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  • gypsy06,

    Today I will do one more reading for changes5 and tomorrow I will read for you. Please, in order to make a better reading tell me your gender and the birthday of you and your boyfriend's/girlfriend's. If you don't want to give me your full birthday please give me at least your ages. Thank you very much.

  • Hello

    I wonder if you could give me a reading regarding a situation with a man that I have asked for some space from to allow me to decide what is best in my life for me just now.

    I am female, DOB 19/06/75

    his DOB 13/02/65


  • Hello,

    I was wondering if you could do a reading for me. My dob is 11/26/1965 .

    What do you see in regards to my marriage? His dob is 01/19/1965.



  • My dearest changes5,

    You asked me for a general six months reading so I drew eight cards for you; one for the current situation, six for the following six month with the first one referring to August and one for the lesson you have to learn from these six months. I think that the period from September to January would be very important for your life because all the cards for these months are major arcane cards. You may not realize that while living them, but I think that later you will understand the importance of the experiences these months have to offer you.

    Let’s start with your current situation. It is the Four of Pentacles. It means that this period of your life your main thought is not to lose what you have conquered until now. You feel now that you have some kind of security, but you are always in fear that you will lose it. That card usually has to do with economical matter. But sometimes may refer to everything that has to do with your sense of security. The things that you fear you will lose may be you family happiness or a boyfriend of yours; whatever you have conquered with effort and makes you happy. This card tells you that you have to be more calm and stoic and to stop being afraid so much. Don’t forget that fear of that kind makes us less giving to other people and that is the moment that we may lose them.

    August will be a pretty happy month; the Two of Clubs. It may tell you that the in your business the partnership will be favored. Or it may refer that this month you will have to concentrate in only one goal; you have to direct your powers to the matters that are worthy. But it is a positive card, so do not be afraid.

    In September everything changes; the Moon reversed. Hallucinations about your situation, there is nothing you are sure of, everything looks distorted. In that period you have to be careful not to make any bad moves. Always think twice before you make a decision; remember that some clues may be hidden from you; remember that you do not know all the facts about the situation. But don’t shut yourself neither. You have to make sure that this month YOU are the on making the decision for yourself.

    And then comes the Fool reversed in October. The advice is clear; beware of the recklessness. Again think twice before you act, but this time the enemy is not the incomplete understanding of the situation as it was the previous month; now it is your own impatience and eagerness you have to be careful about. Listen to the advices given to you by your loved ones and always keep your temper. You will easily be able to make the right decisions if you are patient and careful.

    And then the Judgment. In November the things around you becomes clearer. And inside you there is a resurrection. The past month where difficult but now you feel that they changed you for the better; you are a better person than you were on August. You feel that your efforts are paying off.

    December is reflected in the card of Temperance; the mixing of opposite forces. Now you can control your life. You can control the things against you and mix them with the positive ones. And the mixture is pure harmony.

    In January the things turns again; the Star reversed. For some reason the hopes inside you are now vanished. You are in some kind of despair not because of the external situations but because inside yourself you have lost hope. But you can overcome that for sure! Possitive thinking, hopes and happiness are all there inside you. You just have to put them back in your life again.

    The lesson you have to learn from these months is the reversed Seven of Pentacles. You will learn to be patient. You will learn the importance of evaluate the situation and not act hastily. Even if the situations doesn’t get better as fast as you want to they will eventually if we are persistent and careful. Remember what Nietzsche said: “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. The important thing is not the misfortunes we have to live but the lessons we have to learn from them.

    That’s it! Please send me feedback. What did you feel about the reading? Do you think that all these have to do with you? Please, please send me feedback in order to make a better interpretation of the cards.(Excuse me for the grammar mistakes. I wrote it in a hurry and I didn’t have time to check it).

    Peace be with you,


  • Mooncard,

    Your readings are wonderful. I have really enjoyed reading all of them and I think you are giving people really thoughtful advice. i see that you are getting closer to mine. I thought I would give you our birthdates in case that is of an help. Mine 12/ 1/58 his 1/27/62. It has been a few days now since I have heard anything from L so I am thinking he has gone back into his mancave 😞


  • Mooncard would you be able to do a 6 month reading about fnnances, career, job, thank you

  • Hi Mooncard

    Can I have a reading please.

