New marriage

  • My husband and I were recently married on april27 his birthday is 11-03-1965 mine is 09-23-1967. Could someone please give me insight into our future!! Much thanks for all your help!!

  • As far as it goes, the two of you make very good friends. Perhaps this is not ideal for marriage, but you can try hard to make it work by bringing your energies into balance. You two can enjoy a variety of social activities together, often complementing each other and filling in the gaps. Of particular note is your sense of humour which is often boisterous. The satire and parody exhibited here is not solely directed at other people however. The two of you have the ability to laugh at yourselves and it is a good indicator of compatibility.

    You do seem diametrically opposite in orientation however - you Dmp are more concerned with social matters and externals while your partner tends to focus more on personal issues and his complex inner life. Yet his extroverted side comes out here, especially if the two of you are good friends as well as spouses. Letting loose and being able to indulge in theatrical displays without the risk of disapproval can be a liberating experience for your husband. Furthermore, the deep concentration of which he is capable is an excellent tool for directing your attention to the matters at hand. But your partner can often be a little too intense for you to handle. His moods can get oppressive, leaving you feeling helpless and overwhelmed. You may admire his energy but find it hard to keep up with him. Since you like to keep it light, you may back away when you get your first glimpse of the deep dark levels to which your partner can descend. If you centre your marriage around lots of social interaction, it can thrive because getting out and about with other people will help to brighten the darker side of your relationship. Honest communication is also essential. Make sure you keep your husband happy by helping him indulge his adventurous side. He for his part should be the supportive harmonious loving partner you want.

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