Relationship reading done, need help interpreting

  • Hello all,

    I just made a love celtic cross reading and would like to get others' interpretations on it please. My issue was knowing how my relationship is with a certain person. Here were the results:

    Love & Me -- temperance

    Situation -- queen of coins

    Challenges -- king of swords

    Background -- ace of cups

    Recent Past -- 7 of cups

    Higher Power -- page of coins

    Near Future -- 9 of wands

    Issues -- 3 of cups

    The Loved One -- 5 of coins

    Love Advice -- king of cups

    Long-term Potential -- knight of wands

    Thanks again for anyone's help!

  • The advice of the Knight is Cups is telling you to watch for flights of fancy and makeshift arrangements. It advices us about watching that we seek deeper meaning in our endeavors.

    The Knight of Wands is fleeting and short lived energy. The Knight of Wands is not a reliable and long term steady endeavor.

    It is very common to see the King od Swords in a relationship challenge when their is a lack of communication or barriers in communication which regards the relationship status itself.

    In this current cycle you are being called upon to learn how to recognize worth while causes and to assess what mentally draining patterns are able to help you and when you should move on. A lesson you have sufficed in the past is resurfacing and that is your knowing of how and when you must readdress your strength in regards to creating harmony and peace with solitude. A near future lesson to be applied in your cycle is to master your ability to create fulfilling and creative surroundings and endeavors for your self whether it be at work and or at home. The higher purpose of this relationship cycle is to recognize hidden agendas, apply intuition and to see clearly into the situation with a balance of logic, reason and compassion for yourself and others.

  • I have a hard time making sense of other's readings for the most part, as I have an intuitive connection with my own readings... so I drew a few more cards... "near-future outcome of this relationship?" Ace of swords, 9 wands, 2 of wands

    looks like there is already a struggle going on, an argument or simply different perspectives... the 2 of wands is basically saying there will be options. I see it like a fork in the road, you may decide to go your separate ways, but if you want to be close then compromise will be necessary

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