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  • i meet my husband in 1999n when i worked in oklahoma as a prison guard., he was an inmate in the prison. i want to clarify that I did not have a relaitonship with till years later. Patrck started hitting on me my first day. i had just come out of a bad reltioship and ignored any and pretty much all males. i was called in early to help with a riot that had taken place. my job was to go and get everyone's names and housing units from the exercise area. that night i noticed Patrick for the first time and something pulled at my heart strings. after that i dealt wth him on a regular basis. everytime he became mad or aggitated i was called. he even told the captain and lt they better call me down to talk to him. we formed a friendly reltionship and i always enjoyed talking to him. he even tried to steal a kiss. he left in 2001 and i left shortly after. i thought about him for years and then decided to look him up.i found him still in and began writing to him. he admitted that he had made up his mind that when he was released he was going to come and find me. He couldn't stop thinking of me either. our relationship grew and we became married in 2008. i had found my love and soulmate. he kept getting in trouble off and on. our last visit was outiside at a minnimum and we had a wonderful time. last year parole told him to change his parole plan and he would be released. they would not allow him to come to me. so he found a stupid woman and changed everything to get out. told me to go on with my life. i can't, he is my soulmate and i am so unhappy without him. i have learned to channel and know that he loves me. his dream has been to have a horse ranch with white horses, i have 2. his bestfriend says i am his white horse or savior. the girl he is with is a control freak and he can't even talk to the people he loves. i know he will come back cause a love like ours is only once in a lifetime. i can feel his unhappiness and i worry about him.

  • I read what you wrote. I suggest doing a couple's composite and synastry chart with both of your birth data... that might put into perspective some things between you. Sounds like a strong idealism and a savior/victim type relationship. What good has this man added to your life?

    My gut feeling is to do what you need to do to get closure on this so you don't pine the rest of your life away on someone that may love you like you say, but is completely unable to take care of himself much less you. I have had to learn similar lessons... when no one is taking care of YOU, you've got to step up and take care of yourself... be your own best friend etc

    I believe that a person can have many soul mates... 'soul family' is more like it. Best of luck, wish you all the best

  • i am connected to him spiritually. i feel everything he goes through and go through it with him. Wish it was that simple. I did a channeling session with

    Spiritual Wisdom and i can now communicate with my guides which is helping me to deal and learn what is needed. My guides are telling me to stay with him and work it out.

  • Even though he is not with you and left you with another woman? That's fine, I just thought you were looking for advice from other psychics. best of luck to you then

  • thank you. i would like more insight to help me better understand. I get confused and lost in my emotions.

  • You really do!!!

  • ebbyally is correct in saying it is a savior/victim relationship. this is not a good partnership as you will be doing everything and he will keep taking from you and you will lose yourself. you are to emotional right now and need to take a step back. he is with another woman for a reason so for now let it go if it is truly meant to be & he changes for the better then he will get in touch with you at a future date.

  • I did the charts and the compatibility stuff. We are completely perfect for each other.

  • Perfect is as perfect does.

  • pnjsalmons, Hi, Some people need control freaks in their lives. He prob does better this way. I believe you can be too spiritual for someone when they really need control. Maybe in his life he was either lacking this type of control or had too much of it (parental.) I know you made a connection that was what he needed on the "inside." He is now outside and sounds like is still getting into turmoil. Boundaries need to be secure and in place. That's prob something you need to realize. Open boundaries w/him I don't think will work. I recently hired someone who had served time in prison. It took him about 2 months to finally finish a pretty easy, ordinary job. You have got to be careful. Expecting him to conform to open boundaries won't work, it never did. It's not your fault, just realizing the difference.

  • thank you. We split up because he is in Wisconsin and I am in the Texas and they kept telling him they would not allow him to come here. I think he thought he was holding me back, i know he felt that way, but he wasn't. I am truly only happy with him and he is truly only happy with me. I just have to have hope that he will wake up and see what he has lost. I know we are connecting on the outside as well. The other woman is already out of his life, parole recently told him he could move here with me. now I just have to wait and see. i haven't set any boundaries with him and now believe you are right and that we need to discuss it.

  • no composite chart is perfect e.g. 100% compatible... :- that said, do whatever you want, but don't expect for regular people to encourage this path of self destruction is all. If this is your lot in life, then I am sorry for that.... wouldn't wish it on anyone.

  • Every chart gives you the choice of an attribute. Free will. A person can be kissed at birth by very charming planets BUT it's how they use it that is REALITY. A magnetic person can lead others to higher awakenings OR they can be a lazy manipulater that uses their gift to get by too easily and on that path never develope a sense of RESPONSABILITY. Even though I am psychic I still wondered if you were yanking our chain with your posts cos it just seems no one could be THAT blind. Realy, pretend your own beloved daughter was coming to you with your story and asked for your advice? If you are being honest, you are so missing the protector energy in yourself. You are too much female energy---we must have balance. The man you describe needs BOUNDRIES--that's why he ends up in jail alot. He craves someone to stop him but ends up breaking that facade. He saw you as a possable authority figure--a tough woman but it was not real---you crave what he craves and it pulls you together--the mirror of attraction. He clings to controlling women but wears that out. He will move to the next---he lives as if he controls his life no rules but in reality he is out of control. You as well, crave to be in control but in reality feel out of control. To see the truth of yourself could heal you. That is what compelling bigger than life attractions are offering you. I know this is blunt but it is a whopper of a full moon and telling it like it is! BLESSINGS!

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