Twins change of life and moving

  • bearsilu2

    birthdate 7/14/60 2:22 AM in Elmhurst City hospital, nyc

    currently living Milton NY

    Identical Twin born 2:24 AM

    My questions are this....MY twins are going back to college in August, everyone has flown the coop but my almost 15 year old. My twin and i are single, thinking we want to move south to be by the water, and have no male counterparts in our lives. Both have had pretty bad relationships with the previous men in our lives. What is coming up now for ME? Ive been on a holding pattern now for five years, taking care of my elderly parents, (they both past away in the last two years), having my one daughter go away to college, and now her twin joining her at the same school. I never planned for AFTER kids at all, i have fibromyalgia and am disabled for six years though only going to be 50. Have three counseling degrees and have nothing in my life but my kids. What directions should i go? I use to be so so different with doing many many things but i tend to isolate myself now. Any help here for me and my twin? thanks so much!

  • Getting older is not always kind to empathetic people. Not having strong boundries of protection catches up with you. Is very hard on the body and manifests in pain and illness. You absorb too much and intuitively now have followed your body's need to isolate but this is only a bandaid fix because it does not let your healing talents blossom. You have healing power--compassion and wisdom but with that comes the burdon of seperating the strong emotions and problems of others from your own. Needy people are drawn to you. You also attract Men who drain you dry. You need more rest than most people and a peaceful restorative habit to replenish yourself. Either meditation--music or time in nature or some kind of quiet craft time that gives you solitude and peace. Kinda like a cleansing of all you absorb. Family has been a perfect place for you to hide but now you must deal with your need to heal and be whole. Water--specially ocean is very good for you. Using your healing skills on a part time basis is a good goal but you must learn boundries first because everyone will always want more from you. Giving too much will always show up in your body. Sometimes you won't know people are draining you at first because you can feel deceptively charged up whithin a group only to have a total nose dive days later that can leave you tired--very stiff and depressed. Recognize this cycle for what it is. This is a time to get to really know yourself so you can protect your energy as the aging process is not so forgiving. You could take a beating when younger but it's different now. Think getting strong as a goal then consider using your healing energy to work part time--maybe one on one with children or very small groups. Job situations are critical for you because people will always want more from you and your empathetic nature is eager to please. The perfect job would be more of on call so you can choose your good days. You need a strong head to heart connection--a strong male energy within you to protect that nurturing side. Blessings

  • thanks so much for this response! Its great that you mention the water element because im thinking of moving to wilmingon, nc which is right near the beach. Always thought i belonged near the ocean. Spent my childhood summers on lakes and enjoyed it very much. Any ideas on what kind of male should try to meet? I have no problems being friendly, talkative when im in a good mood, but socializing when im in a bad mood is just plain out! I really would like to find love again in my life. Been sleeping alone now for almost 20 years (though i did have a boyfriend for about ten years who enjoyed the tv better than sleeping with me!) I look like im younger than i atually am and people think im in my early 30's rather 50. Ancy chance in that happening?

  • The best man for you is the one who loves you deeply yet allows you a room of your own. You do better with the option to visit because as I picked up and you validated you can be moody. I see this moodiness as the result of your healing qualities. You absorb and you give then wake up one day totaly out of sorts and your whole body screams get away and as you said socializing is not going to work. Healers need room for their down time. I do see you will meet several men that will change as you adjust yourself to finding the balance you need to stay healthy. I see three men who will be important the next ten years--one younger who will persue you--the month of May is shown--I do see beach. The attention will feel heavenly but you will find he is exhausting and despit the connection you will feel he doesn't get you in a way that allows for you to get the space you need. It really will have nothing to do with age difference but wil be considered. Mostly the relationships you encounter are meant to help you know more about yourself so when things don't work out you must look at what you learned about you--your needs. A second man I see is calm--not very talkative--has a smile that makes you melt just plain good to be around and at first a welcome feeling. You will think--wow--he is just so easy--polite--no games--no arguing. No crazy family ties. He can fish all day and be happy. Affectionate and easy to please. What more could you want? You will learn a lot as well from this friendship--I'd say relationship but it will always feel inbetween. This one will last longer than the first younger man. The third man I see of importance will be older than you--not too much and will take a bit to warm up to--he will grow on you. In ways you will be alike--moody and need your space even if it is for different reasons. Part of apreciating what he has to offer will come from growing towards that place of knowing yourself. That's why spirit stresses that this is the time for being with yourself. If you get stuck in neediness for love it will not take you to that relationship you need to be happy. Try not to dwell on men right now. Be happy with you and love will find you. You want permanent.

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