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  • znl,

    I couldn't agree more, Mooncard's ability to express herself in English is quite remarkable. Very impressive for a 2nd language learner who has not been immersed in the language.

    I read your request and your reading. Hope you don't mind. Your situation is very similar to mine. Although i understand this on again off again type of relationship is very common, I have never experienced it before. It has had me quite confused for some time now. Mooncard's reading for you was really good and it sounds like it was pretty accurate. I am looking forward to mine.



  • Hi Mooncard,

    May I request a reading too if you still can? There's this guy that I like for a long time and we've recently reconnected. I just want to know where our relationship is headed and if he really wants to take our relationship to the next level or what he really wants this time. I'm thinking things might have changed since our last communication. Thanks so much.


  • My dearest arieslass,

    I don’t want to be rude, but I already have 9 or 10 requests. The following days I work, so I will not be able to do more than one or two readings a day. I said I will not accept any more requests until I finish answering the current requests. That decision is for your comfort rather than mine, because I don’t want you to wait too long for a reading. But I promise you I will do your reading if I have ended with the other requests by Saturday. If not, I would be happy to read for you later, if the matter still bothers you, in the new topic I will create after I finish that one. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    If you or anyone else has any suggestions on how to organize the requests or what to do about that matter, I would be happy if you tell me.

    Peace be with you,


  • My friends,

    That you for your kind words. 🙂 I think I should start being more confident about my expression and language. Thank you very much for that.

    My dearest sadsag, I quote you: “Mooncard's ability to express herself in English is quite remarkable.” I really really thank you for that. But (and that is really a most friendly question, and I am in absolutely NO way offended) what makes you think I am a woman? Actually I am very interested in the sociological implication of that matter: the fact that tarot cards are usually connected with women. Men seems to be quite cool with the thought of another man read the tarot from time to time, but all my female friends were mystified about it. Even my ex-girlfriend (a person most clever and kind); when she saw a tarot deck in my house for the first time she laughed and said that those were for turban-wearing old gypsy ladies determined to empty your pockets. So a question to all of you; How you think of a man doing tarot readings in his spare time? Would you think differently about what he says? Are you uncomfortable? Would you value in any way differently what he says?

    In other new, today I have a day off (again)! So I am planning to do three or four readings (that is if I don’t get bored). So, I will read for dmick59, cylll, LibraLuli, and maybe SmilerE.

    I will start reading for dmick59 right now, so in about 15 - 20 minutes you will have my answer.

    Peace be with you,


  • My dearest dmick59,

    That was difficult. I really want to forgive me because I could not gather much information from the cards related to your problem. You only ask me for ways of training and for advices on how to reach your goal of losing weight, so I consider it indecent to ask the cards anything about your personal life or your other problems. Anyway, I wouldn’t think that such an inquiry would be effective since your question is not directly related with any such things.

    But I really thought it necessary to examine the reason which led you to have a weight problem, as well as the reasons you decided to lose weight now and not before. I think that that will help you evaluate your progress of thought concerning the problem, which will ultimately help you insist on your goal. The card I drew for the reasons you have your problem is the reversed nine of pentacles. Usually, to me that card is related to economical problems. So usually I would say to you that the reason is that your economical live stopped you from being in a better physical fitness, that you were absorbed by you straggle to improve your economic. But the meaning here I think that is deeper; I thing that it was the lack of a sense of security that led you to your current situation. All your live you pursued something else that would make you feel more secure and confident in the world. And, so, you ignored the physical aspects of yourself. You may not even think about that need of yours before.

    The present is represented by the reversed Seven of Clubs. I think that it was a heated opposition of other people around you that convince you to start exercising; the others convinced you that you need to lose weight. Maybe it was a person from your family environment (a son or your husband perhaps) who grew concerned on your health, or perhaps the warning of a doctor. Or it could simply mean that you started feeling the pressure from your body. The “others” I referred to earlier, might not be other people but your own body which pusses your mind to get some exercise, in order to improve itself. If that was the case, the cards have a very important lesson for you; when the first difficulties arises, don’t give up. You have to really want it yourself.

