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  • Hello!

    I am new to the site. I read for friends and family for about a year and now I would like to read for strangers. I am not an experienced reader but I am usually accurate in my readings so far. If any of you are interested please ask me a question (include some details).

    Thank you!

  • Hello Mooncard, welcome to the forum. Thanks for offering readings.

    I would love to have a love reading. I have been involved with a particular guy for several years. On and off again. It has been about a couple of weeks since there was news. Can you look at what is going on with him and or is this / us over for him all together?

  • Hi Moon,

    Thank you for your kind offer.

    May I know what you see with regards to my ties to someone I used to date - B and what lessons there might be.

    It was a short courtship but it ran deep, perhaps only for me. We've both moved on but we hardly speak nowadays cos its awkward (no proper closure).

    I pretty much let it be and I'm quite happy in my life. It's been almost 2 years, yet i still have feelings (albeit muted ones) for him. Is there a greater purpose to this? Just don't want this to prevent me from letting others into my experience.

    Would appreciate your insight, plus any advice. Thanks!

  • Hi Mooncard,

    I'd love a reading if you're offering :-). There's a guy 'D' I'm acquainted with, Right now we're at an impasse and not communicating. He's kind of annoyed because he feels like I'm not showing/telling him if the depth of my feelings towards him. He's quite emotional verbally whereas I'm a little more reserve in my feelings.

    Do you have any insight or advice on this? Are we going to get over and move forward from this?

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  • hello mooncard, welcome!

    thanks for your offer. i would like to request a love reading if it's possible. i haven't dated in a long time and i would like to know if i'm going to meet someone i like in near future. would love it if you could do it a past, present, future kinda reading but it's totally up to you of course. thanks again!

  • Welcome Moon!

    Thank you for your generous offer....I would really like a reading from you.

    I am involved with a guy and would like to know where it is going...if you see a long term future for us. Also, a financial reading would be business has been very slow and am trying to decide if I should shut it down, if anything is going to happen in that regards too.


    (my BF is 6-6-61 and I am 10-16-56)



  • Hi Moon,

    I would love a reading if you would be so kind.

    My name is Elaine, DOB 18 jan 1983.

    Will i find the right partner any time soon?

  • Hi Moon I would like a reading just in general the next 6 months Sep 20 1983 Thanks

  • hi moon I would love a reading for me and a relationship I am involved in, please let me know what info you need!! Thanks!!!!!

  • Hi Mooncard,

    Welcome to the forum. I would love to have a reading regarding my love life 😉 Like ZNL at the top, I have been involved with a particular guy (L) off and on for the past 2.5 years. The connection is strong but he has lots of fears so he keeps breaking it off. Neither of us sees anyone else when we are apart. We have gotten together a few times in the last few weeks and exchange casual texts every few days. Can you tell me if it is going to go anywhere or if i should walk away once and for all?

    Thanks for offering to read for us. You will get lots of practice here...


  • Thank you for your support and willingness! Today I have a day off, so I will start your readings very soon! I will first read for znl who wrote first but before that let me give a friendly suggestion to dmick59. Furthermore I would like to ask in advance for your patience referring to me using the English language. English is not my mother language and I have never lived in an English speaking country nor have I ever used English for a purpose such deep and complicate as a tarot reading. So if something I write is not understandable, please let me know and I will find another way to tell it.

    So, a reply to dmick59.

    I will definitely do a reading for you when your turn comes. But I want to tell you that some years before I was trying to changes my live too. I decided to lose weight and I started running. At first it was very difficult for me. It was taking me a lot of effort to run even 1 mile. But I didn’t give up. I continued running. Some weeks later I was glad to realize that I really wanted to run. I was passionately involved with running. I decided to train for the marathon. It was the most wonderful experience of my life. The most amazing think about it, was that every week you can run better, faster and further. As the miles increase, your confidence increases with them. That way I lost 44 lb. And I finished the Marathon. You cannot even imagine the feeling of the medal hanging from your neck. In the finish line you realize that you ran a distance that previously you wouldn’t even dare to think that is humanly possible for you to run. You realize that you can do anything. I mean ANYTHING. The marathon is not just running. It is an experience. An experience of self improvement in almost every aspect of your life. So, my advice is to ask your doctor for permission and start running. At first you will not feel that you can do it but that is the most important lesson the marathon has to give you: to convince yourself that you can do it, and then you realize that you CAN do it. There is a very helpful free site that gives you a training program. I don’t know if I am allowed to paste it here, so if you are interested do a google search for “myasics training plans” and you will find it. But first ask your doctor.

