Can I have a reading on someone new please? No DOB

  • I do not have this person date of birth. I do however know she is a Pisces. I would like to have a possible look into a possible relationship with this person. If anyone can do this for me without a birth date that would be great. I have done myself a few tarot readings and most of the time when I pull a card signifying her it shows up the High Priestess. I am also a Pisces. This is a female & female relationship. Known her for about 3 years but only see her at unexpected times and when I do its almost like we make every effort to see each other or be around each other. This time however I felt really frustrated and angry with her. I also pull cards that have constantly said something about a crossroads and boredom. When relating the reading to this possible relationship. Would like someone else take on this. Thanks.

  • The fish is slippery! You know that! Magnetic? yes but also always a bit leary of getting caught. It's a confusing message sometimes---the fish can be easy to be with---laid back---and very present with interest---then again they can be very busy and preocupied and swim off quikly in the middle of what one thought was a real heart to heart. But they mean no offense. Fish prefer happy faces and abhore drama--unless their birth chart holds conflicts that make them paranoid

    I pick up that you two have a lot in common that both attracts but also creates a stalemate. You both are waiting for something solid to present itself and prefer a safety net. She's afraid of being a fooll and puts on a strong independant show----but really needs a strong mate to see past her defenses---she can say cheeky things when someone gets too close--its a defense thing. She's aware that her mouth can send people running scratching their heads. She does this without much thought--all she is aware of is fear---and needing space. You need to aproach this relationship with authority but not in a bad way. And she gets bored with wishy washy types---despite her outward reaction of any disproval--she really prefers someone not "too nice" who speaks up or calls her on her occasional sharp tongue barbs. She may act like she prefers total independance but she is drawn to dominating self confidence and often tests the waters by saying things to see who runs or who smiles and dishes it back. Your crossroads is that at this phase of interest you must now accept what you sawn the surface--and the attraction you felt and now consider what lies beneath that---who she really is. To get to that you will have to be the agressor and decide if you are comfortable with that! BLESSINGS!

  • Wow!! You described her to a T. I can't believe it. Yes she has an extremely sharp tongue. One minute shes giggly and the next she is ready to knock me out or says something really sharp but in reality I do love that about her. With most other signs some people may see that as not classy but this woman has an extreme independence streak like you said. Well it comes off that way. Her reactions are like mine. This last time I was around her she seemed in such a nasty mood but when it seemed like everything was okay with us she seemed happier. I am the same way I get nasty rude when someone is getting too close and im not sure where they are standing or I am standing with them or they are just playing with my feelings and use a defense. Yeah preoccupied is right. One minute we are doing this and that and than next minute shes running off to finish her other things. I can read her better and am actually intrigued because she is a Pisces like me. So I know she can be a puzzle.

    She gets mad when I show more attention to other people and leave her out. She has said so herself. I give her actions another take. I don't take them at face value and move on. I will consider your helpful advice thank you very much. 🙂

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