    And now for what exercise will fit your personality. I could not see anything about horses, although it definitely is a possibility, particularly if you like it. The card referring to that is the reversed Four of Clubs. Well, the four of club is referring to the friendliness and warmth of one’s house, so the reversed version of it in your situation, I think that urges you to go out; to leave your house. Some people buy a treadmill and exercise in home, in front of their TV. Well, I don’t think that that is going to help you. I think that you have to go out; to exercise outdoors (running, bicycling or horse riding if you want to), or to join a gym or a pool. Maybe you are frightened of the idea of other people seeing you training, but I think you have to overcome that. These other people will offer you the determination you need, the will to show them that you can do it. Another thing the reversed Four of Clubs usually tells me is that the success in your goals will come, but you have to try hard. Again, it is important not to stop when the first difficulty arises. You have to try.

    That’s all, my friend. Again, I am sorry but during your reading I was in constant worry that I was not in the right way, I don’t know why. These things happen from time to time.  The only thing I was absolutely sure about, even immediately after I led the card, was that you have to get out of your home.

    Please tell me your thoughts about my reading. How you felt about it? I want particularly to tell me about how my interpretation of the first two cards may relate to you because for them I am most worried about.

    Peace be with you,


  • Cylll,

    Can you please tell your gender and you birthday? If you don’t want to give your birthday, just your age will be fine. I plan to do you reading in a few hours time. If you for some reason delay your answer too much, I will read for someone else. But I promise you that you would be the first I’ll read for as soon as I’ll get your answer.

  • Hi Mooncard, to me it does not make any difference at all the gender of the person who is doing the reading. The difference is not related to the reading but if I ask "your point of view" then I am looking for a man's point of view, so good to know that you clarified that one. 🙂

    Hi Sadsag,

    I don't think this on/off again is the norm at least not among my personal environment although I have been experiencing it too. My sympathies 🙂 and I understand.

  • MoonCard, may I ask on what continent you are? If you don't want to mention, that is ok.

    I just remembered that years ago a friend and his wife came over to our house and he brought me a set of cards and in fact did a reading too. This was in another part of the planet.

    Btw, off and on there have been like at least 5 male readers on this same site besides the females.

  • Hi Mooncard,

    Thank you so much for your reading. You have such an eloquent and expressive way with words. I certainly won't judge you harshly :).

    He should have no reason for feeling defeated. I told him that I m old fashioned and yet he talks such pretty words but my head is telling me to be cautious. I can't fully trust someone and let down my guard when he's yet to walk the talk. It's not that there isn't appreciation on my part but I have distanced myself from him every time he does this hot/cold push/pull thing. Yet the fact that we are so different from our views, lifestyle, culture and upbringing I think makes communication hard. I am not one to cause conflict but when I am disappointed or feel let down I tend to shut down.

    It's not that I'm not interested in his emotional needs, but it has to be on an equal basis. He will come in very strong and move very fast this in turn will lead me to back off and tell him to slow down. I feel that he's wanting me to take on the male role and pursue him and be more demanding when I need it to be the other way :). I want him to romance me, woo me as a sign of courtship, talking is all good but action would have been better 😄

    I smile when you mention competition, it feels a bit like it is. I use to sometimes iniate email and text to him earlier when we first knew each other. When he started doing this hot and cold thing, I pulled back and distanced myself when he started ignoring a couple of my text. Then recently when he went completely silent for three weeks and came back with work as his excuse for his non-contact. ,I then would mirror his action and was surprised that he was annoyed at the brevity of my response to his texts 🙂 So yes it feels like we're playing/competing with each other. I

    I am glad that there's a favorable outcome for us and that we will talk again. Maybe perhaps I need to work on improving the ways to expressing myself and perhaps the method of communication (English isn't my first lnguage either :)) but deep down I feel that there's things he's hiding from me, but I am not a pushover and he knows that. I think at this point I time it may be better for us to go back and work on being friends 🙂

    Hope there's a favorable outcome for your situation. But I am taking things slowly one day at a time in my case and see where it leads....

    Love and light to you xoxo

  • Sorry for any spelling mistakes. Typing on the iPad!!

