Need an expert's interpretation of this spread please. Thank you.

  • Appreciate if someone can help me understand this spread that I did for a question. It relates to my career and I am at crucial point in my life where a lot is at stake. I am attaching an image of the spread for you to interpret.

    But, before that, for some context:

    This is to do with my career. I am someone who has over 25 years experience in a particular field and I was very successful. I believe I am very good at what I do. About four years back I resigned and moved to a new country where senior level openings are hard to come by for newcomers to the country. So I started a consultancy of my own in a related area and the last four years have been pretty tiring with not much to show in terms of progress. I have been able to find some consultancy contracts to prove my experience in the new country and using that as an entry ticket and my career history, I am trying to get into a senior level opening but again with not much success. Junior positions are out because they don't want a seasoned guy for junior openings.

    I have been exploring going back to the country that I came from and there is one senior job opening for which I was being seriously considered by the CEO who knows me from before. But for some reason or the other the decision is being delayed and worse, there may be other influencers who may want to look at someone else internally from their global operations. But the jury is out on this. Don't know when or what will be the verdict. My intuition tell me that this is the way but I am also conscious that it may just be 'wishful thinking' on my part...that makes me feel positive about this. This state fo levitation on this potential job has been on for 5 months plus.

    The above question was related to this job: Will I get it?? So ....

    In the meantime I started an online outlet in a niche area, in a small way- baby steps really. Reasonable interest amongst women, who are the target audience, but no funds to really go the whole hog.

    No projects and no job in the horizon and the years have drained all savings. At my wits end. and now am exploring an option in foods- food catering because I am good at a particular style of cuisine. But again, very tentative, tiny steps due to lack of funds. First days...just trying my darnedest to make this happen.

    Job in the new country?

    What will happen finally about the job in the earlier country? [Which was my question for this tarot spread]

    Online business?


    Wife as well has been hunting for a job for two/ three years now, with no positive results.

    Please shed some light.

    Thank you so much for your time. [ My birth details, in case you'd like that as well- 13/02/59, 5.30 a.m.]


  • Hi. I think the image of the spread was too big. Here is a smaller image of the tarot spread. Thank you

  • Hi. One more try on the spread picture.

  • Ok. This is the spread:

    Celtic Spread.

    Higher Order: Three of Coins

    Self: King of Swords.

    Situation: Two of Coins

    Recent Past: King of Rods

    Challenges/ Opportunities: The High Priestess

    Foundation: Ten of Rods

    Near Future: Queen of Coins

    Blocks & Inhibitions: Two Of Swords

    Allies: Ten of Swords

    Advice: Six of Coins

    LOng Term Potential: Knight of Swords.

    Thank you.


  • I'm not an expert but what I am getting is that you will be moving over water (or maybe that's just what you are desiring?) and that your challenge right now is in the waiting and not knowing the whole story/picture. Your three of coins above and six of coins as advice is telling me that you need to reach out to another or others who can help -- this could be the Queen of Coins.

  • Thank you watergirl18. Appreciate your feedback.

    What makes you say that I will be moving over water- presume you mean moving countries?

    I am not conversant with the significance of each card, so unable to fully understand your reading. If you do find the time. appreciate if you can elaborate. Thanks.


  • Certainly. Some of it was meanings of cards and some of it was intuitive...this is what your cards mean to me and I will throw in the intuitive hits as they came in as well:

    Self - King of Swords: this one is pretty self-explanatory given that you are asking about your career and what is the best decision.

    Situation - 2 of Coins: this points to your financial situation and struggling to make ends meet of sorts. Both you and your wife looking for work. This is one of the cards where the water stood out to me.

    Challenges/Opportunities - High Priestess: she can mean a lot of things but what stood out the most was the blue robes which came through as emotions; it just felt like your financial situation may be getting the best of you at certain moments and the challenge is to remain emotionally balanced. She is also about the unknown and information that may be hidden which was an indication of not knowing what is going on with the job you want. You indicated someone being thrown into the mix who may have different plans/ideas than your friend. A woman?

    Foundation - 10 of Wands: also self-explantory given the situation.

    Recent past - King of Wands: a business man and it came through as your attempts at self-employment/consulting. Could also point to your friend who is trying to help you.

    Higher order - I consider this card the "What's Above" or more literally, what's hanging over you - 3 of Coins: This is pointing to recognition for your work or knowledge as well as teamwork. This is one of the cards that came to me as needing to reach out to those who can help you. So, as what is hanging over you it points to your concern for gaining this position you seek.

    Near Future - Queen of Coins: This would normally point to a person which is why I said she might be one of the people who will help you. She is a business minded woman, knows how to balance a budget and get things done.

    Blocks/Inhibitions - 2 of Swords: Another card where the water came through to me. Notice how this person is blind-folded? Your block is not knowing what is going on at the moment. It is a temporary condition, however.

    Allies - I consider this your environment and the people you are involved with - 10 of Swords: This card often points to travel over water. It can also be an indication of overthinking or overanalyzing things.

    Advice - 6 of coins: I saw this as reaching out to someone who can help - there is a business man (your friend?) who is in a position to do so. It is also a reminder to not allow your confidence to falter and believe in yourself.

    Long Term Potential - Knight of Swords: Movement! Travel! And this is very quick moving energy so the restrictions you are currently feeling may lift suddenly.

    The water may just have been because I associate it with travel and that's how my guides got the information of the move to me. Like I said, I'm not an expert so take it all with a grain of salt!

  • Thank you watergirl18- that was so kind of you to explain all of this to me. Hope you continue to enjoy tarot reading and get to be the expert that you sure would like to be.


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