Can you please to a reading for me Astra?

  • Hi Astra,

    I would very much appreciate if you kindly did a reading for me about my love life and work situation.

    Thank you for your time.


  • Hello Effie

    I drew 10 cards for you and considered what it seemed to suggest to me.

    1. Center - 8 of Pentacles

    2. Companion to center - King of Pentacles

    3. Above - 7 of Cups

    4. Below - Page of Pentacles

    5. Left - 4 of Pentacles

    6. Right - 8 of Wands

    7. Environment - 8 of Swords

    8. Influences - Hermit

    9. Hopes - Page of Cups

    10. Outcome - 3 of Pentacles

    Okay, I think the short version to me is that you have reached a place in your material (work) path that has left you wanting to make a change. You seem like you really want to get away, meditate on your path for a while, and that seems to lead directly to love! Messages something nice in your hopes and dreams! We must talk about that Effie. Your hopes of that Page of Cups. What does that mean to you? That is very significant in this reading *to me.

    Right at this moment you seem to be daydreaming of love. Sort of bored at work maybe? So while you sit there, your thoughts take you... away...

    There is a king of pentacles at the center. Who is that? Is there a man in your office you are connected to?

    He seems to show up again at the end, turned 90 degress around.

    I am not sure. Your last 2 cards have a lot of "lovers" type energy.

    To be honest, it looks like you have just about had it with work, and want so much to change that. Toward love. I get the feeling that your career concerns have been the emphasis so far, and now you are ready to chuck it all for love, should that show up!

    So. you "go away" for a while, to search your path. Hermit is a soul searching, higher love sort of path. That seems to help you resolve your work path AND at the same time seems to activate your love life activity, mosly message at first. SO you meet someone, and have great communication!

    ANd then 3 of Work. Could be a new job? It feels new somehow?

    Love does seem to be developing out there.

    And you seem to want change in work, something more suitable? 8 > 3 of Pentacles sort of calms and becomes simpler.

    So, I have these questions for you Effie, should you desire to continue the reading.

    1. Who is the King of Pentacles to you.

    2. What are your hopes and dreams in love? (You show a deep desire for emotional communication perhaps). (THat could be a great starting point, I think you would benefit from dialogue to help you discover more about that page of cups - that is a super important card for you I feel.)

    These are only my hunches from the cards, so you may see something else.

    Blessings to you! I hope that was of help!


    p.s. 7 of cups and a page of cups is a really tender combination of emotional energies. So I get that you are really taking delicate steps with yourself in love matters, your emotional life, and are maybe shy? Again, I am simply trying to share what the cards seem to suggest. You want to make some sort of shift in your life from the career to love, from your future security, to your present willingness to chase love no matter where that takes you!

  • Hi Astra,

    Yes you are very right on everything.As confusing my reading was for you, im sort of confused too.

    Ill try to explain to you what is going on in my life, so you can understand and try to help me see things a bit clearer or help me or understand things a bit better.

    In work which its a bit more easier to explain....

    I've been working for my company 6 years today there. It has come time that i want to find an other job. My question for work is... would i find a better job and paid better. I have been searching for a while but no luck yet. I work for my uncle at a very busy servo which he is using me and all the rest of the staff.( If that helps).

    Now for my love life.( Which is connected to the man that i love).

    I met him 3 years ago at work. He came in as a customer and instantly there was a connection and first sight love for me. ( I believe strongly that he felt the same way for me too.) I was married at that time and i couldnt be with him. We would talk to each other alot at that time. He knew that i was good for him. But he had issues of him self.

    Any way long story short, he heart broke me. Because he is scared of his feelings towards an other person because he has been burnt from his ex-wife and marriage. He thinks he is a loner.

    After a year i decided that i had to pick up my pieces and move on with my life. I separated my husband and i found a new man.(Which i dont love but he is a good man in general and appreciates me.

    In these past 2 years nearly my love has contact me and has come numerous times to see me. I try to keep calm and not get excited for what he wants from me. He came just before Christmas to ask me out. I said i cant at the time because i need to finish with my separation and the day that we will go out will come soon..... since then we have talked a lot but seen each other a few times. I am still with the other man.

    I dont know what to do or expect from my love? I dont want to ruin my life again.

    So i do think that the significant other you see is him!

    I hope i have explained to you my situation and if you can help me un tangle this situation would be much appreciated.

    Thank you Astra so much for your time and help,


  • Hi Effie

    Okay on your path, that sounds a little emotionally tumultuous or fun depending on how you look at it! That is wonderful that your love from the past has shown up!

    You asked "I dont know what to do or expect from my love?

    I dont want to ruin my life again.

    So i do think that the significant other you see is him!

    I hope i have explained to you my situation and if you can help me un tangle this situation would be much appreciated."

    Well I am not sure I can untangle anything, however I am happy to draw more cards and share what seems to be said there, maybe you can draw some conclusions about your tangled setting.

