Astra, can I trust him? Please help

  • Hi Astra!

    I need help, I don´t know if I can trust Kim E and what he tells me, it seems like he has a underlying purpouse with the things he say´s and I can´t go around ask people about it without drama, I don´t know why he is saying the things he is but I have my suspicions, will you please help?


  • Hi rocks,

    We can look at some cards to answer your question " why he is saying the things he is"?

    1. Center : 5 of Swords

    2. Companion to center : Hanged Man

    3. Above : Knight of Swords

    4. Below : The Sun

    5. Left : 8 of Pentacles

    6. Right : 2 of Swords

    7. Environment : King of Swords

    8. Outer influences : The Chariot

    9. Hopes and Dreams : Ace of Cups

    10. Outcome : Four of Cups

    I think he really has a thing for you! He is dreaming of Ace Cups with you, and he sees that leading to something solid in love/relationship or emotional with you (4 cups)

    Past shows a very organized physical pattern, leading to and end of pentacles. So he had something going back there that was good for him physically (it was working out) and that must have ended, landing him in swords mostly, with you. And with a memory of the nice thing back there (*Sun).

    He is in process of changing his mind about something, and is reflective on the situation with you. He could be dreaming of you, imagining something nice. He seems to want to get you to agree with him on something, and that is something WITH him king of swords environment)

    The Chariot is urging this along, so he could be a little pushy about it?

    My guess (trying to be the detective here!) is that he had a relationship that was physically close, and that went bye bye and he would like to experience something with you like that. He would love to talk to you about it! (knight of swords) and then once you agree, it is off to love land it appears.

    Does that make any sense? Maybe you know more about the background here.

    I hope that helps you Rocks. Good for you for taking things a step at a time and using your head as well as your heart.

    blessings, astra

  • Hi astra!

    I knew it, this guy is a friend of mine and T´s cousin or something like that, I still have feelings for T and not for this guy...I would never go with this guy...

    Thanks though Astra it all makes sense now, it´s almost like he is trying to make me go with him instead of T and he knows exactly what buttons to push, he say´s that T has said mean things about me ect and talks about what a great guy he is instead and bla bla bla...sorry but I am so tired of being manipulated by people..

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