New Here :) Will do short love readings

  • Hi,

    I just joined the site, I thought I had an account from a few years back, but my email wasn't recognized. I'm seeking a reading regarding an issue of my own, but I figured I would start by introducing myself and doing a few readings for others first as a courtesy 🙂

    I have been reading cards for about 5 years and also study astrology. I guess I should limit this to about 5 people for now, thanks.

    I am best with questions about near future (like a few days to a few weeks) vs long term type questions, though I'll attempt whatever. I like to draw three cards at a time... I sometimes use celtic cross.

    thanks ^_^

  • Hello, can you do a reading for me please. Will I hear back from him? Is there hope left for a reconcilliation?

    Thanks. I can do angel reading for you if you like? One card or 3 card reading.

  • Hi EbbyAlley...

    Thanks for the offer. I would love a reading, I posted a topic in the tarot forum, but haven't had a reply yet 🙂

    So my question is: Did I do the right thing?

    Background: I just recently broke up with a guy because our expectations weren't aligned, I wanted a relationship. He didn't. Since then he needed a place to stay temporarily while he was looking for somewhere to live and he has been staying with me. I found out last night that he was with another girl in between the time we broke up (2 weeks ago) and he moved in with me. I told him to move his things out in the morning and that i need some space and that i don't think pursuing a friendship is an option right now. I felt really strongly that we were really meant to be together and had high hopes that we would have reunited before all of this and now i feel like there is no going back. Can you tell me if i have made the right decision by reacting in this way and what is in store for the relationship between the both of us in the future?

    Anything you come up with would be much appreciated.

    Vanni xx

  • Hi Ebby,

    I would love a reading. I"ve been trying to read for myself and I think my cards are mad at me...I'm also too emotional to get a straight answer. I guess I'm trying to see if my ex has romantic feelings for me still or if he's moved onto another woman.

    If you could help out in any way, I'd be super grateful.


  • PS If you'd like to read where our relationship is headed in the near future, since that's what you specialize in, that might be better, because Im sure the cards will say something along the lines of what I'm looking to know.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Ebby,

    Would appreciate a reading. Not seeing anyone. Just anything you pick up, in terms of potential for a long term relationship, perhaps.


  • for ZNL.. .your question is " Will I hear back from him? Is there hope left for a reconcilliation?"

    To facilitate this for me I have altered the two questions to "How does he feel about you?" and "What will be the near future romantic outcome between the two?"

    1)His feelings for you, 1 card: Queen of Wands He sees you as sexy, attractive, strong, possibly a bit overbearing at times, unless he is also a strong personality... but he may like this about you. So, this is a positive... I will pull one more card -- will he initiate communication soon? 8 of cups... this could go either way... if it has been a long time since you talked, then he may be overcome with emotion and contact you.... but if you have been talking, then, he may decide to move on and not contact you... but it will be a very emotional decision either way for him

    2)relationship outcome for the two -- 3 card spread:

    The Fool, 2 of Wands, and 8 of Wands

    I think this means that you will be meeting someone new... and you will see yourself with options(2 of wands)... and you will follow your sex drive 8 of wands... I believe this means you will get what you want, though it is likely you may desire a new person

    Oh, I would love a reading, thank-you! ^_^ Here is my question: "What do you see happening between me and the object of my desire?" thanks!

  • Hi Vanniapple... no, I can't tell anyone if they made a "right" decision... everyone has to operate within their own moral compass, if you can't tolerate his behavior then you can't live like that and did what you had to do. Other, different personalities, can tolerate different kinds of behaviors of loved ones in their life. So, trust yourself and your own needs.

    You could ask a different question and I'll see what I can do 🙂

  • bluelyric -- your ex's feelings for you: 7 wands, Ace pentacles, Hermit.... defensiveness and while he sometimes entertains the thought of getting back together, unfortunately the Hermit here seems to strongly suggest he won't be up for trying again.

    Where is it headed? The Fool, Hierophant, Death... you could potentially initiate something with him, but I feel his heart isn't going to be in it... do/did you go to school or have a job together? I believe Death here means that regardless of anything that seems promising... you will both move on and it will be for the better for you... I think you've outgrown this relationship... sorry if that is not what you were hoping for, and I wish you the best in luck and love (hugs)

  • Hi Danceur... I asked a basic outlook into the near future regarding romance for you

    9 of swords, 3 of hearts and knight of cups

    my interpretation is that you still have hurt feelings about a passed relationship that didn't end well, and it may take a real coming to terms and coping with that pain before you'll be in a good state of mind to attract someone with the long-term qualities you seek -- hope this helps you out some, and best of luck healing and obtaining what you need

  • sorry that was 3 of swords above, not "hearts" aka cups... I mistyped

  • Hi EBbyAlley, thank you so much. Very interesting reading and how you simply interpreted the cards is rather lovely. I like my reading. I liked how you combined the questions very much.

