Meditation Symbols and Psychic awareness

  • This spread is for anyone who wants to share and discuss symbols and other psychic guidance received in meditation such as; sounds, visions, words, symbols, smells and the like.

  • So far I have learned that images of just the police cars and no sight of police means;

    Help is on the way. I have received these images so many times and after recording and observing I have concluded that it means; help is on the way. Divine intervention.

    For example; I would get the symbols of police cars the night before I received a place to live when I was on and off homeless alone from being subjected to fraud.

    When I see both cars and police, someone has been jailed, arrested or with police intervention. I have picked up on two females who had been arrested while it was happening from receiving these images. Sometimes it is hard to determine if the image of for me or not though. I am still trying to get better at shelving other energies before I go into meditation for self awareness and personal guidance.

    When I see trucks in my meditation it has been consistent that I have a heavy load to bear whether it be mental or physical and or both in regards to work to be done.

    I have yet to figure out the stop signs. They come but I am not yet clear of what it is that I need to stop. Maybe the though pattern?

  • This is a good example of how messages are received and although some symbols are universal each psychic has their own language as well that may or may not mean the same thing for the reader or the person being read which is why a reader puts it out there anyway even if it does not make sense to them. It takes a lot of trust to just "say it" whatyever the image or word you are hearing. Spirit finds the language in you that will best express their message. Also some psychics are more visual--some hear more. I get both withe visual being the strongest. The key to clarity is leave the "head" out of it----so try not to force looking for symbols and meanings or fixate on being right. Just trust and receive. The rescue help on the way symbol may be your language yet not for another psychic .....evryone has their unique thought process of transforming messages to images to language. I once was doing a reading and all through the reading I kept getting distracted by seeing quarters--buckets of them ---my head said this makes no sense!! I finally just said it out loud and found out that the person I had been trying to readi had been up late sorting and rolling quarters with her sister! Her father had passed and left buckets of quarters!! It's best to just say what you see and leave logic out of it!.

  • "I go into meditation for self awareness"

    I am not sure if you understood that I meant these symbols and images are only relevant to how I interpret them and for personal guidance.

    I just though it may be fun to share.

  • Exactly! And I agreed and was sharing...and it was fun! BLESSINGS!

  • Ok.:) Do you receive any symbols?

  • YES, very much--I am visual mostly but also hear messages as well but usually when doing a reading my first impression is visual and often if Spirit has one very loud strong word for the person I actually am shown the word as if painted on a sign in capitals. Outside of doing readings I have personal "hello" symbols from spirit or passd over loved ones---usually in the form of nature--butterflys, frogs .....owls hootoing.. Sometimes I may be thinking of a spirit loved one and something of meaning will pop up--a song or something they loved in life. I also get frangrances that pop up and I know someone loved is around me. I call many symbols that pop up "synchronicity".. Often just before I receive a surprise in the mail from a friend --the day before I may have something remind me of them. Feathers are very strong symbols and I often find feathers before important news. Wolves are a strong symbol and mostly a "totem". Often my reading visions are interpeted by how the person is feeling. I may say, I see a girl sitting in a chair and she is tied up to the chair. My visual connects with a person's feelings. They may be feeling trapped by some sittuation or in a state of feeling victimized OR even in a victim state of mind. So, I do not say--oh you are trapped but just give the vision and let them relate because it can mean different things althou it is generaly some form of loss of power.. If you are into developing more symbolism and visual in your own intuitive ventures--ANGEL CARDS are good excercise--because although they include a bit of suggestion they are meant to be psychicaly read---personaly for each person and often the words are to be ignored--they are more challenging but do make you use your psychic gifts more. I also use the fairie cards by Doreen Virtue. And for very important reads for myself I use the archangel MICHAEL cardS---I only bother him for dire stuff. I do an Angel card reading for myself everyday

