New Here :) Will do short love readings

  • Hi Ebby,

    May I have a reading also if you're still doing them?

    If you are thanks in advance 🙂

    I am a Pisces 2/28/91 and he is a Scorpio 11/18/91. We met recently and felt an instant connection to each other, and everything been great. But he recently told me that he doesn't really live where I live and would spend most of his time traveling for work which I understand and see the bigger picture of this situation, but I'm not to sure if I would really be able to handle it. I want to try because I feel we can have something together if we work at it. He has expressed interest in starting something. So I guess my question is, do you see this working out between us? I am an very emotional person and very giving and I want to be sure of this, before I open up and give it my all.

  • hi fiercetika... knight of pentacles, lovers, 5 of pentacles. While there is the definite possibility for an emotionally stable lengthy relationship between you and this man ultimately I do not see it working out for more than a year or so, if that.... and the reason is likely to do with the job issues you mentioned, finances... or perhaps a lack of excitement... sometimes things can be a little too grounded and give way to boredom

  • Thank you Ebby 🙂 really appreciate you taking the time to respond.

  • Hello EbbeyAlley,

    Ive been dating or "talking" to guys here and there but havent really been able to really find anyone that I like long enough. I am extremely picky and the guys I do happen to like-turn out not to be so great-so Ive been pretty careful about dating anyone. I would like to date and/or be in a relationship so my question is-As far as my love life is concerned, what do I need to work on in order to attract the men I want?

  • hi everyone, just getting over a cold... I am going to put aside the cards for now and focus on something else that is important to me... honing my skills as a medium... I would love to give some practice readings... here is my thread, please read it all before responding there, thanks and love :

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