    So, ok queen of wands could be described a bit "pushy" 😉 and goes well with the 8 of wands advice to not be "pushy" . Vey good advice.

    8 of cups - yes some communication so maybe not reaching out for a while.

    The other cards ring true too. Wish for the best I think.

    Can i ask a different question?

    Your angel card reading: I first pulled one card, New Love. A beautiful card w two angelic cuspids aiming for love. This cards indicates a new chapter in your love life will begin, weather it is with a new partner or rekindled love in a current relationship. So, open your heart and be open to changes in your current relationships, and don't cling tightly of how you think relationships should be.

    3 cards - new beginning - with your question in mind - a clear state is presented to you and embrace the new in your life., don't be afraid of change.angels boost your confidence to enjoy your new beginnings,

    Answered prayer card- your prayers have been heard and, be extra observant of what you see, feel and hear.

    The last card is retreat - in the future position - advice is to take time alone and in quiet thought , clear mind and through your heart, and listen if any new changes and always honor your feelings. Divine guidance.

    So, seems like you and your object of your desire will have a grand blessed time together. New love, answered prayer and always refer to your heart.

  • Thank-you ZNL... that sounds very nice.... I like the future 'retreat' bit... as other than deep love, my great desire is for lasting peace in a future relationship and I have been taking a break from things for awhile now.

    Sure, what is your new question?

  • I am happy that the angels were helpful. A bit more re "retreat".

    Angels ask if you are pushing yourself too hard? Angels remind us that rest is a natural cycle in every living thing. Think of mighty Oak tree that grows in spurs and then rests. When angels speak through your heart and you honor your feelings you walk hand in hand with God.

    My question is re the same person and his relationship to S. what do you see between them or developing between them?

    Thanks again. This is so kind of you.

  • how he feels about S: 9 cups, knight cups, world -- thinks S is desireable, would like very much to explore some options... but on a very emotional heartfelt level. He wants something deep and lasting, not a random hook up... I would not call this guy a skirt chaser, but a sensitive romantic soul

    how S feels about him: Ace pentacles, 7 of swords, knight of pentacles -- hmmm... not all that good, I get a very 'entitled' almost spoiled vibe, a lack of compassion... S evaluates him with the thought of what he can offer... S doesn't find him all that attractive and would only consider anything with him if there were a big, tangible incentive... money or opportunity etc

    what is likely to happen between them: knight of swords, 7 of swords, Queen of Swords:

    nothing good, which I hope is good news.... I see only harshness, backbiting, awkwardness and arguments... I think S feels above him and he will feel insulted if he should step out and make his feelings known only to get his heart trampled on

    and thanks for more clarification on 'retreat'... I have had a fairly difficult and exhausting life... but things are finally looking up and Saturn is beginning to transit my 12th house (astrology) and I hope that means the old problems of my life will all be resolved in the next year and a half or so and that I will move on to a bright future with love and lack of oppression

  • Hello again, yes, a very welcomed and good news reading 🙂 and does makes sense to me. Let hypocrites go to hell. 🙂

    I wish you all the best and want all doors open up to you and no more challenges. Talk to "the angels" and let your desires be known. Let me know if you need me to do more angel readings now or ever. I can elaborate on the other cards too if you like.

    What is your sign? I am Aries and I think the last few years have not been that good for relationships or work. Just struggles, seething it, grasping it, it disappearing.

  • Aw, thanks! I could use all the good wishes anyone wants to give 🙂 I am a Virgo Sun, Aries Moon and Scorpio rising... I am looking at trying to move to a different state and trying to make it in a new career independently... I have a lot of limitations on me now, but I am not giving up hope... new love, that is not chaotic, would be a welcome help in smoothing out my life a bit, but I'd rather be single forever than have an unhealthy relationship like in the past... so I am trying to focus and be patient

    Thanks, and feel free to also ask me questions in the future... I'm trying to figure out how to get notified of replies through email so I don't miss anything, but I don't see that option here

  • This site does not have any kind of canned notification system. Best we can do is to share cryptic personal emails like bbb. At. Hot mail etc --

    I am going to light a candle and wish you all the blessings and good wishes that you are supposed to have. Happiness all around. Thanks again for my readings.

  • Thanks Ebby 🙂

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