  • hello mooncard! i'm a 26 year old woman. my birthdate is august 18, 1987. thank you!

  • Wow you have an eidetic memory?

    First off I want to say that you write very well, Mooncard. It’s not just the words. It’s the way you phrase them. Part of the reason I enjoy these forums is that I get a chance to ‘converse’ with others. Everyone has a different writing style and voice and it is so very interesting.

    Sometimes I get confused, but it is more about trying to make sense of the message rather than the way the message is presented. For the most part I do understand what you write. It is so surprising to me that English is not your first language and that you have not lived in an English speaking country. I like the way you write. It has a lyrical quality to it, as if you have lived in a different time from now. That probably sounds odd, but that’s the feeling I get.

    You do not need to feel that you are not understood. You are understood! The more you write, the better you will feel about it 🙂

    I think that the reader’s first impression/instinct is as important as the clarification that a querent gives, because the reader can provide a more objective perspective. There may be angles to the story that the querent may never have seen. It’s akin to hynopsis, where a person is brought back to recall details that are stuck in the subconscious.

    I don’t read cards so all I can rely on is a sense of things that I’ve developed over time. So I really appreciate both your readings and your perspective.

    There’s a theme here that I hadn’t thought of. Teacher (Hierophant) and student (Fool), tradition and rigidity vs free-spiritedness, wisdom vs naiveté. Well sometimes the teacher becomes the student, and the student becomes the teacher….

    Perhaps I remind him of part of who he used to be.…or maybe I was just an escape from reality, to him. Cos I did see that he enjoyed leaving behind the persona he carries at work (and the stress) and just feeling more free to play, when he was around me. But then that persona is like a ball and chain he drags around, even though he might actually have the key that removes that burden.

    He is a very creative individual and he does utilize it at work. But he’s not able to allow the full exuberance of his personality because of who he is and the expectations (he assumes others have of him). He puts too much on himself. Perhaps that is why he ‘jumps’ when he even thinks that others are expecting anything (whether it is reasonable or not). It has also been suggested to me that perhaps he was the one who had unrealistic expectations of me and us. He might have put me on a pedestal, elevating me to an image of what i would never be able to live up to.

    He’s learnt to live a life where he retains control by keeping others at bay, even those that care. But it is a lonely existence that has him trapped in a loop of trusting the wrong people and getting hurt over and over.

    In the end, at any moment, we are either aligned to the opportunities, or we are not. We choose or we choose not to. We were once aligned – I know because it felt easy, it felt like magic. Perhaps to him, it just felt too good to be true. And then life got in the way. Sometimes it just is nobody’s fault.

  • cyill you should get youre reading next shes going in order of request you and than me so it should be in the next day or so

  • My dearest Danceur,

    You are so right about all the things you mentioned. And particularly of that part about how the reader may have a more objective view. Well, I think the beauty of tarot is that they transfer that objectivity to the querent too. Just think of how you interpret the Hierophant and the Fool. That was wonderful, my dearest! I would have never thought of it with such a clear way that you phrase it. And now think; how that remarkable observation helped you! How it broadened your mind and thought! The beauty lies there.

    Thank you for you kind words about my use of English! I really appreciate it! You are right about the old-stylish quality; the unfortunate effects of too much Jane Austen. But I really like it too! 🙂

    I wish you any possible happiness. Thank you again for the experience of reading and discussing with you. I would be really glad to make a reading for you again if you ever wish to.

    Peace be with you,


  • No problem at all, znl. I live in South Europe. I am quite happy to know that there isn’t any sexism in the forum too! 🙂

  • Mooncard,

    lol! I didn't even think about your gender, just used the female pronoun out of habit. I guess if I had to to think about it, i would say i leaned toward female because 'moon' is feminine in my mind. I din't think your gender makes any difference in your ability to read the cards. You seem to do that quite well. As someone else said, there are other males on this forum who read very well.

