Help with a reading, please.

  • Hi 🙂

    I was wondering if someone could please do a tarot reading for me? I have done one for myself, but i feel like sometimes reading for yourself is difficult due to the fact that you may be looking for a particular answer and it's harder to be objective. I need to work on trusting my intuition and switching my mind off a bit more 🙂

    The question is: Did I make the right decision?

    Background: I just recently broke up with a guy because our expectations weren't aligned, I wanted a relationship. He didn't. Since then he needed a place to stay temporarily while he was looking for somewhere to live and he has been staying with me. I found out last night that he was with another girl in between the time we broke up (2 weeks ago) and he moved in with me. I told him to move his things out in the morning and that i need some space and that i don't think pursuing a friendship is an option right now. I did have high hopes that we would have reunited before all of this and now i feel like there is no going back. Can you tell me if i have made the right decision by reacting in this way and what is in store for the relationship between the both of us in the future?

    Thank you so much!!

    Vanni. xx

  • If he was with another female when you were not together, you have inadvertently shown that you had thoughts and emotions towards him that still were more aligned with a deeper commitment. What were you hoping you could achieve my allowing this person to move in? You made a decision and you do not need to dwell on the past as it is now already done. I think that if this person did not want a commitment with you which requires communication and a real friendship in order to work, he is not worth your energy.

  • You have learned from this and now you area aware that this situation will not suit your highest self. If such a circumstance arises in the future, you will have the wisdom to make a better decision about who you move into your dwelling. If for whatever reason a similar situation occurs again with a new person and different dynamic I would at least give someone 24-48 hours as I would be accountable for the choice and my own feelings as well.

  • The current lesson for you in this situation as it stands now is to recognize a seed of potential conflict before hand. Applying a logical approach to the decision based off of the facts in the now verses what you may hope for or speculate out of emotional motivations will help prevent conflicts. The previous lessons you have sufficed from false securities are being brought to farther realization into this current situation and you are not being revisited with the circumstances of building castles. Your next step in this learning cycle is to practice openness and honesty within your intentions and to assert your self with high standards of ethic and self worth. The higher purpose of this situation is to help you obtain harmony through flexibility.

  • Excuse typo, "you are now" being revisited.

    I hope this helps.

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