    That was a friendly advice which had nothing to do with the cards. Excuse me for that. I expect that my first reading for znl will be online in a few hours.

    Peace be with you,


  • Mooncard, I look forward to my reading. I loved reading your story above. 🙂 thanks for sharing.

  • Hi! Thanks for offering, may I ask for a reading about me and Piff? I just wanna know, will our friendship become as it was and become stronger or will it instead lead to a relationship?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Ok, my dearest friend znl. Your reading was a particularly interesting one. I did two spread for you. I will not write the cards I drew because it would take time to write them all. But, if you want to know which cards they were in which positions, just ask me and I will tell you.

    The first think I noticed was the difference between your and his experience of the relationship. Are you sure that you were telling him how you felt about the relationship. For what I see, you were and you still are very troubled about the relationship between you. You cared about it. You worked for it. Actually I think that the element of work is very profound to your attitude towards the relationship. (Would it be possible you first met in an environment related to work? Just an assumption.) On the other hand, he seems to be (now and then) very relaxed and happy about your relationship. Didn’t you tell him what you were felling, or simply he didn’t care about it? I think that he always was very happy in your relationship (and still is), but I have the feeling that he thinks that you will always be there for him even if he do something wrong.

    Now, about the past of the relationship. I think that the first years he was the one who was calling the shots. The alpha-male. Don’t get me wrong, he seems to be a good guy. I think he is a patient and trustworthy person (or he was back then). Maybe he had some difficulty expressing his feelings, but nothing very serious. The past were stigmatized by the thought that the relationship was not working as it should have been. That could be your thoughts or his thoughts, but I think that they were yours. Your experience from the past of the relationship is summarized by a reversed Ace of wands. The meaning of this card in my opinion is exactly that. A new relationship that had started with enthusiasm but was not working out with the speed or the quality that you have first expected. Another meaning of the card (excuse my impertinence) is that of sexual problems referring to man, of sexual deprivation referring to woman. It is a possibility. Nevertheless you were happy back then simply because of him. Because he was the man he was and still is. On the other hand his attitude toward the relationship was that of the Magician. He was (at least at the beginning) very enthusiastic about your relationship. He wanted to create something out of it. He was really putting creativity and energy in the relationship. But it seems that it was not the type of energy you wanted. There is a possibility you thought of him being indifferent. I tell you he was trying, just not the way you wanted him to. If that was the case, have you told him?

    The present of the relationship is very similar to the past. You have an attitude of deap sorrow. Of lamenting for what you don’t have any more, stubbornly ignoring what you do have. Furthermore you have started (or you should start soon) to evaluate the course of the relationship. Thinking of the relationship with that man, you start to wonder if it was worth it. That may as well be an advice given to you by the cards. On the other hand, his attitude is reflecting by the card of the World. That is the most joyful card in the Tarot deck. It means happy completion. Joyful celebration because a circle has completed successfully. He is very very happy about the relationship with you right now. And I have a feeling that he thinks you are as happy as he is. Maybe (maybe I said), he things that he took from you everything he could and you took from him everything he could offer and now it is time to move on. And the relationship in the present is reflected by the card of the Tower. Everything rotten and false is (or will very soon be) destroyed unexpectedly. A sudden event purifies the relationship of every lie and every misconception. That could as well destroy completely the relationship but I don’t think it will. The sure thing is that everything is changing. It would be difficult but it is necessary. Only the bad thinks will be destroyed. I think that the advice given here by the cards is that you should talk to him and clarify your position and feelings.

    Now, the future is dominated by the inverted Fool. Recklessness, a risk you are ready to take without any assurance. Your experience from the relationship in the future in that of the reversed Page of wands. I think that this is the way you are going to think of him. He will have an immature, boyish attitude, depraved from feeling, despotic. And his experience? That of the Queen of pentacles. A woman ready to fulfill every desire of her lover. Is that woman you or another woman? I think that she is you. You will continue to refuse to tell him what you really feel. This is a warning from the card. It is not something you cannot change. You can be happy in the future. You deserve it!

