I don't think the "look up any card" function should cost money.

  • Hi Leonessa,

    I myself have grumbled about the 5KC fee for one card lookup. So you're in good company. However, one of the positive aspects of this for me has been I've gotten tons of experience reading Tarot over the years, and now give readings myself!

    My bigger grumble is that the once free Name Advisor now charges a fee as well!

    Tarot.com is expanding in so many positive directions; however, I strongly feel there are a few mistakes being made along the way in the name of $$. The highly annoying blinking advertisements are one, the interminable presence of them as well. And could anyone say why there are AUTOMOBILE ads on this site? LOL

    It seems that Tarot.com has lost a bit of it's discriminating nature; the site begins to look cheesy, unprofessional, and desperate as it goes along. As a result of this intrusive inundation, I spend less time here, and therefore far less money.

    Two weeks ago I sent a request for a media kit. I have not heard back. As a psychic intuitive with advertising dollars to spend, this seems the height of mediocre business practice. Surely they are not too busy to respond to my request??

    Don't let the 5 KC fee get you down; buy books at your local metaphysical bookstore and learn as much as you can about Tarot on your own. You won't regret it.

    Oh, and I also teach and mentor! Since advertising links aren't allowed on this site, just post here and I'll be glad to help in any way I can. I love my deck and I'd be glad to assist you.



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