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  • hi can i have a reading please? i have a lover for almost 6 yrs. nothing really happened between us for the past a couple yrs. we recently reconnect. we love each other very much. i recently discovered hes been seeing a woman for over a year, and he told me he didnt love her, and wanted to get rid of her. but for some reason that i dont wanna mention on here, this woman seemed to be not easy to get rid of.. she might hurt him. im wondering if he has been telling me the truth abt the woman in the picture? any insight would be appreciated. thanks. oh i will provide with my feedback. thanks

  • My dearest znl,

    I am so so happy that my reading helped you. I think your honesty is the most positive think of all the reading. I didn't know if it was the cards' suggestion, or if it was something that had already been done. Thank you for noticing me that the change had already been done. If you have any doubts about the clarifying of the situation with him, I tell you that it was the most helpfull thing you could have possibly done. In order to deapen the meaning of the reading I have to ask you a question. I am sorry if it is rude. If you don't want to, please do not answer it. The question is: if your phone rings now and it is him telling you he wants you back and that he loves you, what are you doing?

  • Ok, my friends! I do not want to be rude, but I think that I should not accept any more reading requests until I ask the requests that had already been done to me. Please forgive me for that. I am doing it because I don't want you to wait very long for my answer. When I finish with the requests already been done, I will do a new post and then you can ask me again. So I will ignore any other requests in that topic. I am sorry for that, but I don't think that it can be done any other way.

    Peace be with you,


  • Oh honey Mooncard, how are you doing? You are very caring!!Hard to find kind, thoughtful people these days!! Thank you for validating every thing for me. Yes, really w all my heart. I think that I did the right thing too. It felt like I had to do it. Pushed to do it even.

    i already had to stop myself so many times to not contact him and avoid going to places where he might be there or a site of him or even every place where we had been together. I also had to not reply to his one email to me with not much content in it. Sadly. So, I can be pretty stubborn too.. To answer to your question and it is not rude to ask me that at all. Please ask me what you like. Even other type of things. First let me tell you that I wanted to write and ask almost the same thing but I thought that I was being too much and write a 3rd time after writing so much already so interesting that you read my mind :). I wanted to ask you if I should reply to his emails or such or not if any? So interesting to see your question.

    So, if he contacts me and wants me back. I cannot allow myself to go there my Mooncard.. I have had such a love and joy with him and then tears, tears and sadness, hurt too. As you wrote life, nothing should be this hard and even why complicate things. So, now 🙂 can I contact you and ask you what to do? 😉 So, yes, if and only if I can see any differences, any put my heart at ease and a different situation and many honest at least "some understanding and mutual expectations".

    Moon, I am not going to repeat any of the past, I have been burned with total innocence and my honesty not appreciated. Doing what I did was not easy. I only pray that God, universe help me. I cared very, very deeply for him.

    Any advice from you/cards though, just in case? Also, may I ask what made you ask me that? Pls tell me. Did you read my mind? Or just a little curious about my resolve?. I am a softy you know :).

    Hugs and I don't know who you really are miss Mooncard but I heart you. Bless you and thanks.

  • Mooncard, you know how in your reading the beginning was so right and such good intentions especially him, that is what I told him at the end..that I wanted that type of situation. I only hope that I was more than clear and not pushy. You know how it is when we suddenly do something and I mentioned that I felt that I must do it.

  • " In order to deapen the meaning of the reading I have to ask you a question. "

    I forgot that you had written me about asking the question 🙂

  • My dearest Danceur,

    The first think I wanted to do was to understand your relationship when you were dating. I wanted to understand how you felt for him, how he felt for you, why you broke up and finally what would have happened if you two had decided to continue with your relationship and to do a big commitment to each other. So, I don’t think that you relationship was quite you for both of you. Your thought for him were that he didn’t really wanted to be with you; that you, in some way, kept him from what he really wanted; that you asked from him something that he didn’t have. Or, maybe you thought of him as a thief, trying to steal something from you that you would very gladly give to him if he had asked you to. I don’t know if I make any sense; please give me feedback on that in order to make a better reading.

    His feelings for you summarized by the four of swords reverted: an involuntary exclusion; a drawback to the self. He thought that he shouldn’t open up to you because you were not “the one”. He thought you were nice enough, but not the person who would really really make him want to share everything with her. That is why I think he were a little distant with you.

