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  • Dearest LibraLuli, thank you for your kind words! I have just finished Cylll's reading and I will do yours in the next hours. Wait for it in about four or five hours.

  • dear mooncard,

    firstly, thank you so much. this was the most detailed reading i received from anyone, ever. and you were right about everything you said.

    yes, i have been with such a man like knight of pentacles in my past, and i have turned down such men that i was attracted to, because of their indecisiveness and timidness. even though i liked them, i didn't want to be with them because they were not forward enough, waited for me to "make the first move" like we were kids, and turned the whole thing into an ego fight, if it makes sense. so, yeah, you are so right about this. it is probably because of this i'm not with someone right now. i don't regret my decisions, though, because eventually i ended up not liking them very much because of those very reasons.

    the ten of cups is unfortunate, made me a bit sad but also rings very true. yes, i'm going through some personal troubles, mostly about job & finance related. i've opened up a small business, i don't know what the future holds for that but it doesn't look very promising right now, though it's just been a few months so it's very new. so yeah.. you're right again 🙂 i hope i can get rid of those and make a clean break as you said.

    i'm in need of some luck so i hope you're right about the wheel of fortune. i'll let you know.

    about the other reading (thank you so much for that one, btw, you didn't have to, i'm very grateful!).. yes, i'm picky with men. i don't meet many new people, so that's also a problem but i'm not easily attracted to someone, either. it's a black and white situation for me mostly: if i'm not attracted to someone the first time i meet them, then i can't bring myself to be attracted to them in the future. so in that regard, men might see me as cold, unreachable, etc. i don't know what to do to overcome this or if i should, because if there's no spark, i don't know if i should force it, you know? i don't think that i'm too emotional but i'm a romantic as you probably can tell.. but i don't think men see me as such.

    i've never thought i'd get page of swords as the sort of man i need but your interpretation also sounds right. i'd like to be with someone who knows what they want and decisive (since i've only met timid ones!) and not afraid to express himself. so yeah, you're right. you're right about everything you said. thank you so much! this has been of huge help and solidified everything i've already been thinking about my approach to relationships and men in my past. i only hope i won't have to wait to meet someone much longer, because it's getting depressing 🙂

    thanks again!

  • My dearest cylll,

    Thank you very much for your words! You are most kind! It was a thrilling experience for me reading for you and I want to thank you for that. And thank you for the feedback and for the time you dedicated to write it too.

    Now, about what you said me; I want to tell you a story. It has nothing to do with your reading, but I think that in its essence is want the cards wanted to tell. I will speak as a man and by the man perspective, so you may say that this situation in no way suits you and that I cannot understand women. If so, consider it as simply a story told by you in a bar by a drunken friend of yours that, though it doesn’t relate to your situation, was entertaining.

    Once (not very long ago) I think I was as picky as you are (and I still am now that I think of it again). I had in my mind a model of a woman and I believed that only when I find that woman I would really feel something (and I was right). I don’t mean “the one”; Just “the proper one”, if it makes any sense. I will not describe that model woman of my dreams (ok, that was melodramatic), but I tell you that she wasn’t the farfetched non-existed angel-like person that only exists in man’s mind. I don’t know if I make any sense.

    Yes, some girls (not a lot, to be honest) approached me but there was no spark. I could not pretend there was a spark because there wasn’t. It would be indecent for me and painful for them if I pretended. I was in desperation much like the way you are now. But I was patient. And then I met a girl who was somewhat different. Not the right way; not what I wanted; just different. There was no spark of course and I didn’t pretend there was. I just was interested for her as a person, I wanted to know her. So I got out with her. Nothing romantic, we both clarified this to each other in advance. The first time it was ok. We talked casually; I walked her home. That’s all. The second time I almost didn’t recognize her. She was different; but this time the right way. She was what I wanted. She was wonderful. That night we talked and talked for hours on end. We met at ten pm and I walked her home at half past seven am; and we both were working that day. We didn’t even know how the hours have past. We just talked about everything. Some days later she told me that only the second time we got out she could really express herself because the first time she doesn’t really knew me. And I tell you she were the most decisive and straightforward person I have ever known. (Later she performed surgery on me, without anesthetic, removed my internal organs and played golf with my kidneys and tennis with my balls, but this is a completely different story).

