Second Opinion On My Own Reading- 5 Card Lovers Tree Spread

  • Anyone available to interpret Tarot spread done for myself? I think I'm at a point in the very near future where a decision will be made. I feel it.

    Used the 22 major arcana cards, drew 5 cards and placed in The Lovers tree spread (see below). Can someone give me their opinion on this? My question was whether BW was the one man for me and if we would marry. I must tell you ALL that we seem to be so connected by multiple "signs" in the past 2 wks. We are 3000 miles apart at present due to professional obligations but expect to be together soon (coming week or two).

    Position 1 (me) - VIII - Strength card

    Position 2 (past) - XII - hanged man Reversed

    Position 3 (present) - XIX - Sun Reversed

    Position 4 (future) - XX - Judgement

    Position 5 (underlying influence) VI - Lovers Reversed

    Any guidance would be appreciated. Thank you in advance for your spiritual input.

    From Leo Alepou143

  • Hi Leo Alepou143

    I am happy to chime in, and others may have interpretations too.

    Your ? was : "whether BW was the one man for me and if we would marry. "

    Position 1 (me) - VIII - Strength card

    Strength is being strong. Something is requiring you to be "strong" in this relationship, You could be trying to "hold on" in trust that this is meant to be. Strength also carries strong "instinctive" forces that carry you along in more subconscious ways.

    Position 2 (past) - XII - hanged man Reversed

    Past would say a lot of reflection on the union. Dreamy, pondering about the two of you, Sweet and poetic and nice, not a lot happening on the surface however the relationship seems to have a good history of reflecting on what one another says, So that does seem to say good things about your communication skills between the two of you!

    Position 3 (present) - XIX - Sun Reversed

    Sun is a very bright card, a new day, new tomorrow, that shows a lot of enthusiasm at present for the relationship. Hanged man was "reflecting" and the sun is now "shining". You were in suspense, not you are not!

    Position 4 (future) - XX - Judgement

    Judgement is carrying the relationship upward, away from one setting and up to a new one. It is liberating from some prior more constrictive setting (maybe the physical distance?) Implies to me a higher love union, heavenly, angelic, spiritual relationship. No baloney, straight, pure, sincere love desires to be SET FREE from the past restrictions of life and entering a new dimension

    Position 5 (underlying influence) VI - Lovers Reversed

    Well, that says it right there to me. "...a desire to merge in love in its highest, brightest way possible." in my understanding anyway.

    I think these are all nice cards to sum up the union. Strength shows self-restraint in the relationship, hanged man shows you two know how to communicate authentically, Sun shows trust and optimism, Judgment shows that you have your hearts in the right place (upward, heavenly, higher, brighter, angelic ways). and then the Lovers is really saying you are lovers. Sounds very nice to me. As for marriage, it would not surprise me. Talk it all through. Make sure you see eye to eye on everything and work out your authority structure (who will be the boss) or decide to flip coins instead and be happy, trusting heaven 🙂

    Hope that gives you something Alepou143

    blessings on your relationship!


  • Strength in the reading leading it like that, seems to say something like there is real "tenaciousness" in the relationship, like there is determination. So you are determined to see this through seems to be the sense to me. Tenacious, determined, anyone would be blessed to have a partner determined like you.

  • Hi, Main problem here is the different career's and path's in life. Gonna have to decide whether the 2 different path's can meet. There's prob gonna be problems regarding this area. I feel neither one can change your paths. Also feeling that each of you have just started your career's etc. It would be hurtful and harmful to "plan" a partnership due to this. Caution in following thru on plans as such.

  • This reading is stressing the long distance aspect of this relationship.

  • Dear AstraAngel,

    Thank you very much for taking the time to provide your thoughts. Your input is greatly appreciated. I tend to agree with your reading but needed clarity in regards to the hanged man and lovers reversed.

