• Astra how are you? I was wondering if you can give me a reading on whatever you lil up.

  • Hi SagittariusGurl

    I'm fine thanks, hope all is well with you two.

    Okay, lets see what we can see...

    No major cards, and in your case that seems like a clean slate to move forward.

    You had a path with a knight wands back there. WHat happened with that?

    No wands at present so he isn't around any more.

    No wait a minute. he is around you as a 3 wands (companion card to your 9 swords).

    So he/her is still around you. as a 3 growing path with him. SO what you have with him/her is some sort of path purpose intent, role.

    You have a 2 cups immediately ahead, and then a 6 cups and then a string of pentacles 3-10-7 so grow, wow, and reflect. so that sounds like "you know what" to me.

    So, you have something nice developing and it must be with that knight person back there.

    Or, we can talk about work?

    What would you rather hear about?

    A job?

    A career?

    Or something nice in the sack?

    I think if we an get this 2 - 6 cups thing going with him/jher your job concerns will take care of themselves.

    Don't get me wrong, when I say "nice in the sack", I mean like games and things with a friend. Like a potato sack race, 3 legged man race,or play some board games, like spin the tail on the dinkey.

    Oh SagittariusGurl, I am in a goofy mood today. So what you want to talk about?

    The sack?

    or, your career?

    I guess its up to you. Which ever is more important.

    You can't have both. You have to choose.

    Which do you choose?

    Behind Door #1 is love.

    Behind Door #2 is money.

    Which door would you like?

    Blessings, I hope you enjoyed this reading!

    I hope it made some sense! Maybe not.... nice to see you out there, SAIL ON SagittariusGurl, you got it.

    Keep doing whatever it is you do that drives men wild.

    APpERENTLY its working.



  • You have a 3 swords above you right now, a 4 swords below and a 9 swords in the center.

    you must be really thinking about that 3 wand path thing wth that Knight back there. You are thinking a lot on something. You want NOT to think bout it looks like (4S below).

    It is something you have concluded is "this way" and it was settled as far as you were concerned.

    Not. Apparently it is still looming. You are starting to think about it/him/her wandy thing again. as a 3. Then you bounce back and whisper, "but I thought it was over, settled, done".

    Nope. Not really. You want it to be done.... 4 swords below... it ain't. (3 S above + 3W CC).

    Sometthing is about to happen to you in a relationship, something happens and all of a sudden BANG! No more swords, no more wands, only cups cups cups and a nice feather bed (that is another way of saying your material life takes care of itself after your relationship takes off).

    I hope that helps...........

  • Now, when I say bed, I don't mean to infer anything of prurient ala physical nature.

    It is only a symbol of your material life, and your needs there.

    What exactly that is remains to be seen.

    I found this image on morguefile that seemed to have your name on it.

  • I think that knight is my ex boyfriend since his still in the picture because our daughter. Hahaha I got a bit confuse but when you say keep doing whatever it is you do to drives men wild hahah. Lets see lets choose door number 2.

  • Hi SagittariusGurl

    Here's what is behind door number two...

    The Ace of Cups

    The Universe

    The Queen of Cups

    That is one happy SagittariusGurl


  • and the Chariot


    this is happening for you SagittariusGurl!

  • Thank you asta lets see how that goes

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