Would really appreciate a reading. Major changes underway!!

  • Hello I would like if someone could do a reading for me. Im 35yrs and currently enganged. There is a very good chance that I'm pregnant!! I did 3 take home tests-all positive. have apt next week to find out for sure. anyway, Im happy in that iv always wanted to have kids, and we are enganged to be married, so this has come a little out of order! we were hoping to marry 1st, spend some time as couple,etc.. but things don't always go as planned I suppose 🙂 My concern is that my fiancĂ© is an over the road truck driver and I really wanted to wait for him to have another career before starting a family. because I need/want him home every night in this circumstance. right now his job opportunities are scarce, and money is really tight and right now its the only job that pays enough for us to get by. Im currently in home care, and im in my last 2quarters of veterinary technology school. I would like to know how things are go for us, baby? no baby? will there be solutions to our issues, what kind of obstacles will we experience here in near future? will there be any major changes, and if so, what? How will my mom take the news?

  • how will the pregnancy go? Star, 2 of cups, 9 of wands -- it is going to add a lot of hope and a closer connection in your relationship... it is going to be difficult and his being away sometimes might make that harder... it will be a challenge but you can overcome

    How will your mom take the news? 6 of wands, temperance, ten of pentacles... she is going to be brimming with pride, perhaps she has been hoping for a grandchild... but she will likely contain that and try to offer practical advise and maybe some criticism depending on her personality... so, she'll have her reservations especially about finances, but will also, at least deep down, be feeling quite good about a new child coming into the family

    How will your relationship be now and in the near future? 9 of swords, 7 of cups, ten of cups... looks like you're both worried and there is an air of tension and confusion about things.... ending with the ten of cups... I think your bond will be enough to overcome this stress

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