Image/ what's it's symbolism

  • Been seeing the image of a cat (different forms.) This is new to me and wondering what interpretations anyone has for this. One image pertains to someone I know and appeared as a panther ready to attack. The other was a kitten.

  • Daliolite, i do not know much about symbolism, i can only tell you about my personal experience with a cat image. i remember a dream i had some time ago, in the dream i saw a huge cat , the size of a human being, ready to attack me from behind. The dream resulted in a very difficult period in my life when i knew i was being the aim of nasty gossip. Maybe it wasn't so much the cat itself that was meaningful but rather the situation (attacking from behind)... or maybe it was... 🙂

    Another time i had a psychic reading done in which an image of a cat appeared and i was being told it stood for intuition.

    Hope that it helped at least a bit. 🙂

    Have a good day Daliolite 🙂

  • Moonalisa, Yes, I think that's what this symbol is referring to--gossip (being attacked.) I remembered that a co-worker wanted to know if I saw a kitten that had passed recently and I forgot about it. So, the kitten is hers i believe.

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