• Hello how are you? Hope all is well!! I was wondering if you can give me a reading just whatever you pick up.

    Thank you

  • Hi SagittariusGurl

    Here you go,

    I don't know if your bored, or just going thru the motions

    your not happy and things have not been stable

    I don't get that you are being you, I'm almost getting the poor me's or why me

    when you snap out of that you will be able to set new goals

    I get the feeling you had someone help you out recently, helped with a situation

    are you battling for control of something... a fight that leads to control

    there is some sadness and disappointment coming

    you have been worrying about setbacks...money wise...and running into blocks in something that you want

    There is going to be happiness too

    and things will work out

    money pops up or new job

    Ok good reading at the end…a happy feeling,

    So cut it out, things haven’t gone your way, but don’t start getting down. Be you!!!

    Shake off the stuff… Be determined and set new goals. One step at a time and work your way out of this, you can do it…be strong….things will work out.

    hope that helps,


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