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  • the last few months I have been seeing more and more things and with them I get feelings......dark figure in my house that makes me uneasy and than last night at bf I say white figure that made me feel out of place almost they don't speak and they have no definition either.....are these spirits and how do I develop this

  • Since this is in the Tarot section, did you want a tarot reader to pull some cards for you?

  • yes captain would like that very much

  • Then I hope some tarot readers see this post.

  • captain quick question I am having long ago of abuse done to me could it be trick of the mind of the large male figure, I guess I am asking instead of it being psychic or seeing a spirit could it be bc of the memories coming back? someone said something about my night terrors being a succubus do you or can direct me to someone that can help me with this

  • much would be appreciated

  • Your night terrors are almost certainly caused by unresolved abuse issues.

  • my friend tried saying it was a succubus

  • changes5,

    here is a reading, I’ll pick up on your feeling to help you see from a different perspective.

    there is something that you want, but you need to rely on someone else for... it's not coming easy.

    your not trusting yourself, and seem a little afraid

    your restless and scared

    looks like money will come your way...thru the use of your skill

    recently you haven't been able to juggle more than one thing

    your worried about what you can’t see, but look deep down and you will find yourself

    you will have a choice to make...feels like your attracted to someone

    money pops up...something with family

    with affairs of the heart, seems you had some struggle but you will be able to overcome it

    and you will find you are ok with will enjoy you being you

    once you do that new things will be possible

    ok you need to figure out why your scared and what is bothering you; trust yourself you know it is in you to do what you need. You will find that and be happier…but you have to look for it and trust it.

    Hope that helps,


  • tarot-nick first pops in my mind is man I meet a year ago we get along very well and for the first time in my life I actually feel as if I trust him with my life and my children and I also feel love towards him. I have been exposed to a lot of abuse so I have a unusual sense love and so on and he is showing me what I call the 'unknown' I am me with him and he reads me well and non judgmental of my past and tries protects me but my stubbornness and independence get in the way......maybe that is one part

    other is chaos in my life since I have moved has settled down and I am not sure what do with myself without the constant belittling and fighting and tension

    money would help greatly being a single mom my kids come first but love to provide stability for them as well as myself

    I greatly appreciate you response ❤ people that are helping others through struggles when they are wearing rose tinted glasses

  • Changes5, your greatest challenge is learning to look before you leap. Your best way forward is to understand that calculated, not impulsive, risk-taking is the key to success. You need to weigh up the pros and cons before you jump in to anything - relationships, work, having children, or whatever. You are blessed with great charm, and your outgoing personality tends to attract those in need of guidance. You are a natural leader and are at your happiest when guiding or controlling individuals or a group in a well-thought-out project. But you can have problems saying “no” and may sometimes take on more than you can cope with.

    In love, you need to make sure that you recognize when your affectionate and nurturing nature is starting to become too controlling or dictatorial. Friendly, sociable and always with something interesting to say, you rarely lack admirers but tend to be drawn to unconventional, intelligent individuals. Although passionate, you do not fall in love easily; if a relationship is going nowhere, you will usually be quick to recognize it and leave.

    You are extremely intelligent and it is important for you to keep your brain active. If you don’t, you are likely to become despondent and forgetful. As well as mental activity, it is equally important for you to stay physically active as your love of delegation may mean that you spend a lot of time sitting rather than doing. Regular exercise is therefore essential; running, swimming and all kinds of aerobic activity are highly recommended. As far as diet is concerned, you need to avoid fad diets as you could be prone to weight problems, hormone imbalances and eating disorders which can all be triggered or made worse by erratic eating habits. Lavender essential oil will be an uplifting aroma for you when you are dealing with stress; wearing, meditating on and surrounding yourself with the color blue will encourage you to be more calm and logical in your response to situations and others.

    You have the potential to achieve success in a variety of careers but will often be drawn to the arts, music, writing, or the media. Other work choices that might appeal include people planning, sales, public relations, promotions, advertising, statistics, research, education, social reform, or psychology.

    Until the age of thirty-one, you will often feel a need to be popular and admired. You will stand a better chance of winning friends and allies however if you don’t overpower others with your opinions. After the age of thirty-two, you will reach a turning point when your sense of personal power will increase and opportunities will be presented to you to become more self-reliant. During these later years, nothing will be more important for you than your ability to learn the art of caution and patience.

    Although you should never lose your energetic and passionate spirit, your chances of happiness and fulfillment will increase once you have learned that the best way you can make your innovative and significant contribution to the world is to advise, organize and inspire not just others but yourself too. Your lifepath is to learn to take a step back and weigh up the pros and cons before you make a decision. Once you have learned to take calculated risks, your destiny is to lead others to new situations and areas of interest.

    Power Thought - “As long as I learn from my setbacks, I cannot fail.”

  • Captain I found out today that I am expecting mixed feelings for sure but I just want to say thank you for your advice and I am looking into accrediated social work or some communication pr or teaching advocate programs hoping all works out and I am hoping little girl this time and this will be the last

  • not pregnant

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