Astra may I. Have a reading please?

  • Hi Astra,

    I hope you are doing well. 🙂

    I would really hope you could do a reading for me. I recently moved countries to my home, moved into a great apt with good people and got a great job. I have really fallen on my feet here.

    I was hoping you mightnbe able to do a reading for me in regards to my love life. Do the cards show positive changes in my love life ? Have been single for. A while.

    Thank you.


  • Hi SmilerE

    Hey, I am doing fantastic thank you for asking! It sounds like the Sun is shining down on your life how wonderful. So nice to hear when nice things are happening like they are with you.

    So yes, lets look at your love life and see what turns up!

    Let's choose a card to show a love desire, for you I think the 2 of Cups would be perfect. A beautiful relationship, nothing too intense, just a nice, gentle, sweet, caring, friendship that is also very deep and connected. Then, it can grow from there.

    This is so cool. I ran through the cards a couple of times for you and there is definitely, positively something developing in love! There is a King of Swords above you, this is connected to you as the Queen of Pentacles right now.

    In your hopes and dreams, the Queen of Swords showed the same position twice in a row. So, even now, you are preparing to meet this King of Swords.

    A lot of wand energies around you right now... 5, 10, Knight, Page... your path is being adjusted to bring you two together.

    Cups show up in these places, Knight at center, the 8 in future environment, and the Page of Cups as an outer influence (that also showed up twice in the same spot!)

    Pentacles outcomes in both spreads, the Ace (very nice!) and the 6, sharing.

    Something is totally developing here for you Elaine!

    Some swords ahead, nothing to be concerned about, normal thoughts you will have about love, and a 6 is a midnight love card also future environment + the 8 of Cups and Death (which is a beautiful card) so you have something terrific headed your way in love.

    Your hopes and dreams are this Queen of Swords, and I think that is capturing some of the loneliness you have felt for a while now. You feel so much like this cut off Queen of Swords, with so much love to give, and yet you look for your companion, "where is my love?" So, you feel some pain there. However the cards are certainly painting a lovely picture of someone coming in.

    Very soon, a message of love from someone. The Page of Cups as the outer influences, together with a changing physical card.

    You will be in a different setting than normal very soon. Like a surprise visit to a new place, a restaurant, with friends, somewhere you have never been before. And while you are there, a person, this Knight of Cups, a King of Swords in the making for you, will meet you, (he is a writer) and tell you something beautiful. Somehow you will be thrown together with him. Your eyes will meet. And right then, you will fall in love.

    That will be the beginning of a beautiful "friendship in love". It will be heaven for you, someone you can be yourself with, comfortable, trusting, sweeter than anything you can imagine. It will sail into lovely places, the stars, perfect.

    You will be able to lay your head on their shoulder. Talk, late into the night. Cry sometimes and this person will understand you perfectly. A somewhat serious sort, still water run deep. You will feel as though you have always known one another. And you will never again wonder about love in your life, never ever again dear Elaine.

    Something incredibly beautiful is developing for you, I feel so much love in the air around you. You can relax and know that every step you make will be perfectly led to this person, you are destined to meet. Soon.

    I am excited for you, it sounds like your life's role is falling into place, and next comes love, with a baby carriage. Or maybe that is baby carrots at the restaurant haha. It is beautiful whatever, whoever this person is, perfect for you.



  • So, you two will share a common background. Like the same types of life experiences, this King will tell you of his journeys and how he also has wondered so much about love. You two will take an important step together soon. I really feel this is meant to be, that you can really relax and know that everything is being worked out for you and this king of swords.

    Laughter, I see a lot of laughter between you and him. Jokes, fun, you both know how to smile. You both have also known tears and loneliness. So when you do meet, your friends will have to pry the two of you apart. He won't be able to stay away from you.

    Childhood. You both have similar childhood experiences. Schooling too, Like you have studied similar things, subjects. Books, moves, theatre even. You are both interested in the arts and love to watch the creative world together.

    Your favorite (well, one of the favorite!) things you two will do, will be to walk to a waterfront location nearby, a river I think, there are park benches there, and you will sit there often, and just gaze across the waters, holding each other, kissing. Smiling, more kissing and you won't even notice anyone else. I think by now it is more than friends. Much more.

    I think keeping some tissues with you would be good, tears of joy.

  • The stars.

    One night very soon, you will be standing with him outside his place. Just talking, and gazing up into the night sky. The evening will be warm, and it is about 10 or 11 at night.

    He will point up to a constellation, Lyra, and say, "Elaine, do you see that star there?" And he will point to Vega. And you will say, "yes, I see that." He will whisper in your ear "that is where I am from. and I want to take you there."

    Then he will invite you in, and he will take you there.

    The stars will be important for the two of you, A shared love of the sky, clouds you notice the birds and the changes of weather, He is fascinated by the clouds and the way the sun steams down through the clouds. His arms around your waist, and looking up a lot together.

    He will be the friend you always wanted, a companion closer to your heart than anyone you have ever known. Honest and sincere, he will be a real communicator. You will need to get a phone that can hold more memory for all of the messages he will send you. Late at night, 'buzz..." another message.

    "Thinking about you and just wanted to say hi, and how are you?"

    Talking, I get a lot of great, unending sharing back and forth. His words and yours will be like art work, framable.

    Like poetry, your words back and forth will be like the stanzas of a love poem from beyond. His love will never fade and your love for him will only deepen over time. He is your soul, your otherness, he is your own heart taking flight, in a most beautiful friend. More than friends.

    Your friends will gaze from a distance, "How did she rate, to find someone so wonderful?" Good things come to those who wait, and you have waited.

    Now, good things come.

  • Wow thAnk you so. Very much for your reading, it must hsve taken some time. I will think positively about this! What a lovely detailed reading. 🙂

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