    the cards are by rev nina roe at angelsteach. I just got a BIG imagage for you---a girl with huge eyes! And I'm shown a top spinning--remember those childhood toys you spin---they were called a top but hat was fifty years ago! It is spinning fast---first holding in one spot then as it slows kinda drifting eraticaly.Then rests on its side--then the child with the big eyes gives it another spin---spirit says she can do this for hours---with much focus. I see the word FOCUS printed big. I get that you have great power to focus but it is both blessing and curse as you must always choose worthy situations to release that energy. I see the word DISCIPLINE printed big.--your challenge to bring purpose, and disipline to balance. Right now you know you are meant to move mountains but instead you are sidetracked by roadblocks that give you little satisfaction in return for your efforts. Spirit says, choose your battles and know that not ALL bad situations are bad but the rest of the story is hidden from you---disapointing things often turn out to be blessings. Know that when things go wrong it is not always a bad thing---that often big storms preceed great new growth. It's hard for all of us to know when to push back and when to surrender----if we cannot get a feel for that we often lose the help of guidance trying to put us in a new direction. The older you get the easier it is to get that as you can look back with more insight and see all the times you let a situation cause pain--steal energy when later it was a blessing. It depends a lot if your nature---those big eyes see loss or opportunity. I hear you often see too much--on two levels--a gift of intuition and also a tendencie to isolate yourself by withdrawing into one event---the spinning top? BLESSINGS!!!

  • THEY BLEEP THE WORD V I S U AL! It's a company that used to spam here so now they bleep the word.

  • Spirit picks up a spam company on here, wow.

    What you picked up is so connected to my recent trail. I was framed through fraud and corruption a college due process. A woman named Michele had used a male student (exploit) to get him to file a false accusatory form on me and get me expelled from the school. She had a religious bias towards me and had used much deception. I lost about 18 grand and had been on a roller coaster of homeless for about a year. No justice has been served. Michele withheld evidences that supported me being stalked and obsessed over by this guy frank and she and him were meeting and working together to get me expelled from the campus by getting me set up with a charge from the court. They used fraud and withholding of evidences. Very deceptive together.

    I think that is what you picked up, wow. It has been hard because they also posted a video up of me on the internet. The college is making money off of it. This all started with a nun event that got filmed where I admitted I did not believe her and Michele had started to abuse me through the due process at the college because I admitted I did not believe the nun and the male found out about the video as well and made and allegation and took it to Michele.

    They still are getting away with it and no justice was served. I did not even get credits from the college either.

    Thank you for sharing.

    I have tarot cards but have yet to use angel cards. I see red robins, cats, eagles and dogs allot in my meditations.

  • You are very talented!

  • Justice will be served but in an unobvious way.

  • It's called KARMA. No one gets away with anything---a good thing to know! All intentions return to sender. This knowledge will keep you from getting consumed by needing to force justice and in that process let it consume you. Sometimes its the most self loving thing to choose to walk away and let the universe work it's own law of karma. Choose your battles--and know when they are spinning your wheels. The universe either backs you up or encourages you to let go and surrender to a plan you cannot see Trust in karma! BLESSINGS!

  • Thank You!

  • Bluemoon:

    I had an erratic dream:

    I talked to girl who got in a fist fight with a guy. Then I invited her and a group of girls to go for a walk at night. I then ended up helping a little girl about 1.5 -2 years old climb up something. Next a 4 headed snake was on my hand. Yellow and Red. I placed it on the Front Desk at a hotel. I looked at it, it turned to a dragon statue that had a card holder at the bottom. I started to laugh and the laugh was a powerful and a bit sinister sounding. Like a aha .

    I do work a front office in a hotel now but trying to get a job above min wage

  • I see this dream as a reflection of your situation--that at some point at this new job you thought for a moment ---how did I get here!! I feel it's been an adjustment and you are mostly telling yourself this is at least somthing and that you can't let your ego--the dragon take over right now because truth is you are trying hard to take the high road---leading that little girl up---and protecting yourself by leaving a toxic situation. AND being grateful instead of feeling victim--good for you. Yellow is a power color of intelect and using your head and red is a power color as well. Turning passion from nonproductive anger into determination.A snake has many meanings depending on other factors---the fact it is in your hand is good--it can represent regeneration--which is what your intention is. Four heads is good as well because your challange will always be to balance the head with all that emotion and passion you have. No, this is not your dream job but keep the ego out of it--let go of anger at the past or what you imagine lost and keep on keepin on. The front desk is a great place to MEET people! Be the best front desk worker you can be---THAT is the energy that atracts good things. BLESSINGS!

  • Makes sense. I even heard an employee say "wow you made that?' then I woke up. So it is definite my job. Yes, I do meet quite a few people. For now it is ok and I am just getting by on it for now and have about a few months until I have to start earning more to pay off college debts. Thanks for the input:)

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