    I have always felt committed to this relationship as you indicate, despite the hard times experienced in the past 8 mths (first 8 months were "heavenly" to say the least). Indeed, there is a distance issue .... and a "triangle" issue still pending but am hopeful they will both be resolved VERY soon. I have come through some dark patches and feel renewed now, with the relationship ready to head towards the next step.

    I feel in my heart and on some odd subconscious level that this man is the one I am meant to be with. We have both shared private, personal details with one another that NO ONE else knows. I have also been married prior and in several long term relationships so this is not a "crush" or "fling". The major storm/hardships have passed and it did not wipe out my faith in this union/man.

    You are correct in pointing out...."who will be the boss" and we often laugh about this. It's a back and forth position. We are both strong characters (I, Leo and he, Sag)

    I must admit that I do believe a decision/conversation is coming that will help us to more forward towards stable home and life (Judgement).

    Are you able to tell me if you see us "meeting" IN PERSON this week? Thought I'd ask as I do not like to repeat my own Tarot reading in short time frames. I am waiting on his travel plan based on work obligation and potential meeting/deal.

    Thank you again for your time and thoughts. Wishing you the very best. Alepou143

  • Thank you Astra for the blessing. Tenacious is my middle name!!

  • Dear Daliolite,

    Thank you for your input and comments. Indeed, the present distance is a huge issue straining the relationship. It went from a lucrative final "6 mth career contract" (in a VERY remote area) to stretching out for almost a year now. It is now at a point, where that will be finalized/resolved.

    That was a major issue and a concern as you mention. We are both heading towards early retirement (we are in same industry, different positions, different companies but my work contract over now).... However, I do NOT feel he can retire completely now (as he originally had hoped) as he is invigorated by the challenge this remote job gave him. Once this job wrapped, with great communication, support and compromise, I am confident he will be able to find a better balance. I am firm believer in love can overcome any obstacle and if you see it, want it and work at it, anything is possible. Together in life and in business, we are a strong team.



  • Hi Daliolite,

    I felt the reading also pointed out or stressed the distance, past or possible prior hardships but have faith the remaining cards indicate a strong tie, a time of change and progress. Anything worth having does not always come easy.

    If not (which I don't see/feel at this time), then it was one long, hard, life lesson.

    Thanks again for your input.



    PS: Do you believe we will finally MEET up IN COMING DAY(S)?

  • Hi Alepou143,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the reading, All that you shared sounded so nice, I wish for the absolute nicest outcome for you and him! It sounds like you two have a nice connection and understanding and common bond and trust, so those are wonderful foundations for a great relationship.

    So perhaps the hard times prepared you for something deeper with him, you burrowed down into bedrock, to anchor your love is what happened. SO now, you two should be unshakeable. What a wonderful stroke of genius by heaven to prepare the two of you that way.

    Yes, who will be the boss haha... that can be a fun game all the time. I think as long as we can be lighthearted about that in relationships it should be nice! Keep laughing and smiling with each other, even as you kid around and "command" the other do this and that ha! Actually sounds fun!

    "Are you able to tell me if you see us "meeting" IN PERSON this week? ... I am waiting on his travel plan based on work obligation and potential meeting/deal."

    Oh, let's see ... tell you what simply flip over a card and we will see what that suggests!

    Oh I got two cards, the Star (hope) and 2 pentacles (physical motion) so that sounds positive to me! I will pray and wish with you that it can happen! 🙂

    Many blessings to you and this lovely relationship, dear Alepou143


  • Dear Astra ANGEL (perfect name I'd say!)

    I appreciate the positive outlook and wishes. You have a valid point, the hardships have well prepared us and we should be able to deal with and overcome almost any future obstacle at this point. He once said that sometimes we need to experience/live through hardship or pain, so that we are grateful for the good times...Makes us more appreciative.

    I liked the "bedrock" it strikes a cord with us (we work in mining - lol)

    Like the two cards so I am off now prepare for his arrival :-). Am sure this time it will work out without further delay.

    Have a great evening AstraAngel. Sincerely - Alepou143

    PS: Did you take a guess at what the "143" symbolized or meant?

