New to the Forums. Reading anyone?

  • Hey... I realize I maybe should have made my original post here... I just joined a couple of days ago... and was offering some short love readings in the love forum... I'd be happy to do a few more of any kind of reading here as well. Anyone can ask me something, though if you read also I'd appreciate your take on my love life (my Q: "what will happen between me and the man I really like?)

    I generally draw one or three cards... sometimes two, sometimes more, anything goes ^_^


  • Hi Ebby,

    Would I be able to ask for another reading on different subjects?

    Have been offered a job - a lot more responsibility, completely different area - will learn a lot but I'm concerned if the boss has patience to let me grow into my capabilities, since I have none of the skills and may not be a correct personality fit.

    Also, I have 2 dance performances I'm involved in. I've always hesitated to sign up because of injuries. But I took the step to join this time. Learning a lot, but it is very hard on my body, and I feel discouraged, and wondering if I made the right decision. Do not want to aggravate existing injuries.

    Seem to be having a flurry of opportunities all of a sudden and need some guidance that I'm choosing the right ones.

    Hope it is ok to ask.

  • sure, Danceur... I am bored this week I think, needing to reach out! lol

    what will happen with job situation? Devil, page swords, 5 wands: I think you may need to trust your intuition on this one, it looks like if you are able to take the job, that there will be struggles... if you need the money, I'd suggest maybe taking it anyway but be looking for a better opportunity asap... if you don't really need it, perhaps spending time looking for a job where you feel capable would be ideal

    dancing -- ten of cups, 4 of swords, 10 of pentacles ... it seems like dancing is something you really love to do, it gives you an emotional rush... the 4 of swords does indicate that you need to be taking care and getting enough rest and take precautions not to injure yourself.. but if you are careful and don't push yourself too hard, then I believe it will be a fulfilling time for you.. best of luck

  • Thanks so much Ebby 🙂

    Yeah with the job situation - I do need the money but I'm cautious about taking the job and leaving, as it will burn bridges with the company (it's an internal transfer to a different department from the temp position I have that is expiring). I've done well as a temp and that's why I was recommended. But the new boss has very high expectations of the person she wants to hire. Somehow she liked me after the interview. I'm very free-spirited (responsible where it counts but perhaps not wanting to be depended on for everything - which is what this job will entail). I am able to learn new things - but only when I'm given time and space and guidance to do it. And that's where I'm not so sure it is a good idea to take the job. Because I do believe I'm expected to hit the ground running - in a job scope that I don't have any skills. Honestly, I feel that there is no 'wrong' choice. That even if I don't take this job, there will be other opportunities - I believe in abundance. It's just I don't know if the next opportunity will come soon enough.

    With dance - thank you Ebby! I think this is what I needed to hear. I do love it so much, and I felt that it was the right time to step up, and join my very first performance. But I certainly want to keep dancing for some time to come. So I guess I will have to 'cheat' a little here and there, stay within my limits (and not feel like I'm disappointing others) and try to be more careful and just have fun with the performance 🙂

  • I see, that is kind of a sticky situation with the job... either way, I believe trusting your gut is going to take care of you.

    That sounds awesome... wish I could dance... but I need an ACL surgery before I can start again... sort of worried about that, but ... it teaches me patience

  • Thanks again Ebby! Hope I make the right decision.

    Were you dancing before? Sounds like you had a serious injury. Take it slow and give your body plenty of time to recover. If there's something I'm learning, it's about trusting that the body naturally tends towards well-being. I think we can help by believing in it too 🙂 Even if it takes time.

  • Hi Ebby,

    if you are still doing readings, would you be able to tell me if my ex will be paying off his past due child support any time soon? I could really use a little money this summer...I have been paying for everything for our kids all along and it would be nice to have some of the past three years worth of child support paid to me. 🙂

    Thanks in advance for any insight you can give,


  • Also, Ebby,

    Do you remember the big YELLOW happy faces from the 70s? I don't know why, but I am really getting an impression that those are important for some reason...sorry, I am new to this whole thing and get some of the weirdest (to me) symbols...haha...and something about the "Don't Worry, Be Happy" in Forrest now I really feel a little silly...hope these things mean something to you! 🙂


  • Danceur, I was seriously injured in an accident 3 years ago and still need knee surgery, so, it will be a while. I'm happy I can walk though 🙂

    Hobbles... Thanks for the imagery, it's a good vibe

    As for if you can expect to receive much back child support: 5 cups, 8 swords, the Sun ... I think that is a negative unfortunately, it seems the father may feel he isn't allowed enough contact with kids or feels slighted... So he is currently blocked from being reasonable in this regard... If there is a legal route to take to get that money, that might be your best bet

  • Glad you understood it. 🙂 And as far as my ex-husband goes...he was a drug addict is unsafe to be around our children...what's funny, is I kind of guessed that he was holding back...working around having to pay the child not reporting his earnings so he doesn't have to...not really a very honest person...hence the EX part...Huh...I will have to look into the legal thing...I have a protection order against him because of his behavior, so I'm sure that is part of it...thank you for your insight...and even mud can make a happy face...sorry...had to throw that one in there. 🙂



  • EbbyAlley,

    I will do a reading on your question.

