• Hi!

    My name is Molly, I saw that your name was on the most topics here so I guess your the forums tarotreader? I was wondering if I could ask something?

    I just wanted to know, was guy nr 1 just playing with me or was it real feelings involved? And the guy I am interested in now, what will happen between us? Love or just friendship, if love, how do I proceed or do I wait for him?

    Sincerely Molly

  • Hi Molly

    I am only one of many readers here there are a bunch! I am a chatterbox so I like to get on here.

    Okay I can look at some cards for you and we can see what that seems to say.

    I created this spread to look at the two guys as a path, and see what each promises!

    You are the little angel figurine at the crossroads.

    Guy #1 is


    6 of Wands

    3 of Cups

    These look like real feelings to me! 3 of cups is very real, very happy, growing love feelings.

    6 of Wands is very nice, developed path, so that is good too!

    Strength is "serpent power" and shows a lot of primal forces, animal instincts.

    So guy 1 is for real, although I think (as is usually the case) there is a fair amount of animal nature also. So you would need to use your judgement there. I think his heart is in the right place! From the looks of it, I think guy 1 would be a lot of fun, and this could turn into something really nice!

    Guy #2 is

    Wheel of Fortune

    3 of Pentacles

    8 of Pentacles

    Is guy 2 at your job? The pentacles are work related cards and very physical. I am not sure about guy 2. The wheel seems to say that matters are still turning for you and him. There is an Ace of Cups in the center though! THat is sweet. And the pentacles do show some serious "growth" with this setting. I think this is a rather physical thing, which along with the wheel could be a real rocket ride.

    So, do you like rocket power, or serpent power?

    The card in the center is the "Key" card and that is the Temperance card which is "blending" and I always see that as the most intimate of blending between a boy and girl. That card seems to ask you, how deeply do you want to "blend" with a guy? All the way? Or only part way blending?

    All the way? Guy #1 is the ticket. Part way? Guy #2 seems to have more restraint. A little.

    I think the blending card is saying to enjoy a relationship with both. They both share a lot of the same energies, cups, wands pentacles. No swords which can be nice unless you are a philosophy or psychology major.

    Blessings Molly, thank you for the reading request and I know you will enjoy a nice time with these guys, probably both.


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