    What I want to tell you is that you don’t know who a person really is until you give him the chance to show it to you. You are in search of a decisive man, but a man could be decisive even if he doesn’t show it immediately. You said: “I don't know what to do to overcome this or if I should” well, you shouldn’t. You really shouldn’t push yourself to be attracted to someone that was not attractive when you first met him. I am only merely suggesting that you might feel attracted to him if you give him a change; a chance for him to show you his really self. My story didn’t end well, but there was a totally different reason for that. It could have ended much much better. The connection between us was strong until the end; until the very end, actually. But as I said that is a different story.

    That’s all. If the story doesn’t mean anything to you, just delete it from your memory. I was feeling somewhat odd that you people were the only on sharing while I was keeping everything to myself. Well, problem solved.

    I don’t think that I will do another reading today (I understand that with the most of you share different continents, so let me tell you it is quite late at night here). I really beg your pardon LibraLuli. I preferred to write this rather than doing your reading, forgive me. But I promise you that I will do your reading first thing tomorrow.

    Peace be with you,


  • Thank you Moon....your story above really struck a cord with me and the relationship I am in right now. I look forward to you reading for me.

    Good night to you!


  • Sorry for the mistakes. I wrote it in a matter of minutes and I didn't check it.

  • dear mooncard,

    thank you so much for sharing that story. it was very sweet of you. and i agree with you about giving people a chance and not deciding on first impressions. i'll try to be more open minded in the future and see where it takes me.

    and sorry to hear about your heartbreak. hope all is well now.

    thanks so much again for the reading and everything you wrote. you are very kind.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Dear Mooncard, I had posted on another thread but the reader seems to have gone on a hiatus (easy to see why as it looks like the requests can quickly get overwhelming). I've enjoyed reading your responses to others so I was hoping, if you get a minute, that you might share a reading on my situation as well. Here is what I posted there:

    I'd so appreciate a reading on a relationship that has been a bit rocky in the past few months. Is there a hope for us or are we headed to an ending? We seem to keep working through things, but not sure his heart is really in it as much as mine. Thanks so much for your help - when you get time. Btw, I am familiar with the Rider-Waite deck, so if it helps you don't have to define the nature of every card, just your interpretation if that is helpful.

    Thanks Mooncard 🙂

  • Hi Mooncard,

    No worries, I would wait for it until you''re all done with your reading request or on your next round.

    Thank you,


  • Hi Mooncard,

    Thanks for your response from a male perspective what would you advise in my handling of this situation? You are correct that him pulling back at times may make me miss him a little :-). But it is also frustrating me as well and this frustration often leads to distance creeping in and I find that each time this happens I can't help but pull back even more resulting in us moving backwards and me putting up walls when we do make contact again.

    Your reading has helped provide some insight, wish I have telepathic powers to read his mind 🙂 it certainly would make things easier 🙂

    Warmest regards,


  • Hi Mooncard

    I have the same problem as you, english is not my mother language, lol, but you are doing fine I think I speak for everyone on this site when I say that we can understand what you wrote.

    My question is about a love situation that a least for me didnt had the closure I wanted, he contacted me a year ago, but we moved on with our lives, he got married and im with someone too, but the thing is, recently he doesnt leave my thoughts and I keep wanting this closure, will I have it? Do I still cross his mind? We dont talk or see each other at all, his so far away from me.

    Thank you

  • Mooncard,

    if you are still doing readings I would love perspective on my legal issues? How will this play out and will the outcome be positive? Also what about my love life? There is someone from my past who I am still in love with. We don't speak and he part of the legal issues I am having. I haven't followed through with them and feel my outcome will not be good.

