Spiritual "someone" moved in... (ghost question)

  • Hi all,

    For some reason, someone has decided to move in with me and my kids. I'm not entirely sure why this happened now, I have a slight feeling and I'm putting pieces together but really, I can't figure it out. It's been interesting for the past 2 1/2 -3 weeks. I'm seeing shadows, the door is opening by itself, the dog is barking and wagging his tail and waiting for someone quiteeeee often. I'm just really curious if anyone here is able to pick up on this for me and give me some insight. 🙂 I'd love to know who it is and why they're keeping us company. Thanks...

  • Male energy, tall lean older man. Something odd with his hair--bad haircut? Too short on sides and a wild patch--a cowlick is the old word to describe. There is an attachment to a piece of furniture--a dresser---third drawer important. He likes to hum to himself a lot. Make note of anything you recently brought into your house OR made a new friend or stranger in the house.. His take is he was invited in----or I'm also seeing him "moved out" either by a house sale--furniture belonging sale and a definate connection to an old wooden garage---yes garages are all mostly wood ---but I'm being shown by him an older worn wood slat shed kind of building--all gone he says. He keeps muttering all gone--all of it. He moves with a shuffle so I suspect you are hearing swishing more then steps. In life, he had a thing about food, a kind of dementia, and had no idea when or if he last ate--you will find him mostly in the kitchen. When's breakfast he mutters a lot---loved bacon. Did someone on your block have a big moving sale? I asked him his name but not sure--he mumbles---sounds like Kodger---Kroger--almost german. Then annoyed he says GRAMPS! Everyone called him gramps. He also insists you got problems in your house need fixin---something is loose or bumpy out front and waiting to trip someone and bad wiring . I must say--suddenly he's a bit crabby and a complainer---as if discusted---he says what they waiting for ---something to blow. Then he's back to humming again. I'd say he drifts in an out a lot of reality but mostly I'm picking up his earth presence before passing on that one. I do not see him as being a lost earth bound problem---just still attached to certain things and people and wondering about---he HAS gone to the light already. Spirits are all around us but not always noticed. Cook up some bacon and you'll know he is there!! BLESSINGS!

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