'Scorpios'....are we going through a transitional time

  • Hi All,

    Wow!!! maybe its just me but seriously this last year has been a rollercoaster of emotion, change, stress, all areas of my life seem to be out of my control?

    is this a scorpio thing at the moment, i really want to hear from other scorpios if you have been through alot recently.

    love............well fell in love with....wait for it, lol 'a virgo' full on one moment, next disappeared, strangely he is a good friend and there for me but ultra judgemental of me seeing other men, only after he cheated on me with his ex.. then i find another virgo, again disappearing act, cant work them out

    in oter areas of my life its been hell since early march, moved in with a so called friend, her boyfriend is abusive, iv been bullied, threatened all sorts im now with very little work, seriously depressed, trying to be strong, no family or much friends over here, seem to keep finding nasty people and im fed up with it, im usually bubbly, friendly and fun i feel lately no desire to try because it just all ends up down shit creek..

    please fellow scorpios if you are going through tough times..? share?

    thanx xx

  • Wow! Is the word cause in very very similar situation myself and also with a virgo man he swears his not cheating and that he's tired of being accused but I know he is lying. My emotions r out of control and I'm same way I seem to shut down and not want to do anything. Me and this virgo r sopposed to be working things out but he has tatelly pushed me away so that doesn't make things easy for me specially since we work together and the women I believe he cheating on me with work with us also a Leo

  • Hey,

    Not exactly as both of you but I have been undergoing changes. More on the positive note than negative. From January started reinventing myself, picked up old passions...following through on them. Some of them are giving me unexpected satisfaction creatively. On the love department I am hooked on a Libra...obstacles are there but not involved with him on that level that I can say we are in a relationship. Family ties has been strained but all of this started since last year for me. So this year is more like a clearing up of things. I think the transition is different for everyone. And I must say what you project is what you draw to yourself in return. So if your thinking is negatively influenced that is what you are going to attract.

    So in my opinion Stinger...the moving in with the so called friend isn't doing your "karma" any good reading what she is been through etc. Understand what I mean?

    As for the dissapearing acts from men. It's not sign related. Astrological there is a great deal going on that men/ women that are dissapearing on each other. We just had a Retrograde, a Lunar eclipse and we are having another one aroudn July 12th. And if the person is cheating...either let go or sort things out. And work on yourself at all time. Love you and then others.

  • Roller coaster is not the word for it! I'm ashamed to say it, but I made my own problems. I'm married & met a guy I went to high school with for lunch Feb 2009 through Facebook (he's a Cancer). Well, sparks flew & the next thing you know we're in a full blown affair. It was a very exciting summer until his wife found out about it in Sept. He said we needed to sever our relationship. I was in such shock, I couldn't breathe. We WERE planning on leaving our spouses so we could be together (old story, I know...). I was totally prepared to leave my husband until he dropped the bomb. He wanted to remain friends (mistake) & we didn't see each other for several weeks (we used to have lunch together almost every day). We started seeing each other again once a week. He still says he loves me like no other, we're 'soul mates', blah, blah, blah. I know I need to have no contact with him, but I just can't seem to do that. Oh! His wife found my phone number & called my house 2 weeks ago asking me all sorts of questions (she found a text from me on his cell) and told me THEY are working on their marriage & suggests I do the same. I almost passed out! My husband was standing right in front of me asking who it was.

    Word to the wise, don't EVER have an affair. It only brings heartache beyong belief! I am not proud of what I have done...

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