Astra would I be able to get a love reading

  • Hi astra it seems like I will never friend someone for myself that I can relate to and fall in love with. Is there a man out there for me that I will feel comfortable with and I will fall in love with? My birth date is 3/13/88.

  • Hi dfrance,

    I looked at these cards for you, and I thought they looked so encouraging for something really soon to turn around in your love life. The Wheel of Fortune, and in this it shows a new love right in the middle.

    Death at center, and 7 of cups. Crying, longing for what you know is true and beautiful love. Dreaming, dreaming of this companion.

    Past, something about communications, some dialogue that is significant for you.

    Presently the card above you, the Queen of Pentacles, and that is where my little angel landed. So something there, a beautiful hope. A love.

    THat is real.

    Below is the 3 of cups, a beautiful feeling that began somewhere in your life, has grown to become something deeply important, Unaware, your life charts steps that take you there.

    This explains some of the unsettledness sometimes. I think it is like we are being guided by deeper or instinctive forces that sometimes seem to carry us to trust. And that journey goes on maybe.

    The death card at center is also a role card to me. A sign of really really wanting to start a new life role, letting the past develop into something brighter too, and embracing what is lovely ahead.

    So, I do believe you will soon meet someone, or something really turns around for you in love. There is that message back there, I wonder that you have found love, and are simply waiting for the wheel to turn. TO you.

    Ahead, the Page of Pentacles. What the page of dialogue was "back there" matches to a new dialogue that is nice and real. All of the cards up the right side say "real" to me, so your wish for a real love is granted.

    Were it up to me! I wish I had a love wand to hold out to everyone and just make love happen.

    The Star card as an outer influence. You have help from out there dfrance. You are loved greatly and all is moving along as they should. So, your desires for relationship are heard. So a little further not much and then

    9 of Pentacles. Your wish. This is that perfect setting where all is in place. Love is real here, everything is real. Dependable. Secure, trusting, both ways. You and your companion have the most incredible of relationships.

    The outcome is equally lovely. The 6 sharing of Earth, physical, this is so real it is transcendent. Love, beautiful, these last 2 cards all add up to 15 and that reduces to 6 so that characterizes the relationship 6 sharing which is a very kind, tender card of sharing, flow, giving and receiving, reallty nice for relationships.

    So. Something soon a turn in an area connected to Death (the tears change from sorrow to joy) and the 3 and 7 cups... those are beautiful love cards. Death is a beautiful love card too especially when you and someone who means all the world to you have experienced something together than was shared in pain. Then you reap in joy.

    I can look at your astrology chart too... maybe later today.

    How does that all sound dfrance?

    (Also below is your lucki 333 love talisman from this reading. Print it out. hold it over your heart and say hugga-bugga. That should get the job done!)

    Hey, it can't hurt. I would do it. Say it every day. Hugga-bugga. Maybe that is the magickal love conjurer. I would try anything.

    Walk past roses in the grocery store... close your eyes and kiss.

    L:ove knows no time or distance. This love we are talking about is so nice that you will know you have always been together. and always will be. So that is someting to smile about.

    Okay, blessings dfrance!


  • Hi astra thank you will I eventually get married and have kids?

  • I can only share what the cards seem to suggest. You are certainly stepping into a turn of love, and then there are so many pentacles, that is all earth which covers all things like that, marriage, children. So let's just say the field is very very fertile for you to experience that. That would tend to say YES to me. I wish that for you so much.

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