May I please have a tarot (love) reading?

  • There is a guy who I knew of since beginning of this last year of school but due to being so busy we only recently started talking when the year was over. I became so attracted to him/drawn to him right away and it hasn't stopped. I was wondering if I could have a tarot reading about this/or love in general.

    Thank you so much!

  • Astra? If you have time?

  • Seven of Pentacles - Rest after hard work. Reaping some rewards for effort. If there has been a struggle of some sort as you said you both were busy. This relationship could take another level a more positive one. If you feel there is nothing for you both then this card expresses that either direction would bring positive change to you.

    Three of Pentacles - As you both been busy. Try not placing so much time and energy on work or outside things and for this relationship to work you need to put more focus on the two of you and what direction you are heading. Do not allow what you have to suffer.

    Ten of Swords - Separation. (Im not sure where you stand with him right now) Could mean separation mentally or physically. Endings in some cases. You could have ended this relationship by now or ended old ways and habits to improve this relationship or yourself.

    Last card I pulled ... The Lovers - Which most times means choice. Choosing a path that is honorable to yourself and in best in the long run. Of course this card also means a positive union. You could be choosing to build with this person or a new person.

    Please let me know if I helped you in anyway. 🙂

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