Astra, special relationship

  • Hi Astra how are you? I hope your weekend has been good so far 🙂 I finally got a answer on why my shoulder has been hurting so much today from a doctor, it was nice to get the answers after 1 year of waiting and going through what seems to be 1 million different exams.

    I got a question, a guy(yes I know, many guys) who, well you can call him a friend of mine and I decided to have a somewhat special relationship with eachother, I was just wondering if you can see if it will work out or not? We both want the same thing and came to a agreement yesterday 🙂

    / Rocks

  • Hi rocks!

    I am doing well, thank you. I hope all is well with you too. It does look like you have love in the air, something really nice happening - again!! 🙂

    Rocks, you must have a whole bus load of guys chasing you. Someone is going to catch you one day, you know? 🙂

    I am looking at the 10 cards and it all just look beautiful to me. I don't know what else I could say. 9 cups, 4 wands and the "agreement" above. Past shows the desire for a dependable, established, wonderful relationship, friendship, love, 4 cups. Ahead is 9 pentacles! Then the Chariot, and more steps together, and you find yourself living your dreams at last.

    Outcome, is Strength. That is very primal settings! Instinctive. Animal instincts I guess you could say.

    Not a lot of thinking going on, which probably would only interfere with those animal instincts.

    Where do you want to go with this man? You seem to have the keys to go about anywhere with him. Anywhere your little heart desires.

    Balanced, harmonious, love. That is what I see. A really beautiful relationship, with love being the only desire. Very mutually affectionate.


    I hope that helps, in any way, that is perfect for you. Bless you.



  • Hi Astra!

    Thanks for the reading, me and him watched a movie with another friend yesterday and when I didn´t wanna go home I spent some time with him and we did "it" the first time, both of us only want a sexual relationship with no feelings involved, so I hope your cards are right and that this works out, he is broken like me and has shut down totally emotionally so..but he was very sweet all night and it was nice to be so close to someone

    Thanks again Astra 🙂

    About the boys, I don´t know if I belive in love anymore...

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