Need a little guidance please..

  • this question is framed to anyone who wants to answer it. a week and a half ago my father died it was suddenly and unexpectedly, since then my life is has been taking somewhat of a tailspin. Not so much sadness (although with any loss that is there) as just a great deal of confusion. I feel immense pressure to provide emotional and financial support to my family. I feel like my life is at a gridlock, in my career, my love life, and now my family. I would like some insight on what steps i should take next. How can i restore hope for the future at this time? what do i need to understand at this time?

  • Here is a reading for you, I'll pick up on your feeling to help you see from a different perspective.

    Your feeling sad and separated

    you are also just going thru the motions

    there is disappointment...but also a feeling like something wasn’t fair

    more feeling of lost a friend

    i feel like you lost something, but also someone did something ...something sneaky

    Don’t doubt who you are, don't question know you are strong and can get things what needs to be done.

    and again a feeling of restlessness...don't just go thru the motions

    also you have to shake the's not helping you to constantly are tying yourself in knots

    there is a guy who is being cruel to you...not helping

    your going to hit a stumble or bumps in the road.... pick yourself up, dust off and take the next will not be easy at first... but every journey starts with a step

    your going to put some focus to family matters and wise....

    It’s ok to feel sad, but don’t let it rule you. Take a little time and think things thru; know you are strong and you can manage…self-doubt and not having a goal then wallow will not get you out of the hole you feel you are in. Going thru the motions only passes time, it doesn’t fix any problems. Fix the things that you can and set goals of what will make you happy again. It’s up to you to make the right choices and you know it’s in you to do it. Look at why you are disappointed, see also who is being sneaky, and take the steps to correct them… it may be tough but you can handle it.

    Hope that helps,


  • thank you tarot nick, you hit on some things that are definitely correct. the circumstances of my fathers death surrounded an addiction we did not realize he still had until he passed, he was leading something of a double life. i am very restless!! that is exactly the word i would use. i feel like i am at a place where i am trying to control things around me and that is not working. thank you for taking the time to answer this, i will start small, come up with small goals, and work on those things that i can realistically address at this time.

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