Captain, can I have a reading on someone new?

  • I've known someone for 3 years now and only see them on occasion. I want to know about us. I dont have a birth date for them but I know they are a Pisces like myself. We are both female. My D.O.B is March 8 1983. Thank you!

  • Do you have a photo of the other person (preferably with you in it) as I need a photo or birthdate in order to pick up their vibes?

  • Ok Ill try to find one. or her birthdate! Ill get right back to you!

  • Her Birthday is Feb. 19 1970. Thanks!

  • Hmm, I can see potential conflict here from just looking at what you both want from life - you Willow want to be in absolute control of every area of your life while your friend has a compulsive need for order and wants to be right all the time, with everyone following the plan she has in mind.

    Friendship or a working partnership tends to work better here than love. There is a lot of energy in the relationship and its focus is a kind of steady stream of emotional expression, which seems inexhaustible. Rather than feeling stressed or tired, the two of you seem to be able to plug into some kind of universal energy source that carries you along with little effort. Involvement or interest in artistic pursuits, especially music, dance and the performing arts, is usually shared here. Your creativity together is high and is not of the sort that imitates other people's; instead it tends to strike out on its own. It's typical of your combination that the two of you often work together to establish your own unique vision within a given field of endeavour, aiming for recognition and financial reward. However, the success of any type of relationship here will depend on your ability to get along emotionally with each other. You Willow will often want to be left to your own devices, and this can make being your friend difficult and your partner may resent being left with extra work or by herself since she tends to believe she needs someone stronger or more sober to stabilize her. A love affair or marriage here is rarely calm, since in romantic relationships, the two of you can both provoke and over-react to each other. These responses are hardly positive ones and, in order to diminish them, each partner may have to concentrate hard on becoming less oversensitive, making their buttons more difficult to push, or even growing a whole new set. Separation is often inevitable.

  • Is there anyway to turn this around to be a more positive relationship?

  • Only if you both could agree to work on the weak points alluded to here. You would both have to equally participate in the relationship rather than one person trying to take complete control. Conversely there is also a chance your friend may become overly dependent on you to look after her which would have to be dealt with since you like your alone time sometimes. Separate personal issues would have to be resolved before attempting this relationship.

  • Captain You're right I love my alone time. I love to feel like I have the horizon open to me for anything. I hate feeling trapped or confined or as if I'm just chose a path that makes me feel like the next big thing is death. I get depressed when I feel like I don't have space to collect myself or lash out in anger and the Leo guy I dated before could never give me that.

    Also i learned I was off on her birthday the correct one is February 20, 1968.

  • Ah well in that case it might work out better because this woman also likes to go off and do her own thing. Hopefully you would take the time to check in with each other from time to time. The part about friendship being the easiest relationship here is still the same though. Are you sure this woman is free because I am feeling there is a significant other in her life?

  • No Im not sure she is free. She may have someone. I never asked her the question. Friendship is probably the only thing possible because of her position and work. It's always been about my feelings towards her and attraction.

  • After reading about captain... This information is very helpful for me

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