it cleanses the area. I have windchimes in my home in almost every room---it is good to set off the chimes after arguments. Chimes in the key of C are particularly powerfull but really any chime or bell ringing will cleanse your space. Also, when you do these practices and believe in them it sends the energy out into the universe that YOU claim your space and are not passive. You probably already by nature are drawn to windchimes because spirit has already given you that guidance. I have lived in houses too haunted to stay. Spirits who visit from love are expected and all around with no harm ---in fact they bring humor and magic but negative energy is best left alone if it doesn't respond to leaving I do the leaving. I think all mediums live with that issue of making their space not inviting to negative energy. And I almost asked you if you were redecorating or renovating as this is an issue with otherwise quiet past residences who share peacefuly but get testing if you start renovating--still you must not allow backlash. Often though if you listen they may just be trying to give you a better idea or stop a future problem you are about to create---that may explain that feeling you get that there is a protection factor. In this case I would suggest keeping your descicion for changes not written in stone and go slower and let suggestion simmer. This happens to me---I'm very artistic and always building and redecorating and get ideas I THOUGHT were what I wanted only to have a few days of chaotic visitations--I call bumps and spills---then I'll give it a rest for awhile despite my need to finish and in a peacefull moment get a vision of a much better idea and the chaos will stop. So, yes when we are deep in earthly thought that aint so perfect often spirit clangs a few pots to get our attention. BLESSINGS!

  • Hi Blmoon, I was hoping you could help me. I'm sortof new to this but I feel like if lately I have a presence around me. I feel very anxious and I can't stop thinking. Would you be able to tell me anything?

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