    I think that the most important think is honesty. Try to be honest with him. I don’t think that he understand your point of view. He thinks you are happy with the situation, just as he is. Let him know what you fell, but first let yourself clarify your feelings. I don’t think that you really know what you are feeling or what you want. I think that it is a very important relationship for him. In the past his card was the Magician, the first card of the major arcana. In the present his card is the World, the last card of the major arcane, the card of completion. Your relationship completed him as a person and the energy needed for that came out of you. Now think: what you have gained? Sure, there were happy moments, but did they help you develop as a person? Follow the advice of the Seven of Pentacles and start evaluating the relationship. What you gave and what he took? And what you took back from him? The whole notion of being a person is to develop yourself via your experiences. How do you evolve through the relationship? YOU have to answer these questions. And then you will find a way to make yourself happy again. Life is wonderful. If it is not you are looking it the wrong way.

    That’s all. That was by far the most interesting reading I have ever made. I started writing almost half an hour before and I wrote a lot more than I have first intended. Sorry about that. I promise that in the future I will keep it short. But that reading was a truly wonderful experience for me. I really wish I got it right. Please tell me if I was right about the situation and please don’t judge me very hard. If I were completely wrong, please tell it to me. Don’t hide it from me out of discretion. Give me feedback in order to interpret the cards better the next time. When the person asking is in front of you, you can ask him questions that guide you to the right interpretation. But now I was all alone. I hope I was helpful.

    Peace be with you,


  • Hey Moon card

    saw ur great offer n i find it wonderful. words of advice before you DROWN in requests, criterias. SET CRÌTERIAS or ull b So swamped u´ll never get time chance for anything besides laying spreads.

    I wont ask since TarotNick has helped me already, However i wanted to congrat u n warn u. Criterias darling. Criterias.


  • Moocard,hello darling. You have touched my heart with your heartfelt reading and I can sense your kindness, humbleness and gentleness.Your reading is to the point and is very true for me. I hope to reply back as nicely/clearly as you have.

    So, here we go:

    Yes, met at work. Yes to all your points about the "past" in the relationship.

    Mooncard, I believe I was open and honest with him about how I felt towards him as soon as I realized it for myself but by then maybe his feelings and the relationship had changed for him already (sadly). So, yes troubling for me.

    "I have the feeling that he thinks that you will always be there for him even if he do something wrong. "

    Yes - this is so true. I then not too long ago went ahead and decided to just flat out tell him where I stood with regards to his behavior. I decided to stay away and do not allow him to control how much or what etc regarding me. I am feeling peaceful about my behavior at times but you know how hard it is/was for me. This meant the "end" for all i could see but I felt it had to be done. I could not take the non sense of back and forth for nothing.

    This brings us/leads us to the "Present" part of your reading. Again yes, to all the points you made. So, the change is already done. I made the decision that I needed to stay away. I think this may have clarified my position and feelings/stand towards him.

    So, now the future part in the reading. Oh moon, this is where maybe another woman and not me. So, my taking a stand was this, exactly as you have written it and all those questions. So, yes, I was honest and pushed for the truth and do think it happened exactly the way you have explained it. I did not refuse to tell him (finally) what I really felt or expected even if it meant...

    "This is a warning from the card. It is not something you cannot change. You can be happy in the future. You deserve it!"

    • Would this be without him?

    So, Yes, honey you got it "VERY" right about the situation. I can attest to it. If there is any ambiguity in my reply (know it is bec this is a messageboard and me being a bad communicator/writer) and so just ask me. I am in awe of your writing and expression and style.

    I wish there was a way for me to give back to you?? I am happy you found reading for me a good experience for you. 🙂 This has been a most wonderful experience for me too. Validating all my feelings and thoughts too. I mean it. I have struggled so much.

    with hug and thank you again.

  • Moon, I meant to add this and forgot

    ". A woman ready to fulfill every desire of her lover. Is that woman you or another woman? "

    This could be me ONLY IF it could also mean that I continue loving him from a distant and in my heart and mind.

  • Dear Mooncard, If you do have time, I would really appreciate it. First I need a job, have spoken to someone far away from where I currently live, and I am considering moving and starting a new life and a new job. I am also involved with my ex-husband, do you see his relationship going anywhere? Thank you.

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