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  • Re interview question "my final interview" outcome.

  • znl -- I can't really answer "should" questions ... just not a concept that I can do with tarot because I believe that to vary depending on the individual... so you want to know if you will get the job?

    world, 7 swords, hanged man.... in job related questions the world can sometimes be seen as a door opening while one closes... are you looking to switch from a current job to a new one? 7 of swords and hanged man doesn't look too good for the interview... there may be some awkwardness or even a change of schedule... hanged man indicates that something out of your control is going to leave you hanging... if the interview does go smoothly this could indicate trouble on getting a call back about it.... I drew another card to confirm and got the 5 of cups.... so I believe the interview may not go as well as expected... you could try studying up on interview tips, make sure the resume is in order etc everything in your power to make it perfect... and hopefully overcome the opposition ... best of luck in finding a good job for you, I know how hard it can be

  • Abbey, very good advice about job search. A big surprise would be if and it is highly possible that they change the scope of the job and ask questions on things I may not know. I do however, need to study certain technologies just in case. Thank you so much.

    About the other question using "should", I am sorry. I was asking tarot advice about my attitude. What is my best attitude towards the man I love, now? ( if this is strange questioning then ignore it) you have done so much for me and I thank you so much.

  • yes, znl, I mean when you ask what is a 'correct' attitude or what one 'should'... I am at a loss and my answer is to logically assess all the angles of the issue and then go where your own intuition pulls you.

    I'm glad I was able to give you some insight, good luck 🙂

  • The ten of wands is definitely my husband. He has alot on his plate by choice. The ace of pentacles sounds pretty positive . . . Is there anything else you can tell me?



  • hi sharon, I drew another card to see how you may expect things between him and you to go -- two of swords ... you can expect them to stay about the same at least for a little while, I believe there will be a breaking point to where you can follow your heart and develop either a stronger bond or break the bond... there will be an eventual compromise between you

  • Hi EbbyAlley,

    You did a short reading for me previously, could I trouble you to do another reading? I'm just curious as to this Virgo I met last year (we live in different states). For some weird reason we seem to have a connection, don't know why 😉 He's not normally the kind of guy I go for :). He seems to come in strong and makes some fairly strong commitments ie. love,marriage, kids with me and then back off and doesn't matter how much I tell him to slow it down, I finally found someone more stubborn than me LOL. (He's in the backing off mode now)

    Can you tell me if I he's genuine in the things he's saying and will this go anywhere? Everytime he backs off, it gives me a chance to put some distance between us and just when I've written him off he's back again 🙂 He's a very strange person, bit moody, but he's growing on me though. But find his actions very perplexing. Any insight you can give on this situation would be most welcome.



  • Hi pisces.... as for what will happen between you: Death, 5 of swords, 4 of swords...

    It appears you shouldn't expect anything significant to come from it, sorry it wasn't better news... he may soon stop responding again as before, you deserve better than that and best of luck to you

  • hello EbbyAlley, are you still doing readings this morning?

  • Hi, pklc... I am... just tell me your question and I will get to it when I check back

  • Hi Ebby,

    This is a follow up question to your reading.

    I'm inching towards giving the job offer (at my current workplace, different division) a miss and waiting for something that I prefer, as I feel that there is something more suitable out there. Do you see that another job offer will manifest soon?

    Oh and the first performance went great! I made a few silly mistakes because I was nervous but the experience was awesome. I want to feel that sort of joy and alignment in regards to my next job.

    Thanks 🙂

  • Hi Danceur... is there someone that will be potentially disappointed if you refuse the job offer? I am getting some cards that seem to indicate regret on your part if you don't take the offer. I can't get a good reading on what would happen if you did decide to take it because I believe you have already made a pretty firm decision to not take it.

    Let me know your thoughts and I'll dig deeper

  • Hi Ebby,

    Yes I believe some in my current team will be disappointed/annoyed with me as they (HR team) are coordinating the offer. I don't want to burn bridges with them. The regret may actually be fear that I won't get a new/better job by the time my contract ends in about 2 weeks - as this current offer is there for the taking, so to speak. It is a promotion (better 'title') and greater responsibility, and it comes with a certain stability/longevity and benefits that I've never had as I have not been able to get long term positions for a long time - it will really help my finances to have this kind of stability.

    Still, I sense there is a better fit out there and there is a sense of wanting to start afresh elsewhere. There have been several 'almost offer' in the last few months so I know there are opportunities for me out there. It's just a question of whether I can get one very soon. Also, I think I want to do a job scope closer to what I'm doing now than the one that is being offered. And I'm realizing that although I need/want financial stability, my need for freedom/space and emotional 'mobility' is far greater. So I'm listening to my heart and letting it lead the way, at this time.

  • Ebby Alley,

    If I can have a general reading about my love life, would appreciated.


  • Dear Ebby Alley,

    I'd like a general reading about my love life also if you have the time.



  • hi everyone, just getting over a cold... I am going to put aside the cards for now and focus on something else that is important to me... honing my skills as a medium... I would love to give some practice readings... here is my thread, please read it all before responding there, thanks and love :

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