    I do not have a pinning for anyone but I would be interested to see what comes up in a love reading. I am not in a relationship and not in a hurry.

    I will work on your reading soon.


    thank you for bringing your light to

  • Laci -- I know it's tough, sorry it has to be that way. I'm a single mom, too, so I hope we all get a windfall this summer. (hugs)

    And thanks, Ariel.. I appreciate it..

    your near future love forecast: 9 of wands, temperance, 5 of wands.... the reading is pretty much an echo of what you just wrote -- not in a hurry.. and I'll add to that, you have really high standards in a potential partner... maybe you even have a list, or if not you certainly know all the little things that will turn you off... despite your patience and high standards, I believe you do enjoy the attention you receive and the flirting etc... so it appears, if you felt like dropping the bar just a tad, there would be opportunities for affairs at the least.... but I wouldn't expect "the one" or a knight in shining armor to show up in your life any time in the next three months or so.... but don't worry, there is always time... always options and sounds like you have plenty 🙂

  • Thank you for sharing. Yes that does seem like and echo of what I said. I am actually not really at all interested in flirting. I am rarely around men other than males that are well above my age by 15 plus years or so. I take the 5 of wands as just being out and about, having fun. Yes I am well defined myself and have really come to terms with who and what I will synch with for a longer term relationship but don't have an actual list. I would agree that the 'one' will not be around until I hit 28-30. I am ok with that.


    Sub J called me last week and asked me what will happen when Sub A comes back but then Sub J changed just a few days later and that influenced Sub A to change and so on. Many causes for change eve such as a flash of incite.

    I will do a purpose and lesson reading for your current relationship.

    The current lesson of learning in the relationship cycle now is to create a mature, secure and comfortable environment for the relationship and in the relationship itself. A previous lesson that is being revisited is the master the ability to be flexible, easygoing and just allowing things to unfold on their own without trying to control the speed yourself. As the relationship stands in the current cycle the near future lesson to be learned is, slow and steady growth. The higher purpose that this relationship has in its current cycle is growth in strength with alternative ways of emotional expression, patience within romantic pursuits, intellectual stimulation through communication.

  • Thanks, Ariel... the key words I got from your reading are "slow" and "patient".. transiting Saturn recently entered my 12th house (astrology) and I believe the next year or two are going to be times of inner healing and working on myself... maybe in preparation for a 'good one' for me. The man I have had a thing for a year now can't even be called a friend, barely an acquaintance...

    I see it as a positive, for the most part, the frustration gives me inspiration that I can channel into creative pursuits like writing and drawing... I am much more comfortable for the time being not having to invest so much time and energy into a relationship... hopefully in another 2 years, something awesome is in store for me in the love arena...

    Hmmm if they are all 15+ years older than you, than that may not be so desirable after all! 😕 .. the 'dirty old man' vibe haha I am sure they are looking out of their peripheral vision though, but who wants it lol I am sure you will get what you want when you are ready for it

  • lol, I find it hard to be around many males within my age. If you do not settle in with them quick they are poof gone with a girl willing. People move so fast now a days. Rush into things to fast.

  • Dear EbbyAlly,

    I would appreciate a love reading. . . Whats in my near future in regards to my marriage?



  • Ariel -- that is certainly true of many of the handsomest and interesting ones lol

    Sharon -- 10 of wands, 9 of pentacles, Ace of pentacles..

    Things are fed up it seems... are you already separated? the 9 of pentacles suggests you are either alone (at the very least emotionally, but it being a pentacle I would hold to a physical meaning), or have decided to be alone for now and will soon find yourself free.... Ace of pentacles could mean one of a couple of things as I see it... you may come to an agreement and decide to keep working on the issues, or you might begin a whole new chapter of your life... I feel you have good intuition and know what is best for you and your life

  • Hello. EBbyAlley,

    One more kquestion please.

    What does the near future hold for me and the man I love?

  • znl - 6 of wands, the Sun, 2 of pentacles... there is a tension between you... definitely has it's pros and cons.. I would say it is going to continue on the same which looks to be unstable... your feelings may go from high to low... has there been any new development?

  • No, nothing encouraging? So maybe a good question would be " what should be my attitude towards hiim"?

    On a totally new thing" what will be the outcome of my interview w comapany"A"?

    Abby, which state are you in?

    Thanks again.

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