Will my capricorn friend forgive me

  • I had a really bad crush on a capricorn guy who I knew at work, unfortunately I got really stupid, got drunk and told him how I feel and now he will not have anything to do with me but I have apologised and asked if we can be friends again but so far nothing. I am an emotional Cancer and I should not have felt this way as I am married. I know we should not ever see each other again but I just wish we could be friends again or I wish I could move on and forget as he seems to have

  • Is it a capricorn trait not to be very forgiving, he was always going on about things people had done wrong to him years after it had happened.

  • Firstly, I think he's just careful to be friends with you again because you are already married and it will not help you at all in the long run if he will still be friends with you. I think, it's for your own good and he doesn't want to be the cause of your marriage break-up especially so that he regards you only as a friend. Chalk this up to experience and be wary of friendships with the opposite sex, since you seem to have some kind of a marriage meltdown. I also believe you should spend more time trying to save your marriage than pursue your friendship with this Capricorn man. If your marriage is strong and has a good foundation, you wouldn't easily fall prey to the charms of another man, what do you think?

  • Thanks for your reply, yes I know what you are saying is right, when I met him four years ago I had just lost a friend in an accident and I think I was not thinking straight, also this guy was not well at the time or very happy and I think a lot of my feelings for him were of a sympathy and pity type. Well he has moved on and met someone and is very happy but its hard for me as I am still friends with his brother and sister in law but he will not speak to me. I feel at the time i offered kindness and support but started feeling more. I do love my husband, I have been married 25 yrs and have never cheated but we have had problems with money and kids and sex the usual stuff I suppose. I hope things will get better eventually and I will forget but its hard and I feel so angry with myself for making such a mess of things. I hope he will be happy in his relationship, his two wives cheated on him and he beat cancer, but I think its partly that he used to confide in me and doesn't need me anymore if he ever did

  • Ok I got your point! Sometimes, it's much easier to attend to other people's problems than settle our own. Solving your own marriage woes after 25 years is more of a challenge that needs a more concerted effort than being disturbed by this Capricorn man, I guess. As I've said the real hardwork must be put in saving your troubled marriage which had gone stale and somewhat irrelevant in your current pursuit of happiness, peace and romance! I can only say that you and your husband must sit down and discuss where your marriage is heading, to make it work. Yeah, easier said than done especially if not both sides are willing to have a truce and work on it! So many factors can derail this process, but if you want to control your own happiness and make sure you don't fall prey easily to other unhealthy distractions which could derail the success of whatever is most important in your life, then by all means...get to the negotiating table with your husband and have this marriage sorted out. Tough words...but necessary to keep your sanity in tact!

  • I am capricorn man and I dont appreciate women who is married flirting to other guys, but I also have a traits that is opposite of capri. I can easily forgive for mistakes you have made as long as you re just being friend with me. But doubt I will develop any relationship that can cause problem later.

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