    1. Center - 6 of Cups (was 8 of Pentacles)

    2. Companion to center - Queen of Wands (was King of Pentacles)

    3. Above - 5 of Pentacles (was 7 of Cups)

    4. Below - Page of Swords (was Page of Pentacles)

    5. Left - 3 of Cups (was 4 of Pentacles)

    6. Right - 5 of Wands (was 8 of Wands )

    7. Environment - Ace of Pentacles (was 8 of Swords)

    8. Influences - Sun (was Hermit)

    9. Hopes - High Priestess (was Page of Cups)

    10. Outcome - Queen of Swords (was 3 of Pentacles)

    I am not getting a lot of work related thoughts here. It seems that your emotional life is more the central issue (*emotional longings can certainly have an effect on our career choices, changes).

    3 of cups, then the 6 of cups, I think that is your lover, the man you feel that connection with.

    He was back there, the three of cups, sp,.

    Then, he comes back for you, now. The 6 of Cups.

    This brings thoughts of home, changes in your physical life. What will this love ask of me? Will I move? Will there be a new job also?

    Below you, the Page of Swords. You love to communicate. We have been seeing a lot of Pages associated with you. Before... the Page of Pentacles below you, now the Page of Swords. I think you are wanting to explain something about your material life to someone.

    The Queen of Wands as the companion to the 6 of Cups. You see yourself as a "path queen" at the moment. Oh decisions! You may feel like you need to make a choice!

    Actually you only need to trust. 🙂

    Ahead for you is the Ace of Pentacles. Something new, physically new. Hmm.. that could be

    a new job

    a new man (physical guy not a txt message guy)

    a new home

    a new handbag

    What it says to YOU is what that means.

    Above that is the Sun, so you have bright, sunny thoughts about this move, or new beginning. Funny I said move, because the Ace is only the first step. A 5 of Wands leads up to that though... so that does seem to say something about a "change" in {the emotional (6C) + Ace Pentacles } = a new beginning with a 6 cups love/emotional/feelings something or other. I think it is a new physical home setting or something like that (with him? what do you think?)

    The High Priestess is sorta secretive about that Sun though. It is a new day for sure! New light, new and bright and super happy! However what that is exactly? The High Priestess is secretive, and silent on it. What does the Sun mean to you Effie?

    The outcome, the Queen of Swords. She is a queen who is now thinking of where her life is heading (Queen Wands at center).

    I do sense a change of physical setting though, in some way. there is a lot of 5 energy here, which says "change" to me. Something changing in emotions, physical setting, and path (queen Wands). SO this is an emotionally charged situation for you. In those cases a prayer to the universe doesn't hurt,

    Something like, "Dear universe, we come to you and we ask for your divine assistance to help dear Effie find her best, brightest, loveliest path of all, in her life now. Thank you!"

    There, that will do more good than anything! You will get through this no problem and it will resolve perfectly in some nice way! The universe seems to be encouraging you to enjoy the Sun, bright new days!

    Sun... light... in your life is helpful. Being open and bright and clear in your intentions and desires.

    How does that sound? I think that 6 Cups shows your deepest desire right now, that is very nice, the nicest love with friendship, quite mature actually even though it often shows two kids together. That innocence is so nice.

    I would keep following two things. The 6 Cups ideas of gentle, caring, sweet, innocent, blending love and friendship. and the Sun, and that means communicate and keep all in the open.

    I see wonderful days ahead for you!



    P.s. You can see between the two readings how the focus has shifted away from work and to probably what is more at issue which is your emotional life and path (with a desire to communicate seems strong with you). That leads to the "work" or new setting.


  • Hi Astra,

    You are right about work.Im not pressured to leave my job at the moment. Im taking my time to find an other job. Thats why you dont see work related issues.

    My emotional life is more to a concern to me, which you are right again.

    I do love to communicate and yes i do want to say alot of things to him and that maybe the clue,either i rest my case or he will take responsibilities towards me.

    I didnt understand what you meant about "me seeing myself as a path queen" can you please explain? Sorry.

    Yes i am secretive and the sun means to me to be happy. I havent had a very happy life. But im trying to get there, ill make it happen hahahahaha (i hope).

    As you said Astra i have only to have my eyes open, bright and clear.

    Thank you so much for your help.Ill keep you posted.

  • Hi gino26

    To be honest I am not sure what I meant about a path queen. Queens to me are 4 energy (kings are 3) so Queens tend to be very stable, foundation energies more so than the kings. So a "path queen" would say to me a path foundation, stability, all about secure, steady, established paths. I hope that helps! sometimes I write things I don't even understand haha. I am sure wonderful events are developing for you to transform that past of yours! 🙂 YOU WILL make it happen! 🙂



  • Hi Astra,

    You definetly put a smile on my face.

    thank you

    love and hugs to you


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