Astra, may I have a followup reading...

  • Astra,

    Hi, i was wondering if you could give me a reading? I saw this man Mike ( jul 1, 1966) again last night. We were at the same event that i was on the committe for. He pretended not to know me an i didnt say high but we saw each other he was with his not so attractive wife. Can you tell me what his feelings and thought were towards me after seeing me?

  • Hi doeyeyedpisces,

    What his thoughts and feelings are toward you..

    Well, I am looking at some cards and they seem to say something like

    King cups in the past event (Mike I guess)

    led to present 4W / 8C + 2P / 5W = foundation path thinking over door love feelings+physical move over change path subconscious. I think he would like to move in your direction somehow.

    Judgment (up energy) ahead, so that is saying the same thing, movement, upwards, with you.

    Magician > 10C > 9W > 3W

    Magician = house.

    10C = end/begin in love

    9W = fulfilled path

    3W = growing path

    So those are the cards, you want my opinion of his thoughts and feelings?

    I think he wants to leave his present situation and get some magic going with you. 10 C shows encouragement to finish one area of emotions and begin a new one. I think the guy is crazy about you and there are a lot of wands, so a path with you seems to be important.

    Ends on a 3W, that is grow path stuff... so, that sounds your path and his is developing.

    You will be with him again very soon the atmosphere will be more light, magic, entertainment, fun. So somehow you and him are going to be thrown together by the Magician. That has 10 cups over it so that is pretty exciting. then a bunch of wands, that means there is a story here with you two trying to develop.

    I think it is a restaurant or eatery something or other (Judgment, shin, tooth > Magician, beth, house). So maybe you two "see" each other again soon and it is a restaurant. And then he can't "pretend" the next time haha...

    hope that helps!

    Yours for nice feelings,


  • Thank you!

  • Hi Astra,

    I hope everything is well with you. I was wondering if you can give me an updated reading on the same situation. It has been almost 3 months and I haven't seen him.

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  • Hi doeyeyedpisces,

    Sri I missed your posts, I have not been able to be here as much lately.

    I will simply draw some cards for you, and see what seems to be going on here.

    The Sun and the World

    3 of Wands above

    Magician below - ic

    Page of Wands past

    6 of Swords ahead

    7 - 5 of Wands

    8 - Blending - ic

    9 - The Hermit

    10 - 10 of Cups

    These are mostly favorable cards to me. The Hermit as a "hope" seems to be something that is causing him to react to conditions, and that makes him reclusive I think. I think he has a deep desire for blended relationship. however that is something he seems to be projecting.

    The 5 of Wands shows path changes for him.

    page of Wands past, I think that was some communications between you and him?

    He must think the world of you, the sun and the world that is like perfect to me.

    I think he is thinking a lot about his own personal path in life right now, and so he may pull away until he sorts through that.

    The 6 of Swords ahead, however... that is really nice. That is 6 lands of love if you ask me. The most romantic card in this tarot to me is this card, it says, "I wish I could sail away with you..."

    So I think something will happen soon doeyeyedpisces, as there is just way too much beautiful love energies here. And some soul searching on path/// so I think things are right where they should be. I would be expectant of something to develop, I will be wishing nice things for you here.

    Love, astra

  • Thank you for taking the time Astra~

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