Help, I need conclusion!

  • Hi I'm kinda new to this and I'm struggling, and need help. Ok I'll give you a brief story, my dad Keenan W. died of him killing himself. I wanted to know why but I don't have any answers. It was my weekend to see him, and he died in August 2007. His birthday is coming up on June 26th and I some reason I always get emotional. I need closure and I need to just relax and know if my dad is watching over me..:(

  • Grief is an on and off cycle. You are free to heal on your own time. It is wise to release all emotions associated to the cause so you do not suppress them. I hope you have a healer or accredited and ethical counselor to assist you in the healing phases. Confusion is very common with deaths associated with suicide. He watches over you and I see an expression that he 'treasures' you like you are precious.

  • Oliviawatson, Hi, I channel spirit and would like to say that I'm picking-up waiting on a phone call. I'm also getting the impression of something bouncing. Going up and down. Could be a road possibly that you all traveled? I'm getting the impression of a hand and a lamb. Did your dad farm/work w/animals. This could be an animal that your dad is trying to bring forth.

  • A would agree Daliolite. I saw what I though was a sheep or goat. I thought it may be a special symbol of the person maybe.

  • No he didn't work on a farm:(

  • Maybe it is a symbol he is trying to bring forth:

    The lamb is a symbol meaning gentleness and patience with suffering. The sacrificial lamb led to the Christian association of the lamb with Christ himself., the Lamb of God, thus becoming an emblem of faith. The lamb is also symbolic of the followers of Christ, those who are taken care of by the Good Shepherd. Lambs are also classic symbols of pastoral life, peace and freedom from strife.

  • Oh;/ thank you guys so much! I love my dad ad I know he loves me!

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