    As for your English, I was sincere when i said it is quite good. I am a specialist in language and communication. I work with people who are either not developing language or learning it as a second language. You have a good command of English; good vocabulary, grammar, word choice and voice. Your ideas flow easily from one sentence to the next and your meaning comes across clearly. Perhaps you were an English speaker in a previous life 😉


  • My dearest Pisces1803,

    Thanks for not being too harsh with me! Well, I insist in the defeated part of the reading. I believe you that he has no reason for that, but how many things we feel that we shouldn’t feel? How many of our emotions and thoughts exists out of pure misinterpretation of the situation and false ideas about ourselves? I think that is the case.

    Yes, I know that you are not indifferent referring his emotional needs; but perhaps that’s what he thinks of you. What you said about his behavior (that he doesn’t take on the male role) is due to the fact that you have a terrible power on him and that he regards you with awe, as I told you before. I think that this is his character. And I think that the reason he pulls back from time to time is reflected to what I tell you about your current thought of him; he wants to make you miss him, to realize what you had with him. May I suggest that in an extent he managed it even in a small portion?

    I really thank you for the feedback, I appreciate the time you dedicated to it. I hope I helped you. 🙂

  • sadsag, these words of praise means a lot to me coming from someone whose job is to judge such think. Thank you so much! As for the word Moon in my name, it is my favorite card in the tarot deck for various reasons.

    Cylll, I am starting your spread right now, so in about 15 – 20 minutes you will have it.

  • Hi mooncard!

    I am excited for my reading (after Cyll's) . Your readings are so insightful and objective and I also love your writing style! I have had a couple of men read cards for me in the past and I personally believe they lend a totally different insight to the reading, which I enjoyed and gained much from.

    I hope you are able to give me some clarity on my relationship when you do get to my reading, things have gotten a little tense and sticky between us in the last few days. He says he does not know how he feels about me and I find that very disturbing and unlikely. are very generous to do these readings for all of us!

    Blessings and hugs,


  • My dearest Cylll,

    I decided to do two spreads for you. The first one is the past-present-future spread you required. Well, in the past I drew the Knight of Pentacles. I think that this card represents a man in your past. He is kind of lazy or timid with few goals, perhaps a little coward. If no such man was in your past, then this card may represent the general attitude of men towards you. Maybe they were afraid of you, or maybe they wouldn’t dare to come near you.

    In the future there is the reversed Ten of Clubs. That card represents all the troubles you have and the fact that you feel oppressed under them. Those troubles could be either your responsibilities or your personal problems. You feel that you cannot bare them anymore. You feel smothered under their weight. But further more this card is a card of cleanup. Now is the time to decide with of these problems you should and which you shouldn’t carry.

    But, be joyful! The future card is that of the Wheel of fortune! Your luck is turning around! Everything would be better for a while because the universe have decided to help you! But, beware. The key word is “for a while”. I don’t know how long would be that period of time, but you have to take advantage of it. And then everything would be much better.

    The next spread is one of my favorite spreads. It’s called Searching for love. The first thing I wanted to examine is why you are alone in this period and what you can do with yourself in order to overcome it. Well, the cards about that could have many different meaning and I would like to have more information about you in order to clarify which one is valid; but, since I do not have that, I will follow my intuition (as always). I think that you are too picky with man and that you should open your mind and be more free with the people around you. I do not in any way suggest that you should low your standards. No. Your standards are fine. Just give the other people a chance. If you believe that that doesn’t fit you, then consider the possibility that this is the face you show to the men around you. They might thought that you are too emotional or that if they come near you they won’t be able to fulfill your emotional demands. Actually I think you are a quite emotional person, and that is a very positive characteristic in my personal opinion. But be careful of how the other people perceive your reactions. If that doesn’t fit you, please tell me your point of view. Maybe another interpretation would be more fitting, but I want your cooperation in order to reveal it.

    And now the most interesting part; which kind of future partner will benefit you most and are you going to meet him soon? Who you need? The Page of Swords; he is a reasonable, gentle man with clear thought and vigilance. Almost the exact opposite of the reversed Knight of pentacles in your past. An when you are going to meet him? Well… I think you have to be patient. The Star reversed is a slow card in my opinion. But I think that it’s up to you. You have to look at it with more positively. You need to be hopeful and the time will come soon.

    That’s all! I really hope you can relate with that and that I helped you! I await your feedback.

    Peace be with you,


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