  • Hi Mooncard could you do a reading about money, finances and career or job thank you

  • Hi Mooncard! I see that you are very busy with reading requests. My question is about my career. Things seemed to be going in the right direction, then everything derailed. Now I'm not sure which direction to go in. I want to pursue something in theatre or broadcasting. It's more practical for me to study broadcasting, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to find a job when I'm done. I had an issue at the school where I was studying theatre and had to transfer somewhere else. My concern is that without a college degree in theatre, I won't have the skills I need to pursue this.

  • My friends,

    I am sorry I didn’t answer any of you tomorrow. I had some problems with my computer. I give it to a technician to repair it so I didn’t have a computer. I got it back just now, so I will start LibraLuli’s reading right now. You will have it in a quarter or so…

  • My dearest LibraLuli,

    I’m glad my story moved you and thank you for your nice words. Well, I decided to offer you a reading only for your emotional issues. I am sorry for that, but I really prefer doing love reading; I think I’m better at them.

    Well, about the past of your relationship. I think that your boyfriend was a in some way oppressing you. The card referring to the past is the reversed Emperor. I think that’s him. His was kind of bossy; he wanted to have control over you. Now, maybe you didn’t understood that at the beginning, but as time went by it became clearer and clearer. The other explanation that card may bare is that the others oppressed you; that you, as a couple, were always thinking about what the society had to say about your relationship. Whatever from that is true, it is absolutely sure that the first period of the relationship was stigmatized by some kind of oppression.

    And now your past experiences of you two in the relationship. I think that it was quite happy for both of you in the past. His card is the ace of clubs and yours is the reversed ten of cups. Don’t be frightened by the fact that it is reversed. That means that, while it was happy, you felt that something was missing, that something was not quite right. Or it may refer to some family problems you had concerning the relationship. Either way it was quite happy for you; not completely, but you were ok with that. His card is the ace of clubs. That primarily means enthusiasm for creation. It may also refer to sexual desire from the man’s side. So I think that in the past the relationship was very exciting and strong.

    In the future I think that your relationship is going through a difficult faze. Your card is that of the nine of Pentacles. This card usually refers to economical problems. So maybe your business troubles you told me you have keeps you from offering him the amount of time you would wish to offer him. Or it may refer that to the fact that you feel that what you value most in the relationship is vanishing. You lose the sense of security you had. The things that made you feel secure are vanishing. His experience; The Sun! That was particular curious and I didn’t expect it. It means that he feels very happy in your relationship. Sunshine! Not even a cloud. You told me that he was the one telling you that he wasn’t sure about his feelings towards you. Are you sure that he didn’t tell you that in order to make you care more for him? He may feel neglected, or all that is a power game to make him sure that he is the man. Or it may mean that your issue was resolved the days between my reading and your last post. Please give me feedback to explain better that card. Now the present of the relationship is reflected in the card of two of clubs. Yes your relationship is going through a tough time. There is a feeling that you cannot work as a team; you don’t know what you should do next.

    Your card for the future experiences in the relationship is that of the Ten reversed. You feel that your problems overcome you. Usually that card refers to problems related to work. Maybe work issues will keep you troubled. Or perhaps the problems expressed by the card will be relationship problems that you cannot bear any more. But it is a good card. It is a card that could lead to catharsis. His experience; Strength reversed. He cannot give to the relationship what he used to. He is lets his instincts drift him away. He cannot control himself any more. The card referring to where the relationship is headed to is the seven of pentacles. This is the card of evaluation. There will be (or maybe there is already) a phase of evaluation. You two will really think about what is good and what is bad. You will talk about it. And the outcome; the reversed six of pentacles. You could not share your emotions anymore; that someone is going to feel that the other is not able or willing to give what he/she should be. That may mean the end, but I don’t think so. I think that you will be able to decide if that relationship is going to last. But you will need work. I think a lot of it.

    That’s all! Please, please give me feedback in order to understand the meaning of the cards better.