    And the reason that the relationship was broken is reflected to the King of Cups. That card usually suggests a man in touch with his feelings; a man that you can trust, that is capable of love and sharing feelings. Now the first thought that crossed my mind was that another man with those characteristics entered in your live, who make you broke up. That is a very strong possibility. But then I noticed that the character reflected in the King of cups actually is the complete opposite of your ex boyfriend. So I think that the reason you broke up was that you wanted something completely different from what he had to offer. You left him, or he understood that he had to leave because you would have always wanted from him something he knew he could not give. For him it was not as deep as it was for you. He wanted something more trivial. And he knew it. Maybe he felt suffocated by your emotional demands from him. So he left. But it was not your fault. You wanted you should have wanted; what should any woman want and demand from his lover. He was the one he couldn’t bare it. And it is very important to understand that fact: you do not want him; you want what he could have been. And I think that you do understand that.

    Your present thoughts for him reflected by the card of the reversed Hierophant. That, in my opinion is exactly what you said. You still have feelings for him, but you feel that you two will never be together again because you have lost all your opportunities with him. You may even blame yourself for that; but you shouldn’t. If there is any person in your environment that advices you to give it another try with him, maybe the Hierophant is him. Or maybe the Hierophant is a warning for you that you have to close your ears to such advices coming either from others or from within. But I feel you have made a closure. I think you understand that you two should never be together again.

    His feelings for you now are exactly what I expected to be: The Fool. For him you were a joyful experience. Something that then it was fresh, trivial, not very serious, even frivolous; an adventure that is ended. He moved on with his life. And now how the relationship would have developed if you had decided to continue? The answer is the two of pentacles reversed. The meaning is absolutely obvious; separation. No trust would have existed, no balance between you. Everything would have collapsed into chaos. So the decisions made then referring your broke up were right.

    The main lesson you learned from your relationship is represented in my spread by a very powerful card, the seven of swords. You learnt to break free from the situations that oppress you. You learn the necessity of taking control of your live, of changing the things that depress you and imprison you. I want some feedback on that and it is related to your situation (if it is related).

    That’s all. I had a wonderful time, reading for you. Thank you very much for the experience. I wish I got it right, but if I didn’t please don’t hesitate to tell me where I was wrong.

    Peace be with you,


  • My dearest znl,

    I know what you mean 🙂

    You asked in your first reply reffering to you being happy: "Would this be without him?"

    That question is very important. Ask yourself: “Was I happy with him? Could he give me what I want?” The queen of pentacles is a woman ready to fulfill every desire of her lover. Maybe this is what he will see in you if you go back to him. Your feelings on the other way will be that of emotional deprivation, if his attitude towards you won't change. But he will think of you as an easy-going woman, ready to go back to him if he demands it. Are you comfortable with that role?

    My poor experience from live is that people don’t change magically. Situations don’t change on their own. They change because we change them. You are the one who will decide if you can be happy with him. You know what I mean?

  • Dearest Mooncard,

    Yes, I know exactly what you mean. 🙂 Part of the problem was that I was not easy going...

    Hugs and thanks again for your time and for the reading. You are amazing in many ways.

  • I'm glad I helped you znl. 🙂 Thank you for giving me the experience and opportunity of reading for you. I wish you every possible happiness. You deserve it!

  • Well, my next reading will be for Pisces1803. Please, tell me Pisces, if you will; the relationship between you and 'D' is a romantic or a friendly one? You describe him as an "acquaintance" but he seems to be more important for you than that. Please clarify this to me. I think it will help me to do a better reading. If you don't answer me soon enough I will read for dmick59 first. But I will read for you as soon as you answer.

  • Hi Mooncard,

    Thank you for your time. It's hard for me to define because for me it's not a relationship I am still getting to know him whereas for him he's saying That I am in his life plans? Sorry Mooncard, it's that for some unknown reason There's a connection Between us that I find hard to break but I don't know how else to define our relationship.... I suppose there is a potential for a romantic relationship if it get's to that stage??

  • Ok, Pisces1803. Got you! Thanks for the information. In the next hours I'll find the time to do a reading for you!

  • Thanks Mooncard. Your insight/advice would be much appreciated 🙂



  • My Dearest Pisces1803,

    Your reading in my opinion seems to be very straightforward. Before I start I want to clarify something. I will use the word ‘relationship’. With that word I don’t mean a romantic relationship. I simply mean any interaction between two people. It could be friendly relationship, love relationship, hate relationship…

    I would be honest with you. My reading maybe won't be completely objective. The situation I see in the cards and what you described is very similar to something I am going through this period (with the difference that I am in the position of your acquaintance). So maybe some of my experiences will come up in my mind about your situation. But I am determined to try. It would be a very interesting experience for me.

    Ok, let’s start. First of all I decided to investigate your feelings and thoughts for each other. I think he feels defeated and trapped by your attitude towards him. I think he wanted something (I don’t know what) and you wanted something completely different from your relationship. Or at least this is his point of view. So, he thinks that you have defeated him, that you have won while he lost. And he feels trapped in the situation and in his defeat. He really wants to talk to you and to break this unease silence between you, but he is not doing it because he thinks that, since you are not interested in the same think, this would be bad for him.

