Dream Intrepretation, Please?

  • Normally I brush dreams off but this one felt very real and I felt all of the pain (Good old memory!)

    I was very pregnant (full term and HUGE!) and starting to go into labour and the contractions were SO painful (like with my first [and only] child) but all of these people were there to see it from throughout my life, especially my sixth grade class. And the father was my ex/son's father who kept shifting back and forth between my sixth grade crush. I end up giving birth to twins, a boy (who I hardly remember) and a girl. I am OBSESSED with this little girl, I even remember the father naming her Allison/Alison and me already affectionately referring to her as Ally. And just being overjoyed at the fact I had two healthy babies.

    But I kept thinking in the back of my head about how I'm going to tell the father I am leaving and moving away to New Zealand (I live in Canada) but this is something I am considering now in real life so that I understand. But I am (obviously) taking my babies with me. My first born is there and is overjoyed with being a big brother.

    Can someone explain what this means please? Because I can't stop thinking about it and wonder if it has anything to do with my future and me moving! I know it probably has nothing to do with me becoming pregnant again as I am currently single.

    Thanks! 🙂

  • Normaly, giving birth is a very positive dream that comes before a personal leap of growth--as in birthing a new phase of positive enlightenment. But from what you tell me there are some real events as well in your life that are deep under your skin and I feel to survive many past desicions you stoicly pushed aside emotions and personal pain to do in your mind "the right thing". So this move is both past bubbling up AND hidden fears about he future. Your conciese mind welcomes a fresh start but part of you fears a hidden payday from the past---your logical mind knows better but often these thoughts come up anyway in dreams. The twins represent that same possability of good coming with the bad--the fear is in the name alison---or ALL IS SON. At a distance it is easy to keep emotion at a safe level but once you are all together you fear the unknown. This move has opened up ALL past pain that involved some sort of parting---it all gets amplified into one dream--that is why the pain was so intense. You are by nature a no nonsense do what needs to be done--no whining--get it done--move on warrior spirit! BUT you are also HUMAN. What we set aside in our strength does not disapear---it must release and life events are the relief valve. BLESSINGS!!

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