Astra, going crazy over this

  • Hi again Astra!

    I haven´t contacted the boy but he did comment on a status I have on facebook and I talked to two friends about him...One of them thinks I have some kind of feelings for him, I don´t know, I don´t wanna feel something for someone so soon after T.

    Astra where is this leading? Me and him hooked up a few weeks ago, didn´t talk and then he contacted me again and now I don´t know if I ruined things or not.

    I got these questions because I am so used to talking to him everyday and he makes me laugh so much it hurts, but I will let him be for a while and then talk to him as nothing happened, I wanna be friends if nothing else.

    What should I do about T?

    What will happen between me and P?

    What does P want with me? Does he want more than what we talked about?

    How do we proceed?

    Will P and me be more than friends ór just friends?

    The whole settling down thingy, like could P be the one or is T then one?

    I just don´t wanna ruin things with P just because of saturday night...

  • Hi sosweetme

    Hey I looked at several spreads on this for you, and I will give you the short version you can do with it as you will. It looked to me like P was taking the lead over T. I could go through the cards but I am sorta worn out tonight so use your best judgment. I think P would like to settle down with you. Maybe this is a good time for you to pull away from everything and everyone and spend some quiet time by yourself to see what your own heart is really telling you?



  • Hi Astra!

    Me and some friends are going to Stockholm to see bon jovi on friday and will stay the whole weekend, I thought about giving P until sunday to contact me, that´s almost a week of space and ask if he could please burn the third season of game of thrones for me on cd:s and then while I am handing over the cd:s, ask if we can talk and then just say that I hope we can be just friends even though what we did, and start with being just friends, because Astra, I have never laughed so much with someone, I have never been so relaxed with someone, so natural to be with him 😕 It wasn´t like that with T...

    I just hope I haven´t screwed things up with P...

  • Oh hi sosweetme

    Nah I don't think you have messed up anything at all, whatever you did was exactly the right thing so keep doing that, follow your heart, feelings with him. Honesty and sincerity is the best policy and when in doubt more communication is better than not enough.

    SO yeah, tell him that and that sounds like a winner to me.

    I so no reason you can't have your ice cream and eat it too... I mean cake.

    So, do you mind sharing what all you and him did on the forum? Like, what was it like? Nice I bet.

    It should be nice between friends.



    deb, peg, sue, bebop, pumpkin and sylvester

  • Hi again!

    Well it has been two Days now and he has been ignoring me the whole time 😕 It was, special, he was sweet and was only my second time so, I don´t know...

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