Astra great news :)

  • Hi Astra how are you? I am so excited, couldn´t wait to tell you, I GOT A APARTMENT!!! 🙂 and I am so in love with it, it´s kind of a turn of the century apartment, it´s looking like it was from the early 1900´s and it so perfect 🙂

    I am so happy right now, jumping up and down screaming when I was told I can sign the contract after the weekend and move in august 1st 🙂

    Now, I wanna ask you something my dear friend 🙂

    How will my move affect things with T? Will it be good or will it be bad?

    Also, what will it be like for me to move, will me and my lovely diamonds(friends) stay friends, will I find new ones aswell ect? I am so excited for my new life to start Astra 🙂 I am starting with horsebackriding again and there is a gym 5 min from my apartment, and I will be safe because no one can get in there without living there or knowing someone who lives there 🙂

    And one more thing, I´ve become close with one of his old friends, he has health problems, first his lungs and now his heart and he is dying, slowly but he won´t make it to his 50´s and he is 30, I can´t explain in words how it feels to have a friend in this situation but I am trying to be there for him, but his heart can collaps at any time, will my friendship with this guy have a negative effect on me and T? I just wanna know heads up so I can prevent it

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