    In you on the other hand I see that you recently realized that you didn’t appreciate what you had. Everything seemed right in your relationship before, but you considered that to be boring. Furthermore, you seem not to be interested in his emotional needs (or at least this is how he saw it). All those are reflected in the first two card referring to your thoughts and feelings; the Four of cups and the Nine of Cups reversed. But the third is a very powerful and sorrowful card; the Ten of swords. It means sorrow, devastation and ache for something that has ended. You feel what your relationship with him really meant to you. Maybe you think that you should have been more emotional towards him and that if you were you wouldn’t have alienated. But don’t blame yourself. It was his problem that he wanted something more from you, not yours.

    In the present of the relationship there is him who is eager to speak to you and to share things with you. You have a terrible power over him; he regards you with awe. You are in the head of the relationship. But time doesn’t favor him. He has a kind of ‘bad luck’ in everything that has to do with you. His plans are not going as he wishes to. He feels that you always frustrate him, not matter what he does.

    The people around you think you are very harsh with him; that you are unnecessarily distant to him and that you are not value what you have with him. And finally they understand that between you two there is a kind of a competition for who will be the strongest; perhaps for who will phone first; perhaps who will manage to take for the relationship what he/she wants.

    And now the future, the outcome. I think that you will talk again. The Eight of Pentacles means work and learning the details. You said that you don’t know him. Well, that card is your answer: you will know him. And then the Eight of Clubs. Things are going to move very fast. Actually this card has the name “the arrows of love”. If he wants a romantic involvement then that card is in favor of him. And finally the Seven of Clubs reversed. You will not be able to resist him anymore. In your little competition he wins.

    Now, if you ask me if he is in love with you or if he have real emotions for you, I really don’t know. And I think that is not important at the moment. The important thing is to realize if you have feelings for him. He might be deeply in love with you or he might just want to sleep with you, or he might just want a deeper friendship. But this will become clear once you learn what you feel for him.

    I hope I helped you. I think I managed to keep my personal problems from clouding my understanding of the cards, but I am not sure; so please don’t judge my very harsh. Please tell me what you think for the reading and how it made you feel. And please please give me feedback in order to understand the meaning of the cards better.

    Peace be with you,


  • Hi Mooncard,

    I loved your reading – thank you so much! So very insightful 🙂

    The lesson – right at the end - resonates for me. He was the one who encouraged my passion in dance and I had seen him as a mentor. I continued attending his class even after things became distant. Although it was terribly hard at first, I eventually developed an even bigger love for dance that now exists apart from him.

    Along with this, I’ve developed a greater appreciation for my freedom, space and individuality – greater personal resonance, and the will to not be bound by others expectations.

    The bit about ‘my thoughts of him’…doesn’t seem to resonate, so may I offer my own perspective? Simply, I saw him as my other half, my twin. Not in the sense that we are alike (we’re actually very different), but I feel some resonance to him which I cannot explain. And I think he felt drawn the same way. He was the one actively pursuing this so I had no reason to think he didn’t want to be with me (except that I did feel he was emotionally distant). It is only on hindsight that I realise he may always have wanted a fling (although he always came across to me as wanting something more).

    As we weren’t together very long, I never got to the point where I put any demands on him, emotionally or otherwise. It was casual and simple and then it started to get more serious. Things were going very well, and then he withdrew. No 3rd party on my side.

    I never got an explanation for it, and at various points, I did blame myself. Because it was through the separation that I realised I loved him – and I never had the opportunity to tell him. And I felt very let down.

    I finally reached out to him last year. He opened up a little and said it was unfair for me to wait for him. He sounded almost regretful and then he lamented that it was a curse of someone in his position to always be under scrutiny.

    Hierophant – yes I still have feelings. I still yearn. Because I still feel a resonance to him (even though I do see that it is one sided and he has moved on).

    I sense in him the person beyond the emotional scars he carries (maybe that’s what we see in someone we love). I think this is both what drew him to me and what scared him away. He has always projected the image of someone who cannot be himself because of his job and the organization….perhaps the Hierophant comes into play here too.

    I think you are correct that he might have felt the burden of living up to an image of a person he cannot consistently see as himself. He identifies very strongly with his scars. He doesn’t seem to want to let go of his burdens - he almost carries it around like a badge, the weight of the world on his shoulders. I too have been wounded in life – but I have released a lot of the burdens and shadows…. Without them, I’m still Me, even though I’m such a different Me than I used to be, and am still evolving.

    For the most part, I think I have achieved closure. It had been suggested to me before by another reader that he has not fully realised the gravity of how he hurt me. That he would understand it one day, and finally reach out. Maybe that’s the missing piece of my closure.