  • Alepou143,

    I drew some cards for you:

    above--3 of wands


    below--4 of cups



    I added (numeric) 3 of wands, empress, and 4 of cups together to get the wheel of fortune. Seizing the opportunity. I looked at an 11-card briefly. I do believe in the future some issue will be addressed. Page of swords appears after justice. Page of swords is a truth-seeking card. Advice is not to do anything rash especially financially and not to believe anything out of the ordinary. Hang onto what you have. Someone playing conservatively. Someone moving.

  • Hi Daliolite, Thank you very much for drawing some cards. My understanding of your interpretation: advises to "hang onto what I have", but exercise caution when making any important decisions. The conservative and moving I believe to be very accurate. Look forward to issues being discussed and the "moving" aspect (whether it mean literally as in residence, as in travelling to meet up, or completing work contract and returning, or that the situation will experience movement). The truth will unfold. Have I understood you correctly?

    As you seem to be more versed/experienced in this field than I, may I ask which spread you used or what all positions meant (ie: 3 of wands & 4 of cups address what)?. You mention you added 3 cards to form the wheel of fortune (only 5 total though, not 6 cards) and continued onto an 11 card spread...? Did you begin with the J & J cards and then form an X for a Wheel of Fortune? Or Cross formation?

    I am trying to interpret & return feedback based on the 5 cards you provided me. I am quite keen to learn different methods using more complex/thorough use of the 78 cards so any feedback you can provide to clarify, would be wonderful. Other than the Lovers Tree, I am familiar with the Bohemian and Celtic Cross spreads.

    If I were to simply take a quick look at the cards you mention, most seem positive except the 4 of cups from my view. However, it depends where they fell in the greater scheme of things.

    ? 3 wands - Opportunity, remain open and positive, may be successful individual coming

    Present/Empress - fulfilment, sensuality, nurture

    ? 4 cups - Inhibitions, emotional repression, depression/doubt, ongoing relationship needs new approach

    Situation/Judgement - rebirth, awakening, fresh start

    Challenge/Justice - resolution of a dispute, fairness, in relationship context can refer to "legal" marriage, or a balanced/equal partnership

    FYI: My original 5 card display formed a T as shown below. (Lovers Tree)




    Thank you once again Daliolite for your effort, time and input.

  • Astra, Feel free to chime in on the 5 cards that Daliolite was kind enough to do for me. I may not have understood as well as you would considering my limited years of experience. Regards,

  • Hi Alepou143

    I am happy to look at Daliolite's cards too!

    above--3 of wands


    below--4 of cups



    Present situation is Empress (nurturing) + Judgment (rising up from something)

    Above is a 3 wands growth pattern, that is path related to that nurturing resurrection.

    Below is 4 cups so that is a more "subconscious" emotional foundations concern that is what is really trying to come forth.

    Justice as a "challenge" would say "balance" is a challenge. So along with what Daliolite said, "Advice is not to do anything rash" yes to that, patience and balance is important. The sense i have is to wish for this, while also keeping your balance.

    However the overall tone of Daliolite's cards are nice to me, it sounds like there is something of a "nurturing, emotionally stable foundation trying to rise up" out of this. The wands abve would say to me this is the path, growing. Remain balanced and not stop by the Bridal Shop on the way home from work sort of thing haha... hey just laughing a little can't I do that? 🙂

    So... overall I do get very nice things about your desire in this situation, Empress is very warm and nice gentle love energies.

    astra1432 🙂

  • Hi Astra,

    Much appreciate your interpretation. Gather I wont "stop" by shop, will "run" by - lol. I think all in all, we can all agree with certain aspects of the situation: Decision upcoming, remain cautious/balanced, truth will revealed, continued patience and nurturing will bring about a positive outcome and my desire! Am sticking with that. 🙂

    1432 - you got it Pontiac !!

    All the best. Has been wonderful chatting. Look forward to another discussion in near future.


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