His Name everywhere/symbol

  • Dear all,

    I keep seeing the guys name that I have feelings for everywhere. Internet, articles ive read, Tv, books, I even passed a shop once and when I looked in the window there was a birthday card staring right back at me with his name on it. I see his surname too or his initials. Just yesterday i was watching a TV show and there was a guy on screen and I just said I bet his name is J**** low and behold 15 mins later the mans name was revealed as J****. I am taking these incidents as signs that him and I are connected and meant to be together. We work together and often times I can sense his presence on the corridor and when I go out the door of my office there he will be.

    Has anyone had similar experiences?

    Tissy 86

  • You may be setting yourself up for disappointment or wasting your time. You see these signs because you are wanting to, you attract them to you as 'confirmation' of a connection. But it isn't necessarily so - just that you want it to be. It is an example of the Law of Attraction. When you focus on wanting something (in this case a 'sign' that you are meant to be together), it comes to you. You are creating what you want to see. If this man wanted to be with you, surely he would make some sort of move or ask you out.

  • Tissy86, I was wondering if you or him were Libra or Gemini. I'm seeing duality/2 sides/partnership. Also the color pink. Someone is spiritual prob religious. I'm not sure who this is pointing to. Perhaps someone passed who was significantly spiritual. Can you relate to this. Perhaps he can.

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