    Part of me understands that it doesn’t/wouldn’t work because we’re in such different emotional states now. I wouldn’t want to be in his darkness and I think he would not understand the state of evolution I’m in. And yet the feelings for him still exist – maybe they represent something else altogether, that I haven’t figured out….

    Hope you can give me your feedback too. Does any of the above make sense or change your interpretation of the reading?

  • My dearest Danceur,

    Thank you very much for your kind words and the feedback! It was very helpful.

    You know, it is quite fanny what happens with the interpretation of the cards. When you first start doing readings, you have a book with the classical interpretation. So, you do the spread and then you are going through the book, searching for the meaning of each card. Then you learn them by heart, so you really feel that it is some kind of “science”, that you are “professional”. And then something wonderful happens. You go beyond the meanings you have learnt by heart and your mind really opens up to the many possibilities. And then the cards speak to you with their own way, personally designed for you and your idiosyncrasies. You always take under consideration the first meanings you learnt, but now you think of what each card usually means to you.

    With your reading, I tried to find a way to fit them all and to relate each card with the other the way they speak to me. But the story you told me reminded me of a wonderful book I read about six month ago, “78 degrees of wisdom”. It was really the most wonderful book I have ever read about tarot. It puts the whole thing under a completely different perspective. It emphasizes mostly on the philosophical aspects of the whole thing rather than its divination usage. But there is a brief part of the book that gives you some interpretations for divination purposes. Personally I could not connect with none of them, but I am cursed with eidetic memory, so they stack in my mind.

    Now to my point (forgive me if I bored you). I shuffled the cards and in my mind came the book “78 degrees of wisdom” and how the meaning of this book didn’t tell anything to me. And then I spread the card. And again in my mind came that book referring to the meaning of the King of Cups (the reason you broke up), and the reversed Seven of Swords (your feeling for him). The meaning for the Seven of Swords from this book is (and I quote) “ The isolation turns around to become communication, in particular seeking advice on what to do. Valuable as the specific instructions can be, just as important is the person’s readiness to listen and to seek help. The card can sometimes refer to the act of finding help, such as consulting…”

    Unfortunately I do not remember who you consult and the book is now out of my reach so I cannot… consult it, but you got the grip (no I don’t remember the whole book by heart, just some parts and the fact that I remember that particular part I think is very important for your reading). Now, that interpretation is much more suitable for your situation. But furthermore I sometimes associate that particular card with a manneristic motion, like the way the thief tiptoes in the card. So it might relate to the act of dancing.

    From your story I can think of different meaning for the Fool too (what he thinks about you now). Now I think it means that he sees you as the first time he met you. As the eager, full of potential and enthusiasm student you were back then.

    And now for the King of Cups. Excuse my impertinence of suggesting a triangle. Though from what you told me I can very easily relate the meaning of the card to another interpretation from “78 degrees of wisdom”, I will insist on one of my first ideas about it (not the love triangle suggestion of course). I think that you two broke up because he knew that you wanted something he could not offer. He knew (or he thought so) that he could never have been the emotionally mature man you wanted. That he could not stand by you. And that ment that your relationship could not be anything more than a fling, as you most descriptively put it. If you insist that that is not what happened, listen to the interpretation given by Rachel Pollack in “78 degrees of wisdom”. I do not remember it exactly, so I cannot quote it, but the main point is that he is someone who has dammed up his emotions and imagination. He shaped his life in a way that separated him from his own playful poet-like imagination. But his achievements derive ultimately from creativity; A man of business.

    Now about the Hierophant, I think you are right. It is in some way related to his position and job not allowing him to be himself, like what Ms Pollack said for the King of Cups.

    All that, shows the importance of interaction between the reader and the querent during a reading; the importance of the querent guiding the reader. It is his/her subconscious after all.

    And something else. Tell me about my English. I have never written about such deep thoughts before in English and I have never lived in an English speaking country, so I constantly have the feeling that my writing is not understandable (I am not implying that you have not understood my reading, you understand exactly what I wanted to tell you, I am just wondering if I made it difficult to you).

    Thank you very much. Please tell me your thought on the revised version of my reading.

    Peace be with you,


  • The asterisks in the third line of my previous post stands for the word funny. I don't know what happened there. 🙂

  • Mooncard,

    Your English is quite good. If you had not told us I would not have known you are not a native speaker. The few interesting word choices (thing/think) could easily be attributes to spell check errors and do not interfere with the message. Well done!


  • Hi Mooncard,

    Frankly your English, writing, choice of words and expressing your thoughts is far superior to many individuals in English speaking countries.

    The change to asterisks is just something that happens on this site sometimes.

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