"C" last name of last three relationships meaning

  • The last two long term relationships i had 6 n 5 yrs were with guys with the last name that began with C and now i am talking to another guy things are moving towards a closer relationship and his last name is also with a C i was just wondering if there was any meaning behind the letter C or past life or anything, I am a virgo so i pay attention to the slightist detail i have some anxiety coming into this relationship as well bc I was just hurt by ex fiancee who was a virgo and also was a virgo is this a pattern i should avoid?




  • My first thought was God has a sense of humor! You are not easy to read. You have very strong ideas that often contradict who you are really. There is a internal war that comes in your birth chart that is hard to make "peace" with. I see that awareness is not quite there yet but you are on the edge of enlightenment. Spirit says you are just plain TIRED!. Spirit shows me a picture of a girl outside amongst a fun party but she is constantly checking the wether! It's a beautiful day but she heard it may rain so as the others enjoy the momemt she is looking for clouds--keeping an eye on the wind change. BUT inside this little girl is a heavy air sign influence that sees herself very free and could almost kick off her shoes and dance in front of everyone!!. Men acuse you of being confusing--one day you are adventurouse and daring then you get so SERIOUSE. I keep hearing that word TOO SERIOUSE. Part of this accusation is not all your fault---but also is result of your attraction to different men but same issues. Your anxiety is telling you something---your gut knows that if you have not learned from the last relationship you will repeat the same issues. THAT'S what relationships do for us--it is an opportunity to heal. First, it would help you to not expect the perfect relationship. Spirit advises to meat anxieties with less brain and logic----try and tap into what you are feeling and when you felt that way before so you CAN find the pattern and the wound that started it. At your worst moments in a relationship--what were your feelings? Trapped? Helpless? Fear? Anger?. Also, I pick up that you miss the connection between anger and pain----you have issues with processing pain---you do not know how to release it---it is very hidden in you. Without realizing it you get into situations that create anger----although you avoid it mostly you do have a bad temper----you would like to have more control---it will help to realise what really is going on is your temper is a release valve that really is about letting go of burried pain. Somewhere in early life you had safety issues. To be honest about pain and the depths of it was too vulnerable. To heal this issue, you will attract men that push that button. In a childs mind--pain is vulnerable and helpless---in an adult it should be safe---to be vulnerable AND strong. This is your tug of war---vulnerability and strength. The men you attract mirror the same struggle---it is exhausting and so unpredictable that you have no sense of order, or predictability---that is why spirit showed me the littlle girl too busy checking the weather. You crave to RELAX. You meet a man and the first attraction positive is feeling at ease but then always the weather changes and you don't get it----if you dare speak up---he looks at you like you love drama and have three heads. Then you think so hard for days trying to figure it out--only to have him return smoothe light and airy again. It is exhausting and it ties up all your energy and power. Before you go into another seriouse relationship--spend more time with yourself--knowing who you really are in a loving non judgemental way. Because you cannot change others or the weather!! You need to reflect on patterns in your relationship---not from what they did BUT the feelings their actions brought up in you because if you can heal yourself you will not attract others who push those buttons in a toxic way. When you ask the universe if all the c names have meaning--you are coming from a place of helplessness as if stuff happens TO you without your own power. When we have a deep fear of the unknown--as in children who grew up in chaos we can grow up with an exhausting need to be a step ahead and find signs to follow. You do have intuition, and you are no longer a trapped child in a uncertain world. Spirit said look more inward for signs not outward. If you choose men who disapear a lot--run hot and cold---use the seperation times as a POSITIVE thing--time to pamper and enjoy yourself--and know you are perfect and mostly that other's desicions are more about them not you. Have more confidence and resist controling outcomes. Be good to yourself....live in the moment more. BLESSINGS!

  • pain is very true.....it began before I was born never really process feelings the only way to express my pain is in anger. men have taken advantage of me and done very bad things, I don't know what it is like not to be in flight or fight mode and I am in stillness....I sense the little girl I have been called childish when I argue and I quickly change moods especially when I cannot control the situation.....my ex used to be abusive in every way and I am still living looking over my shoulder and keeping the real me hidden protected but I long to be free when you ask my dreams I want to travel I just want to go I feel stuck always have

    this new relationship hes different but similar in character as I am drawn to sarcastic and some what narcissistic individuals i feel like a martyr saving him while he fills the void I am currently feeling I want to feel needed beyond my kids and he makes me laugh feel safe which only one other person has made me feel that way but he left me his last name started w a s he just saw through me and confusing I do that on purpose so ppl cant get close or predict me I don't let ppl in or love me most of time I am really trying to heal myself right now by surrounding myself with positive and trying to work in intuition and get in touch with spirits

    I greatly appreciate it it really hit home and im lost in the shadows I feel but im not giving up

  • also ill just say names but neal "C" reminds me of the one that hurt me his name is adam "S" blue eyes caucasion just similar in so many ways but not I miss adam emensely but I messed tha with my anger and "drama" I really don't like drama but I am used to chaos so I always feel theres other agendas n overreact before I think

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