    Peace be with you,


  • My dearest Pisces1803,

    Well, from the man perspective I will tell you what I would want you to do if I were in your acquaintance’s place. I would want you to tell me exactly what you feel about my behavior. I think that honesty is always the answer. I would want you to tell me what I really mean to you, what a good friend of yours I am. And I would really appreciate a question from you about what I think about you and our relationship (again I don’t mean romantic relationship). I think that the main problem men have with women is that they not always understand what you mean by your behavior we usually need a more forward way. That doesn’t mean that we are stupid or unemotional; we are just slightly different and we communicate with slightly different ways than you do. I think that this understanding is the key to any successful relationship. And we both women and man have to understand it.

    Peace be with you,


  • SmilerE, you are next! Await my reading in a few hours.

  • Thank you 🙂

  • My dearest SmilerE,

    For you I did my favorite spread. It is a spread about searching for love. It consists of six parts.

    First of all, why are you alone that period of time? Which are the psychological and external reasons for your loneliness that period? The card I drew is Temperance. Temperance is all about combining different forces; trying to achieve a balance in your life. I think that the card wants to tell you that you are alone because you are concerned with different matters that period of time which had to do with a different aspect of your life. You are trying to give your life a new form. That may mean some big changes which demand your full attention. In that card (as with all the other cards in your reading) I get the sense that this period you are trying to put your life in an order. That keeps you away from romantic pursuits. I think that it has to do with your career.

    The cards about what can you do to overcome these obstacles keeping you alone is the four of cups and the five of pentacles. The five of pentacles means in my opinion that you have to overcome the sense of insecurity that you feel that period of time. You may be afraid of the future. Or you may practically feel lonely. I don’t mean only loneliness for romantic aspect. This may refer to your loneliness generally. Or it may refer to a sense of economical insecurity; even the fear of being homeless or in general some matter related to you inhabitance. You have to overcome this in order find a partner. But, beware! You must not do that hastily. It seems to be an important period of your live in which you MUST pay attention to that other matters troubling you. And then the four of Cups. You have to grab every possible opportunity. You feel that the world around you is filled with wonders. You feel that everything is new and wonderful, but there is something making you feel bored. And then it is time to grab every opportunity in order to find someone. But first you have to put your life in an order first. There are many pressing matter before you feel bored with your wondrous life.

    Now, which are the characteristics of the person that will attract you? What do you need from a partner? The answer is the Empress. It is a card highly related with women and the womanly sense of creation; the womanly harmony. You are in need of a creative harmonious partner who will not oppress you and who will support you in that period of your life. You have enough to concern yourself with; you do not need an oppressive and demanding partner. I don’t mean that he is a nerveless sissy! In the contrary! The empress is quite dynamic and energetic card; but with its own balanced and calm way.

    And now where will you meet him. The answer is the king of swords reversed. I think that you will meet him in a quite uninviting place that has to do with deception or authority. That may mean a bad situation at your work or a trial or whatever bears that characteristics for you. I cannot actually interpret that card with much accuracy. You will when the time comes.

    And now when you will meet him? The answer is the eight of clubs. It is the card of speed. It is the card that means fast completion of your plans. Its other name is “the arrows of love” meaning fast falling in love. BUT unfortunately in your reading the card is reversed (sorry for that my dearest).There will be some delays and you will have to wait some more for the right partner. As I said many times first you HAVE TO put your life in an order and nothing should drift you away from that.

    And that is reflected to the card reflecting the lesson you have to make from that lonely period. It is the Ace of Clubs. It is the card of career and life changing plans. In this period you have to make something out of your life. Do not be afraid of loneliness. It is something that everyone has to pass through at some period of his/her. Do not be afraid of loneliness, that is the message of the cards. For sure the loneliness will end in the future. When that time comes you will be a better, richer in hard person; that is if you will not trapped into your loneliness. And I am sure that you will not.

    That’s it, my dearest! Your reading was a most exciting experience. It was as if the cards pushed me to the right direction and I was always sure of the cards meanings. It was the most exciting reading I have ever made. I hope that my confidence didn’t mislead me to the wrong way. Please give me feedback about what you think about the reading and what it makes you feel. If you feel that it doesn’t suit you, then please, please tell me your point of view in order for me to find a better interpretation. Thank you for the experience.

    Peace be with you,


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