5 Underlaying Lessons Readings

  • Hello to all,

    I myself have recently been framed through fraud and a couple working together in trickery. It has been a roller coaster of poverty, being alone entirely homeless and thousands of lost abundance and college credits. No justice has been restored.

    It is now over a year and still the same.

    I figured I could also be of support for anyone in the same situation. I am going to do 4 readings for anyone who is trying to understand the why and what a greater purpose may be. I still have my telepathy ability and clairvoyance. So while still unemployed I have more time to give. I still want to start out with 4 for now and take my time with them.


  • Excuse me for putting in 5 on the topic heading. It was to late to change it before I caught that it said 5.

  • I want to if R is the guy for me we have been dating and things are moving slowly, also trying to end a 4 yrs relationship with S, who says that despite all the obstacles he is ready to be with me, ( he has said that before) So confused, which is better suited for me?

    And very sorry about your situation, hope it gets better, don't lose faith.


  • As I specified, the purpose of the reading is to seek what underlying lessons or higher purpose applies to a situation where no direct closure as manifested.

    I can ask; what lessons are in store for Mariame in regards to her relationship issues with having 2 partners, one already in pursuit from the past and one she is pursuing currently.

    I cannot tell you who is the right guy for you. That would be an infraction to ethics and your will but I can assist you on your journey by addressing underlying lessons and higher purposes of the situation.

  • Right now you are being called to come to a realization of what you love and what brings you joy in order to attract and "know" who your right partner will be. Currently your ability to have learned how to take control of a situation has a significant role in this situation regarding setting proper boundaries with individuals in order to keep yourself open for the right person you wish to pursue in a divine union. From your past lessons you are being called to reflect upon lessons you have learned from previous relationships that regards too much speculation and thoughts about what you cannot control and or overcoming your fears of being alone. Right now the higher purpose this situation has for you is to test your ability to be patient and allow things to flow in a divine order.

  • Knowing yourself real well will help you choose.

    For example I know that I like allot of alone time for reflection, creativity and introspection.

    I also know that I am freedom loving and thrive on new opportunities and like taking chances.

    I do know that I must have a male that aligns with his own inspiration and one who does not require allot of companionship but one who does commit to and desire strong communication. Since I like allot of solitude and freedom, my partner shall be comfortable with that and may align with that himself. I seek a male that who can be a support of my aspirations and hardships through strong communication. I seek a male that can be fair and cooperative with balancing homestead duties.

    I think you get the point.

  • Yes I do. Thanks for your assistance, I wish you the best.


  • Your welcome:)

  • Hi Ariel,

    If I could, I would be interested to know about 2 issues: First, the purpose/higher calling of dance in my life. Love it, and seem to have natural ability in it and people keep encouraging me to go forward, yet I can't progress as much as I would want because of injuries. Second, the role of B (ex) in my life and me in his. We've both moved on for the most part and are fine, but there's no closure, as we're still in the same environment and we never talked things through, and don't anymore.

    Anything you pick up on these. Greatly appreciate it.


  • I can only do one. Please let me know which area of concern or seeking interest you would like me to address.

  • Danceur, did you have an injury about two years ago?

  • Hello Ariel360

    I want to say I will make sure to say a pray for you that things will get better. It is sad how some

    people do wrong and then we suffer. But I do believe in Karma. But I want to say thank you so

    much for you doing this. But I would like to know if a man that I like his name starts with a S

    if we will be together more than friends. And if you see me working soon, I am going to be

    taking the class for the bail bonds this month, I want to be the one just to post agency. That is all. And any other thing you see for me. My name is Illona Jameson and my dob is 07/12/1961

    thanks so much Illona

  • Again I will specify:

    The purpose of the post is to seek underlying lessons and higher purposes in a hardship of a situation for one circumstance.


    Which situation would you like me to address with the above statement regarding lessons and higher purpose?

  • Hi Ariel,

    Yes let's focus on the dance then.

    I started being prone to injury about 2009, and it's been a downward spiral with one destabilizing injury about 2 years ago and another one last October. Each injury phase is more debilitating than the last, in terms of limiting even the normal everyday things that I can do. Much money spent visiting many diff docs, without a fix. I've learnt to try and focus on what I CAN do. I guess because of that, I'm still improving in dance in spite of my limitations.. I'm no longer really struggling with the fact that I can't go further, but I do wonder about how (and if) dance might be connected to a higher purpose for me. And why is it that people tell me (and I feel) that I was meant to do this, if I'm unable to do it in any practical sense.

  • Ok. I have done this my self before and that is allowing others opinions and judgments to influence me to much. You will "know" what your meant to do in regards to career and life purpose. Career and life purpose are two different things. You can fulfill your life purpose and still have a career that has its own scope.

    Right now you are currently being guided to learn to be self assured in your abilities and confident within yourself to move ahead in life making your own decisions and judgments. A previous lesson from the past that is being revisited is your ability to recognize apathetic thought patterns that keep you from resisting new opportunities and embracing the now. What lays ahead for your next lesson is to learn how to appropriate all of your qualities to manifest abundance and your foundation into a long lasting and self developing endeavor. The higher purpose of dancing has been proven by the chronology of events but spirit wise, you are leading by example, teaching and teaching yourself to believe in your ability to heal, recover, strengthen, and persevere regardless of how many trials in the same endeavor. You are an inspiration to many.

  • Blackladydiver:

    First, thank you for your positive thoughts.

    I am drawn to address learning lessons for your relationships area in this life path in your current cycle:

    Right now in this current relationship cycle you are being called to learn from previous mistakes and to assess what has been serving you well and what actions and choices have not served your highest self in the past. This is a planning phase in your current cycle through the actions of contemplation, assessment and realization. A previous lesson you have already sufficed from your past has revisited in this situation to call upon your abilities of making confident decisions and to allow your senses (instinct/intuition) to alert and reveal. Your forthcoming lesson for the near future is to obtain balance between intellect and emotion by strengthening control of emotions and tolerance of others. The current higher purpose of this relationship at this time is to learn how to outwardly direct your self in its entirety; ambition, heart, mind, body, soul, virtue and spirit.

  • Hi Ariel,

    Thank you so much - it is very helpful.

    I never thought of it like that 🙂

    Actually when you put that way, it seems that there is a higher purpose to dance in my life. I may not be able to do it as a career, but it is teaching me a lot. Life lessons.

    I still don't know what I'm to meant to do, as a career. Just know that you're right that the challenge I have is in recognizing when I'm making decisions out of trust (from an underlying sense of knowing what's best, or not, for me) - and when the decisions are self-limiting, and stem from fear of lack of ability and resistance to new opportunities. And learning to separate other's opinions from the mix.

  • Good for you Danceur! I am glad to have helped you along your journey:)

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