Second Opinion my Tarot Reading I've done for Myself - 5 Card Lovers Tree Spread

  • I recently did a 5 card spread of The Lovers Tarot using the 22 major arcana cards and would like a second opinion of the reading. My question was: is this man, BW, the one and will I marry him?

    Position 1 (me) - VIII - Strength card

    Position 2 (past) - XII - hanged man Reversed

    Position 3 (present) - XIX - Sun Reversed

    Position 4 (future) - XX - Judgement

    Position 5 (underlying influence) VI - Lovers Reversed

    Any insight from experienced tarot reader would really be appreciated. If you require any additional info, pls let me know. many thanks in advance! I hope I have put this in the proper category. (Am new to the site).

  • Trying to append a photo of spread without success. Sorry.

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