Good Sunday Morning- I help with reading

  • I asked tarot if R wanted to have a relationship with me? We have been dating but its slow moving and very frustrating so been thinking about moving on, so consulted the cards and I need help with them.

    Here is what I got

    Present Issue: Knight of Pentacles; Your world: 8 of swords; your lover's word : page of wands nature of issues: the sun; obstacle: the star; lessons and signs: the empress; your desires, hopes and fear: 4 of pentacles; your lover's fear, hopes and desires: 4 of wands; challenges: 9 of wands; Outcome: Ace of swords.

    Any help will be appreciated.



  • Hi MC

    I was looking at your cards, I think the reason you are experiencing what you are with R, could be due to the stars (alignment of planets at birth). I think there is a lot of emphasis on the physical aspects in this situation. R's desire is wand (path) foundations (4 of Wands), that is in contrast to your desire for physical foundations (4 of Pentacles). We could look at your two birth charts and see how the planets align between you, that can shed some light. Then with some insights there, it can help get matters moving again in a nicer way. I am happy to do that!

    blessings, astra

  • Astra,

    Thanks for your help I don't know R's birthday. I know he was born in 1957 I think October, but don't know the day. My day of birth if June 18 1969.

  • Okay

    Looking at your chart you have strong communication needs, so he may not want to dialogue as much as you, which you could perceive as the rel not moving along as fast as you would like.

    Mars in Sag means you like to stay on the go while you are communicating, so, a perfect date for you would be like a trip where you share as you travel, You may really like to travel or stay active. He may prefer to stay in one spot, not sure, I don't have his bday.

    Saturn and Venus in Taurus. So Saturn is putting some restriction on your love/emotional life in Taurus. So you love style is full speed ahead and yet you are gettting some puch back sometimes in that.

    So, for example you may be sitting around thinking "hey I would love to travel and share with him!" I will call him now! Then you call him and while you are calling you feel like it is dumb, stupid, why bother... that is all Saturn energies. SO you could be projecting your OWN sense of some restrictions in your abiilty to express love toward him, even though it may be originating with you, You see? So you may want to try to moderate your assemsement of the relationship, let is rest as needed, but keep it nice... gentle... stay open with him even though it hasn't been moving like you want (Taurus wants to go in love, and when the bull sets out, get outta the way! 🙂

    Moon in Leo. Jupiter in Scorpio along with Uranus the awakener. Moon is not too far away in Leo, You are probably pretty high desire levels for physical intimacy, you really want the physical closeness, Jupiter is expanding all of scorpio's sensual side.

    Those are just some quick observations for fun.

  • Thanks Atra by not having his full birthday you did an excellent job that's us (smile). If you can do me this favor, the man that dominates by feelings S is, DOB 11/24/64. Are we more compatible Thanks for your help


  • Yeah you would benefit from a guy with Jupiter in Taurus, among other things. Make sure the guy is interested in 'you know what' a lot as that seems to be how you're wired. I will look at this S chart here in a sec and let you know.

  • Astra your help is greatly appreciated!!!!!!!


  • Hello Maria,

    Ok, here is my reading for you. This is dark haired man seen by the outcome of swords, he is cold and seems to resist emotion. He has been in a relationship before. You want more which is the Empress card, but he is holding back. You will find love but it will remain distant with this man for some time. Maybe you could carry out a honey jar spell on him:

    You will see in the photo that this one I created was for Love and also to gain money, which is why I had the green candle as well. These Love honey jars normally do the trick but carry out a spread beforehand -- just to be sure!

    Florance xx

  • Florance,

    Super thanks for your advice and reading. I tried the link, but It didn't work. Please let me know how can I get access.


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