Astra, some answers please

  • Hi again Astra!

    I sent the boy a message, we can call him P, asking what he thought of our night together and that it was his decision to continue it or not, he´s read the message but hasn´t responded to me

    What does he think/feel? Does he want more than what he said or did I somehow destroy it by asking?


  • Hey sosweetme

    I read your other thread, and so you have something going with this P? How exciting!

    I am looking at cards for you, and to answer your question, I don't think you have to message him any more (Strength at center with the 2 of Cups). Maybe chill and give him time to consider... patience...

    The Ace of Wands... a shared path led to the present moment (it). Fun/play above (remembering how nice), and the Queen pentacles below, you are a very physically earthy person.

    It looks like you two will be communicating and making a very nice choice together soon (Ace Swords), and there will be talk about foundations together (4 pentacles, the universe is behind you two to build something dependable, a family perhaps?), and the Empress nurturing, your hope, and the OUTCOME is blending. That is VERY nice! So you and him have a nice thing going sosweetme! Lots of nice cards...

    So I would let it rest, and let him "remember"... you will be hearing from him again there is something you two will talk about it, it will be nice, happy an exciting choice. Maybe he is someone you can settle down with? A family? 2 of cups is a nice sign. And blending... and empress... Empresses are usually pregnant, so make sure you are prepared for that with him. You two should be talking that through. If you are doing 'it' and you are young, you proabably want to settle down. "Play" above, so you two are very compatible in that "area".

    We have all the makings here for a nice committed relationship!

    Yeah, the love word call it something else. Nice feelings maybe. I agree, that word gets thrown around a lot, who knows what it means. I know what nice feelings mean.

    This is only my opinion based on looking at cards sosweetme, so follow your own judgment. Listen to your angels. Communicate and be open with P. Make sure you agree on important areas... as long as you can agree in life, you can go anywhere.

    Blessings, i hope that helps! 🙂


  • "What does he think/feel? Does he want more than what he said or did I somehow destroy it by asking?"

    For now all I can tell you is STRENGTH + 2 Cups. Which to me means patience and not do much other than think nice thoughts his way.

    Does he want more?

    That would be an excellent question to ask him the next time you see him.

    Bring a Gerber's baby food jar with you (green peas)...

    sosweetme: Hey, P... so, I was wondering about us...

    P: What is up with the baby food jar, sosweetme?

    sosweetme: Oh, that? I don't know... what does it remind you of, P?

    P: Babies?

    sosweetme: That is a good guess... what do you think about that?

    P: A baby? You want to start a family or something?

    sosweetme: See? you are thinking the same thing as me!

    P: What?

  • Hi Astra!

    I did send a message saying what I wanted and asking what he wanted, he said he didn´t know yet and was to tired right then, so I said Ok let me know when you decided, so I won´t contact him again..We did talk alot about it before we took the step...

    Maybe it was just a one time thing? We both said we didn´t want a relationship so..I don´t know astra, time will tell 🙂

    I just hope it wasn´t just a one time thing..

    Thanks again 🙂

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