Psychic advice for another psychic?

  • Hi, on and off for a year now, I am overwhelmed with desire to have a relationship with a man I met last summer. I am psychically very sensitive and I know he is strong... I have done work to remove any psychic cords between us so that I can move on.... but his energy keeps coming back to me.

    I read for others, but sometimes never get a clear picture for myself... would anyone be willing to take a look into this man's feelings or if there is any hope for establishing an actual relationship?

    his DOB is 4/29 and mine is 9/14 and we're both in our 30s

    much thanks, I have threads in the tarot area offering readings to anyone who wants... namaste

  • This relationship works better in fantasy than in reality. A love affair or marriage is likely to be vulnerable to dissension and discord. Willpower, over-seriousness, and stubbornness can lead to power struggles. This guy may not be all you imagine - at times he can be pretentitious and even snobbish in certain situations. He would find you a bit too selective and rigid to his way of thinking as well. You would be more uncomfortable however than he with the relationship's instabilities. Yet the two of you share a love of table and bed and are both fairly pragmatic earthy types so, if the physical attraction was strong enough on both sides, you might enjoy a brief but pleasurable and fulfilling love affair. But you EbbyAlley would soon tire of the fixed nature of the relationship and end up feeling trapped, while your friend would be more accepting of total commitment and would expect your full loyalty and attention.

  • Thanks, Captain... this is true... the Aries moon part of me would like a little roll in the hay actually ^_^ release the frustration... but he keeps his distance... just wish his energy would leave me be as I feel I have already "moved on" spiritually 3 separate times over the year... only to be jolted out of sleep or what I was preoccupied with, with an overwhelming wave of his sweeping energy... it's like a tease...

    I appreciate your insight, many thanks 🙂

  • Have you cut any cords that bind you to this man?

  • I have done it three times already... I actually use an herbal bath for this purpose along with the psychic intention... I will get relief and be fine for several weeks and barely think of him again... then it will hit me again -- he reaches out. I'm sure he isn't aware he is doing that, he has a very very strong energy

  • Our synastry chart has a neptune/moon and neptune/sun aspect... I at least in part attribute the strong psychic link that keeps reforming to that

  • Perhaps you can satisfy what he wants from you without actual physical contact - next time you feel his energy, ask him what he really wants from you.

  • This is a brilliant idea... being as impatient and restless as I can be, I decided to invoke his energy vs waiting for it to strike me again... and ask him what he wants...

    I saw an image of ferocious dinosaur... but then there was a shining woman on it's back, and she was blonde like me, and I got the feeling she was me or his idea of me...

    He's intense... Pluto is heavy in his birth chart just like Uranus and Neptune dominate mine...

    I think he can be a beast... and there is something about that power that attracts me... and I know how to handle it... almost as if we are both free to be the odd and very different creatures that we are, while existing together in harmony sharing pleasure and secure emotional moments...

    anchor... perhaps for me, he would be my physical anchor... and I would be his stairway to heaven... not that the both of can't get to wherever we want alone... we can, but there is magic in the possibility of sharing with someone...

    People like us are so hard to find... his Pluto rising, my Uranus rising... there is some kind of match there...

    I love and hate him at the same time, because he annoys me... his energy haunts me over and over, but he doesn't contact me... I know he's watching my fb and youtube, I make myself public in part to entertain him...

    I see myself as Alice and he's the Hatter... it is a crazy fantasy romance that --- is not.

  • Hmm, the fact that he is depicted as a dinosaur is interesting - perhaps you are sensing his inflexibility to anything that is different or that takes him out of his comfort zone. He is probably intrigued by your differences but in the end perhaps too afraid of moving away from what he knows to go for it.

  • Yes, you know I used to date his brother -_- so that puts a damper on things (I met him through contact with the brother)... and our lives are so different... it would be a culture shock for him to be with me... but at the same time, I believe satisfying to his soul.... I see the three of us as planets... he is Pluto his brother Saturn and I am Uranus... they have caused slow uncomfortable pressure for me but have taught me what I DONT want in a partner... but for them, I believe I was and am like a bolt of lightning shaking up their steady, predictable lives to the core.... I don't think they see life the same way after knowing me.

    Thank-you for your advice on this matter, it has been eating me up off and on for awhile... and feels good to finally get it out. I would love to connect again with him, both the brothers actually... but maybe in a good 5 years... just to see how everyone is doing.. knowing them, I'll always at least be a frequent conversation topic

  • Yes, you may as well get on with your own life if this guy isn't able to handle you right now. Unless he has an epiphany, he may just become more fixed in his comfort zone as he ages.

  • I agree that you are probably right... I think I crave a sort of anchor in my life though... too much neptune and uranus.. estranged from my family. I dream for a solid relationship destined to last... at the same time I need excitement and change... so my inner world is in conflict

  • I was drawn to this thread and hope you do not mind the input

    I think Captain said it best in her first answer to you. You need to keep this attraction in Reality and step around the power of it and always SEE the negative of who he is. I agree with his bad traights--though bad may be to general--what I mean is where you put your focus or energy is what grows. The more you wow and fixate on the power of attraction the more that grows and if you are trying to rid yourself opf this it is much more effective to use the power of truth. Success in life is a balance between spiritual and earth. Focus on his faults that will work for you. Focus on all the reasons why it would never work. This is a common lesson in our thirties---most of us have had that same expierience---the great attraction that we imagine must mean something special when really that's not true. Women tend to be searchiong for that soul mate or the biggest attraction----its a right of passage to learn how to not follow all strong attractions--to have BOUNDRIES. Also, in our thirties we are more attached to the fairy tale man who fills our void--completes us etc. Your yearning is about something else----thats the first stage of enlightenment ----of disarming strong attractions---the more holes in your own being the weaker we are to other people or things filling us. If we fill our own missing pieces--are more solid---we become less vulnerable to being consumed by other energies. This is a good opportunity to beef up your intention power and your thought control. When he creeps in you free will your head to stop and engage in other thoughts or engage an activity that brings you a reward when completed---this fills the cracks in your SELF. BLESSINGS? PS--You are not alone in this--woman by nurture can have a harder time balancing head and heart---we by nature are more into feelings but without the strong will of the head we are too vulnerable.

  • I meant focus on his faults. THAT will work.

  • I just noticed the question mark after blessings! That's funny! maybe it's a play on FREE WILL--you have the power!

  • Thank-you Blmoon, for your advice... it's true that I do decide to give into the energy and explore it when it hits me each time... returns like an old friend lol but it is only causing frustration... so, I will occupy my heart with something else 🙂

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