Would love a reading please. :)

  • Hello, Im a 34yr old college student who is engaged. Im currently living with my fiance and his best friend/and his wife. anyway, long story short, right now things are very stressful, esp with fiances. My fiance is a truck driver, he had been an over the road most of the time,but recently tried a local job, driving a dump truck, which a friend of his gave him the job. unfortunately he has decided to go back to over the road. this cause the local job just doesnt pay him as well. also he has child support that is charging himb waay too much. 800/month to be exact! but cause its from out of state he cant go 2 court to have it reduced. if they take that much $ we will be in fiancial crisis!! so this is another reason he is going to over the road. cause this old job, pays under table. he wants/willing to pay the child support but he just cant survive with that amount. this local job turns out to be a challenge cause they havnt had any work for him for last 2days, and he just started 2days ago!!! so we are in a catch22 position. I am miserable with him being on the road.

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  • Crossing your immediate path is the unknown and the wish for the lessening of emotional strife. You need to think about yourself and take precautions to protect yourself both financially and emotionally. The past brought a deep sorrow that you still have not gotten over with and you are an extremely sensitive person. There is a strong need for recuperation and healing from this past hurt and all that is going on so that you can get on steadier ground. I believe you argue with partner over what to do about finances but I see a truce and understanding happening in the near future.

    You demand truth and clarity from your partner and will not tolerate anything else. You are seen by others as a creative, loyal and good friend to have. You have a desire to build your own house and have a worthwhile career which will impact your finances and your originality. Business satisfaction and expansion are in your future. Right now you have ideas for making money that are or should be acted upon. You have the intelligence to know how to make a buck.

    This reading was for you and not about your boyfriend. I am concerned about you keeping you finances separate from your boyfriends and not get involved. You have a creative path that needs to be nurtured and financed and I hate to see stressed over it when it should not be so.

    I used the Lovers Tarot Path Cards.

    Good Luck,


  • thank you for your reading. as far as finances being shared, he is not my boyfriend but my fiance, so getting married keeping finances seperate is a little difficult since we are combining our lives together. he is the bread winner in the household, and my future husband. i just make enough money to pay my own bills. im not interested in any kind of money making business, actually i hate business. lol. however im an going to school to be a veterinary technician. so what do you see in near future regarding school? how will this quarter go for me? as for money, so things will be looking up soon here? will we be struggling less? will he find a better job than this old one he has to go back to for now? we are also starting the planning of our wedding, how do you see that going? its going to take time to save up for it, but we are planning a small, country, modest wedding.

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