    1. Re: my stepdaughter, Heather (6-30-77) and her husband Richard (3-18-?) I think he is

    43 years old. After a year of separation they got back but still having problem again.

    Will this marriage last or will end up in divorce? I know its her fault she is being

    stubborn. Just for my info. I'm not saying anything to them.

    2. Will my sister Rachel (10-28-48) call me or email me? We had a disagreement and it seems like

    she is being hard headed and wants me to do the first move.

    THank you and many blessings

  • Thank you Mooncard, for your advice and insight.

    Really appreciate it 🙂

  • Mooncard,

    Thank you I feel as if I should have asked something else kinda saddened by it all I was starting to feel content like I have an idea of goals and now the single doubt may have been right no matter how much I try to change my circumstances the fight is never over. I have anger built up in me that, fear things will be taken from me, security theres none, I am all I have, boyfriend and family is nonexistent......the on one I want is far away and emotionally void and I am growing impatient with him, I am growing impatient with myself, I am full of doubt bc of my past and it is forever present I am tired I am drained and im not even thirty I am full of ideas dreams and different view others love but its not realistic in this world if anything it holds me back I have expectations too high of others and myself, I am my greatest enemy......I am going to look at it again later and try to think more into it alitttle distracted bc of my kids but I did get the idea that death may occur feeling I got the time I read it and that too is something that has managed to stop my growth....8-28-1984 is my bf bday its too broad as to right now I will print and take notes and be able to have a clearer answer.....thank you very much though atleast I will not be on cloud nine and be waiting.....fear is what I grew up in lived in for years I have no idea who I am without it

  • Hello Mooncard,

    I apologize for the delay in answering your reading for me....I was out of town yesterday. Your reading had parts that were spot on and others that were confusing, mostly the beginning where you said my bf had been "oppressing me". In the 2 months we have been dating, I don't feel he every has or had been oppressive though he is a very strong, dominant man.

    We did start out very promising and very happy to have met. He seemed very excited about the direction we were going and he told me so. And then, he starting doubting and "not knowing" how he felt about me. And the sexual desire has been very strong - you were correct about all that, I just hope it isn't why he is staying.

    I found it extremely interesting what you said about pulling The Sun card. In the last couple of days, it seems MAYBE his feelings are changing a little bit back and getting a bit stronger due to some misconceptions about me he had and we talked about. I am not sure though....he is so reluctant to talk about his feelings! I, on the other hand, am now the one starting to really doubt if I should stay with him! You were right that it can be economical with me - my money problems could cause me to walk away from him because I don't feel I can share them with him. Not working as a team as you said - I have been unwilling to discuss these things with him because we don't feel like that much of a team and I feel it would scare him and he would think I expected his help, which I know, he cannot give.

    You are right on with the Evaluation card. A long talk between us is long overdue - he keeps promising it but seems to be avoiding it. I am not sure I can continue to be with someone who is so unwilling to share his emotions and remains so aloof all the time. He says he hasn't been this way with other girlfriends, which is curious too. However, he continues to want to spend all his time with confusing. Any insight you can give further would be so appreciated Mooncard!!

    Many, many blessings....thanks again for doing these readings.


  • Hi Mooncard,

    Whenever you have time, may I have another reading?

    I felt a sudden urge to contact a friend today and I did, and she told me that a relative had passed on, and she herself might need to undergo surgery for a condition. She will be fine but I sensed this encounter just 'happened' so that she could talk about it, even for a bit. There's been several times before when I felt Iike reaching out to someone, and then I found out later that something had happened to them - a death in the family, a health scare, or that they were sad about something. Or sometimes i just sense that someone is not happy (even if they do not admit it or will not communicate - such as my ex whom I told you about).

    Wonder what is the message for me? Do you need my birthdate or anything?

    Thanks in advance, and take your time.

  • many of the things you said are personal battles that I am dealing with. I recently found out I am moving by the middle of Aug other than that I am struggling to return to work or school, relationship is at emotional stand still and family has always been dysfunctional so I am unsure anything else come up that sounds as if those fit.

  • Hi Mooncard,

    If you have a chance can I have a reading done, My request is on page 2. Thank you so much

  • Mooncard are you still doing readings?

  • Hi Moon card would love a reading please, should I forget about the guy?!

    Thanks Virginia

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